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Jet Hypothesis - The Origin, Evolution and Formation of the Universe (Amended-6)

Jet Hypothesis - The Origin, Evolution and Formation of the Universe (Amended-6)

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Published by Md Abdul Alim
New hypothesis about the origin, evolution and formation of the universe.
New hypothesis about the origin, evolution and formation of the universe.

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Published by: Md Abdul Alim on Aug 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Energy, time and space are infinite in the nature. Hydrogen atoms were created in thespace from energy. Clouds were formed by the accumulation of hydrogen atoms. Dueto the gravitational force large amount of clouds collapsed at a point and the stars wereformed in different places at different times. Due to the effect of centripetal force andlack of centrifugal force, these stars started falling at a point and the rotation of starsstarted around that point like a cyclone, and the galaxies were formed. A number of galaxies fell at a point to form the cluster of galaxies. In the same way, due to the effectof centripetal force and lack of centrifugal force, all the clouds, stars, galaxies andclusters of galaxies fell at a point.Fig: New model of the UniverseWhile all these matters were falling at a point, a circular movement of these mattersstarted around that point like the center of a large active galaxy. We may consider thematters of central region as dark matter as they are highly gravitationally compressedunder highly rotating motion. Matters are still falling into the accretion disk of the centralregion. Due to the rotation or the frame dragging and interaction of electromagneticwave loops at the center, the accreted matters are converted into energy and subatomic particles are escaped through the two poles of rotational axis like the polar jetsor relativistic jets of a large active galaxy. The jets thus escaped are the black jets andcontain higher frequency electromagnetic waves and disintegrated sub atomic particleswith high velocity at high temperature and density. So, we may consider the jets as thesource of dark energy. As the energy is escaped from the center of a large object, thevelocity and frequency of the energy is more. The velocity of radiation of the energymay be faster than the velocity of light. Our visible universe is a tiny part of a jet which isescaped from a pole of the universe. Thus the shape of our part of the universe is a
conical sphere which is continuously expanding outwards like the shape of a big loudspeaker.The cosmic microwave background radiation is the radiation from a pole of the universewhich is located at the back. It radiates as a pulse. We receive the radiation from all thedirection because of the refraction and reflection of the energy and rotation of the solar system, galaxies and cluster of galaxies. The central region rotates faster in larger objects to conserve the angular momentum of a wider area as the objects are comingfrom far away. So the interaction of electromagnetic wave loops are more in the center of larger objects and thus the frequency of the energy which is radiated from the twopoles of the universe are more like a dynamo. As the size of the centers of all theobjects are same and larger objects produce more electromagnetic energy, the center of larger objects can hold the charge for less time and that is why the duration of radiation pulse of electromagnetic energy which is radiated from the poles of theuniverse is less. According to the 2
law of thermodynamics, this energy is radiated inthe region of conical sphere in such a manner that it tries to maintain equal temperaturein all areas.New atoms, clouds, stars and also galaxies are formed from the energy depending onthe temperature and density and thus the universe is homogeneous and isotropic in thevisible region. As the energy is radiated from the pole towards forward and sideways inthe region of conical sphere, there is a little variation in temperature between the poleand forward and between the center of the conical sphere and the sides. Due to thetemperature variation, the energy is radiated outwards and the drag force acts in aslightly curved path. That is why the objects are getting continuous force to rotate andmove forward. Thus the universe is accelerating and the orientation of our solar systemand the galaxies and cluster of galaxies are same in the visible universe.Because of the action of drag force all the stars, galaxies and cluster of galaxiescontinuously get rotary motion and forward motion in the Polar Regions. The disc regiondoes not require drag force. They are moving around the central region due to thevariation of centripetal and centrifugal force. As the position of our galaxy is in, one of the polar region, so we are going away from the center of the universe.The objects which are moving outwards from the Polar region return to the centralregion again through an elliptical or parabolic path and the system continues. There is agap between central region and the polar region. We may consider the central region asa black hole. There may be infinite number of universes outside our universe.

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