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The Divine i Lliad i

The Divine i Lliad i

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Published by emsfdny

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Published by: emsfdny on Aug 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIAD Walter Russell Volume 1 UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY Formerly the Walter Russell FoundationSwannanoa, Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 To man’s new day, now dawning, when he who alone knows theanguish of the dark shall find peace through knowing the Light of Godin him, as very Self of him, this book is lovingly dedicated.
 THE MESSAGE OF THE DIVINE ILIAD is sent from our Father to giveunfolding humanity the needed comprehension for taking the nexttransforming step in man’s long journey from the jungle of sensedawareness of body to cosmic conscious awareness of omnipresentLight of God as the centering motivating force of man. For millions of years, man was unaware of his conscious Self. Hewas but body, expressing the desires of body, constantly seekingthat which his body needed, and taking it by his might of physicalstrength. During those aeons of his unfolding, man was totallyunaware of his unity with God and mankind. Likewise, he was totallyunaware of the universal inexorable law which governed his everyaction. Then came the dawn of consciousness. Man began to know. Thenhe created extensions of his body to do for him what his body couldnot do. He created a boat to transport his body—then a sail for the
boat—then a wheel—and fire to warm him and cook the food which heformerly ate raw during the animal stage of his unfolding. Then came the long savage and barbarian stages of increasinglycomplex human relations based upon the jungle principle of takingthat which he wanted by the power of might-over-right. Duringthousands of years tribes warred upon other tribes, buildingthemselves into nations, and then empires, to gain possession of the wealth and services of other tribes and nations by acquiring their lands and people for ownership and exploitation. Our own United States were thus acquired. We killed withoutcompunction to obtain what we wanted. We stole hundreds of thousands of Negroes and made slaves of them. England, France, TheNetherlands, Russia and other nations multiplied their empires by thesword of the mighty slaying the weak. Industrial empires came into being as our supposedly highly civilizedand enlightened society of humans increased its knowledge andpractice of the arts and sciences. Advancement in our cultures andstandard of living continued to deceive us as to our status as civilizedbeings. We failed to realize that we were illegitimately still practicingthe law of the jungle---which takes only what it needs for survival----while man took thousands of times more than he needed for materialgain. The jungle kills one at a time for food, but man kills by millionsfor enslavement and exploitation. Such practices are a normal part of our present standard of civilization. It is difficult to realize that we are still barbarians. Acivilization which kills and exploits others for mere gain can hardlycall itself civilized. Humans can never justly call themselves civilizeduntil they practice the love principle which God practices in all of HisCreation. 
Mankind has reached that stage of his unfolding where he must either learn the facts of inexorable universal law and practice them, or perish by his own hand. He will die by the sword he slays with unlesshis entire human relations are reversed from the taking principle toNature’s principle of balanced giving for regiving. Man’s scientific skills have made it possible for him to slay his entirerace. A continuation of the old barbarian practice of taking, which hasbred his many wars of hatred and aggression, will inevitably lead to awar of extinction unless
Nature’s love principle of giving 
replaces it. Today the world is divided. Disunity marks all human relations—from industry to religion—from capital to labor. Two opposing worldideologies—democracy and communism—stand like insurmountableprecipices to debar world unity. Freedom itself is not two centuriesold. Slavery was existent in our own country within the memory of living men. Through ignorance and superstition, America’s colonialintellectuals burned old women at the stake as witches. Mightyempires are still attempting to build themselves into greater empiresby the sword. 
Man is at the crossroads of his unfolding.
The old way of life whichbuilt his empires of hate and fear must be abandoned. This comingage must be built upon God’s one law of balanced interchange in allhuman relations. There is no other alternative. To continue the oldway means the destruction of civilization by multiplied hate. To followthe new path will mean the multiplication of love which alone willbring peace, happiness and prosperity to man. Man’s comprehension has been limited to the range of his senses.Man is now unfolding beyond the range of material sensing in thedirection of 
cosmic knowing.
Science is doing this for him. Scienceis slowly, but surely, verifying the personal God of man’s demandingand identifying the invisible, spiritual Personal Being of man with theinvisible, spiritual Personal Being of God.

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