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Brasil Foods

Brasil Foods

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Published by Didem Ergin
System Landscape Optimization Group Facilitates Corporate Merger and Reorganization
System Landscape Optimization Group Facilitates Corporate Merger and Reorganization

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Published by: Didem Ergin on Aug 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SAP Customer Success Story
Cos Pocs – Foo Cops
Brasil Foods
SyStem LandSCaPe OPtimizatiOnGrOuP FaCiLitateS COrPOratemerGer and reOrGanizatiOn
“The System Landscape Optimizationgroup achieved project execution thatfully satisfied the level of reliabilityrequired by the corporate governancelevels put forth by the company itself.”
Marcos Badollato,
Coollg mg,Bsl Foos S.a.
Implementation Highlights
mg 3 cops o 1
ipl h SaP erP pplco ocov 230 locos, clg pls,bg s, chs, sbocs,  sls bchs
ioc ools  pocsss o hs   Bl
W lv  2 vs  4 ohs wh opc o opos
d sc  g  g 
uq svcs  ools o  hbsss qs b h l
exsv xpc o SaP xps
rc pojc  o 10 ohs o 4, wh cop o  covol sco
rc pojc  opol o
Low pc o s b gogol sc coco
rc plo coss
Existing Environment
SaP erP
SaP BsssObjcs™ accss Coolpplco
 Third-Party Integration
dbs: Ocl
Hw: iBm
Opg ss: aiX
n: Bsl Foos S.a.
Loco: S C, Bl
is: Cos pocs – oocops
rv: rl 24.4 bllo(uS$14.5 bllo)
eplos: 100,000
Wb s: www.bsloos.co
iplo p: SaP® Coslg
Challenges and Opportunities
mg 3 cops o 1  4 ohs wh 2 gog-lv vs
exc g pocss  plll wh 2oh jo pojcs, g pcscool ov ll pojc-l cvs
Ho   pocsss, s ,  scol 
exc g  l cos  o h bsss, svc,  it s
Fcl  gs  cqsos
SAP Solutions and Services
mgo svcs o h Ss LscpOpo gop o SaP Coslg 
QuiCk FaCtS
Merger o Perdigão Companies
Fo  S C  1934,Bsl Foos – ol ow sPgão S.a. – h gow b 2009.i plo ov 100,000 popl g 60 sl s  11Bl ss, bss 3 ohs eop  1  ag. dg s76- hso, h gop ollow xpso jco bs o ogcgowh, cqso o cops, plo o pocsss  ss-s   csg pocv.Bosg  v o rl 24.4 bllo(uS$14.5 bllo)  h  o 2009,Bsl Foos s o o h jo oocops  o o h wol’s lgs o pocss ooss. isxpos sppl o h 110 cos.Bs o  bo  coplx sccossg o 36 sbo cs,Bsl Foos s o o h jo Blpls  h  o l hvsg, pocs,  ps pocs.i spos o s objcv o sb-lshg sl s  ol vs ogo, h cop ops   b o bs.th cl Pgão, Chs, Bvo,elgê, do,  Bcl (hogh  jo v wh ulv), s wll sh chs t  môc. thcop jos  Bl sh o 56%  h  o ,  pocs, gs, ps, o vgbls,  ohs. O h -ol ,  ops  hbs Px, Bvo, F, Boll, Coc.
Minimal Impact
th cop’s cosolo oposvolv gg h o PgãoS.a. wh s h opol cop-s: Báv, Pgão mo Gosso, Pgão agosl. a h h Ss Lscp Opogop ws chos o hlp wh h wo,h g pojc h ch shghs po. B h ,  ws cl h h go o h it lscpcss o h cosolo wolq wo sp gog-lv vs:h s o  J 2009  hsco o wo ohs l,  mch.to g h ll opos wolb g b h l, BslFoos op o s  cclo o h pojc: h svcs  oolspov b h Ss LscpOpo gop. accog o aooClos Csco, Pgão’s plg it pojc g,  wol o bsbl o cocl h pojc b hl sg h co vol g pocsss o  w cop whh SaP sow vo. “thSs Lscp Opo gop ws h pc ool o ccl hg pocss,” Csco phss.Csco po o  sco chllgqg xp ss: h spl-co o h pocss. “thogh h
 a h  o 2008, Bsl Foos S.a. og. to ss po-bl bsss,  h o sl s copo sc, copol  cl coss,  og opol cvs.y, g s opol cops o o ogo pg  lgg s SaP® solos –  s  230 locos – gg ccl bsss  o h w copo sc.i chos h Ss Lscp Opo gop o SaP Cosl-g. th xps copl h wo  co  – o ohs.
gop o SaP xps, w go g  co o h ol o h covso o s scol , hs llowg s o h q l.” i o,b cg h pojc  o 10ohs o 4, th Ss LscpOpo gop l  g pojc h xc  lss o oh bsss s.th gh schl  o low hql o h gop o xps’ svcs  w. Csco s h BslFoos h o go-l o opol pobls  h cop  h s ollowg h pocvopo o h w sow. “thpojc, whch wol cll bo 10 ohs  ol g-o ols wol hv b s, ws cocl  4 ohs, wh lsso  hc g o  pplcos,” Csco ss. accog o mcos Bollo, co-ollg g  Bsl Foos, “thSs Lscp Opo gopchv pojc xco h ll ss h lvl o lbl qb h copo govc lvls poh b h cop sl.”mcos s h h pojc ws x-c  coplc wh h spcc-os   Bsl Foos glssbl, whch cp h g  wh Báv  Pgão moGosso  J,  wh Pgão agosl  mch. th g  wh Pgão agosl psppoxl 80% o h gop’sopos.Oc h g ws copl,Bsl Foos ws bl o gg opos xcl s pc  hos o h copo scgpojc. th ogo qhoo, pocss go, co, whch bl h gopo op   o c w c h b o opolcops.“to, w hv  pocsss o bllg, lv, pbls,  cv-bls. all o h hv b s-l. ths hs b bcl o sp-s, ls,  sbos.i s o ccog, w hv ow spl blc sh  q cosolo  vslohogho ll o h cop,”Bollo pos.
“The System LandscapeOptimization group was theperfect tool to accelerate themerger process.”
 Antonio Carlos Cesco,
Plg  itPojc mg, Bsl Foos S.a.
“Through the group of SAP experts, we managed to guarantee a reductionof the effort related to the conversion of master and transactional data,thus allowing us to meet the required deadline.”
 Antonio Carlos Cesco,
Plg  it Pojc mg, Bsl Foos S.a.

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