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Why is Corruption Prevalent in Our Country

Why is Corruption Prevalent in Our Country

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Published by Jerico Acedera

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Published by: Jerico Acedera on Aug 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why is corruption prevalent in our country?
 (philstar.com) Updated September 26, 2008 12:00 AM Comments (0) 
 It’s because of the weak moral and 
 spiritual foundation of our country, our corrupt judiciary and 
the indifference of people who act as if they are not concerned. We’re a weak nation.
LeonardVilla, Batac City
Corruption is prevalent in the country because there aren’t enough honest men c
ommitted to goafter the corrupt 
Renato Taylan, Ilocos Norte
We tolerate corruption
 Simply because we allow buwayas to carry on their corrupt ways by voting them into position. A politician should only be given a term of three years and be allowed to run again for any elective position 10 years after his term so he can concentrate on his job.
K.C. Ibañez, Ilocos Norte
 Corruption is common in our country because we elect corrupt leaders and we put them in officefor them to augment their finances.
Camille Roxanne Exconde, Muntinlupa City
It’s because of vote
-buying, which has a domino effect. We tolerate it. We are a gullible people,indeed!
Romeo Caubat, Masbate
 Corruption is prevalent in our country because our leaders are corrupt. Corruption is a contagiousdisease that infects us all.
Eric Gopilan, Quezon City
 Corruption is built in our system of government where officials spend millions to get elected to a position that pays P40,000 or less.
Vic Alim, Caloocan City
Because we allow it and the government doesn’t show enough teeth and dedication in stopping
James Gaw, Parañaque City
 Because we allow it.
Joel Caluag, Bulacan
People have simply lost hope and don’t care anymore to stop it because all attempts are
That’s like fighting the gods where victory is impossible.
Jun Cajucom, Tacloban City
 Corruption is prevalent in our country because we Filipinos allow it to happen. Talamak ito sagobyerno natin dahil nakasanayan na ng mga pinuno.
Erwin Espinosa, Pangasinan
 Corruption prevails because most people have given up fighting it. Some have accepted it as away of life already, thus, they just turn a blind eye whenever corruption happens right in front of them. Besides, in this day and age where time
is of most value, we’d rather be corrupted intosaving time than waste another minute we could’ve used for other things. – 
Quiboquibo, Rizal
 Corruption has been extremely tolerated that it has become a way of life, or so it seems.
Felma Aguilan, Occidental Mindoro
 We are also to be blame for we have done nothing to stop it.
Ricardo Tolentino, Laoag City
Poverty causes corruption
 Visit any public hospital you know and see how our population is multiplying. Chances are, theones with nothing are the ones having more babies. Now, try to leap 20 years in advance. Do youreally think these babies will survive all these years through honest living? Poverty is corruption.
Rico Fabello, Parañaque City
 Poverty and unemployment are the reasons for the prevalent atmosphere of corruption in our country. Hence, diskarte begins.
Army Joy Padua, Negros Occidental
Weak governance, weak nation
The prevalence of corruption is caused by our government’s deliberate negligence to uphold
their legal and moral responsibilities to country and the people. EO 464 and executive privilegedid it. Under these capes, the government is seemingly tolerating corruption.
Cris Rivera,Rizal
Under GMA’s watch, corruption has permeated the three branches of government. Being a
weak President, she nurtures corruption through the stupid executive privilege.
Jim Veneracion,Naga City
Love of money, power
 Corruption will never be eradicated as long as there are people who love money and power.
Ella Arenas, Pangasinan
is prevalent because of past and present leaders’ love of power and money, their loss
of patriotism, and their inability to lead by example.
Digoy Coro, Batangas
The Bible says, “Those who want to get rich fall into temptation, the love for money is the
source of all evil,” 1 Timothy 6:9
Gerry del Cano, Muntinlupa City
 There are many factors why corruption is prevalent in our country: Bad leadership that sets anexample, the weak implementation of laws, poverty and hardships, discontentment that results inendless craving for material possessions, love of money, desire for power, absence of integrityand, most of all, disregard for the presence of God. All these things lead to corruption.
DebbieGenato, Quezon City
 Corruption is prevalent because our leaders are greedy. They hold office just to earn money;
 public service to all of them is a business opportunity. No politician can dare tell me that they’reout there to serve. All politicians are thieves. I’m sparing no one.
Alvin Perez, Manila
 Greed for MVP (money, vices, power).
C.B. Manalastas, Manila
Simple. It’s greed for money to satiate worldly things and nothing else. – 
Dave Velasco,Marinduque
Corruption is prevalent in our country because of greed and one’s desire to accumulate enormous
wealth instantly.
Salvacion Tomines, Tarlac City
 The anatomy of corruption in the context of the Philippine society is such a complex thing.However, it is also simple, in that really, the heart of the problem of corruption is the problem of a corrupted heart. Corruption is the sin of greed, which has infected all of us in all levels of 
society. It’s pathetic that the Philippines is known to be the only Christi
an nation in the Far East,yet we are one of the most corrupt countries in the world. What sort of Christians are we, sanamaging Kristiyano tayo sa puso, hindi sa nguso.
Jaime Macayana, Republic of South Africa
A reflection on the church
 Biblically, man
’s wisdom is poor and his resistance to temptation is weak. Even when he was in
 paradise where he did not have to seek more, he was corrupted by the devil. In our case, the
Church failed and is still failing to make our faith our way of life. It’s sad to s
ay this, butChristian churches in many ways are themselves corrupt. Unless we pray collectively andsincerely for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us, corruption will prevail in our country.
Germi Sison, Cabanatuan City
 It reflects the condition of the church.
Marcos Pattaguan, Cagayan
 Corruption prevails because integrity has lost its relevance for success in our society. Only a people with determination, not government can correct it.
C.B. Fundales, Bulacan
Our leaders don’t have a real fear of 
God that would compel them to correct corrupt-ridden political, economic, judicial institutions.
Delfin Todcor, Mt. Province
An ugly nightmare
 This query that turns up every so often like a bad dream is really a huge and ugly nightmare.
Read J. Bondoc’s
“Sleaze high up in the three branches.” – 
L.C. Fiel, Quezon City
 Our people have lived with it for a long time that it becomes a culture. The sad part is, peopleallow it or have no choice to stop it because our leaders lead the practice. To answer this type of question really gets your blood boiling.
Joselito Jose, Quezon City
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