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Shade of the Moon Discussion Guide

Shade of the Moon Discussion Guide

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This is a discussion guide for Susan Beth Pfeffer's The Shade of the Moon, the fourth book in the Life As We Knew It series.
This is a discussion guide for Susan Beth Pfeffer's The Shade of the Moon, the fourth book in the Life As We Knew It series.

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Published by: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on Aug 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A reAding group guide for
The Shade of the Moon
by SuSan Beth Pfeffer
About the Book
In this companion to the novels
Life As We Knew It
The Dead &The Gone
, and
This World We LiveIn
, it’s been more than two yearssince Jon Evans and his amily letPennsylvania, hoping to nd asae place to live, yet Jon remainshaunted by the deaths o those heloved. His prowess on the soccereld has guaranteed him a home ina well-protected enclave. But Jon ispainully aware that a missed goal,a careless word, even alling inlove, can put his lie and the liveso his mother, his sister, Miranda,and her husband, Alex, in jeopardy.Can Jon risk doing what is right ina world gone so terribly wrong?
About the Author
Susan Beth Peer’s rst three apocalyptic novels, the
New York Times
Life As We Knew It, The Dead & The Gone,
This World WeLive In
were widely praised by reviewers as action-packed, thrilling,and utterly terriying.
Life As We Knew It
received numerous starredreviews and honors and was nominated or many state awards,winning six. Ms. Peer lives in Wallkill, New York.
About the Guide
The Shade of the Moon
is a novel most appropriate or readers ingrades 7–12 or ages 12–18. This guide was created to be used or theclassroom or smaller reading groups. There are a variety o questions,some addressing comprehension o the story and others promptingreaders to draw conclusions, speculate, and “dig deeper” into thestory. The questions can be adapted as writing prompts. The questionsand many o the activities are aligned with the Common Core StateStandards or English Language Arts. The page numbers in the guidereer to the hardcover edition.
Pre-Reading Activities
For readers who have not read the previous novels in the series orhave not recently read them, provide a synopsis o the stories to putthis one in context. See www.lieasweknewit.com or synopses o thenovels.Discuss with students the issues o discrimination and segregation.Ask them to share examples o both in United States history.
Questions for Discussion
These discussion questions align with Standards 1 and 2 o theCommon Core Reading Standards or Literature K–12 (RL).How does Jon end up in Sexton, Tennessee?What is the signicance o the words
?Why is Jon haunted by Julie’s death?
• www.hmhbooks.com/lifeasweknewit
A reAding group guide for
The Shade of the Moon
by SuSan Beth Pfeffer
Why is it important that Jon plays soccer?What grudge does Zachary have against Sarah?Why do Zachary and Tyler want to burn down thehigh school?Dr. Goldman says, “Sometimes I eel like we’vegone rom the twenty-rst century back to thenineteenth.” (74) What are some examples o howlie in this society supports that statement? How doAlex and Miranda react to what he says?Why does Jon consider himsel a cowardresponsible or Julie’s death? Do you agree he is acoward?Why does Jon consider Dr. Carlyle’s civics class awaste o time? What are some ideologies, past orpresent, that resemble what Dr. Carlyle lecturesabout grubs? Jon’s school does not teach history. Why hashistory been deemed impractical in this society?What do you think about this conclusion? Jon does not believe that what he did to Julie wasrape. He “hadn’t raped Julie, but he’d killed her.”(109) What do you think?What does Carlos reveal to Jon about Julie’s death?Why does Sarah eel responsible or her mother’sdeath?How does the soccer game in White Birchdegenerate into a ull-scale riot? What are some o the ways Sexton “punishes” White Birch or theriot?Why is Jon’s mother killed by the guards?What is it like or Jon to have to speak to one o theguards who killed his mother? What would youhave done in his situation?When Jon talks to Alex, why does he choose notto conront Alex and orce him to admit the truthabout Julie and Miranda? Why do you think Joncondes in Alex his eelings about speaking to theguard involved in killing his mother?What does Ruby tell Jon about his mother? Whatdoes Jon do that surprises her?Why would Jon’s desire to teach grubber childrensports be considered a dangerous idea?What makes Sarah and Jon believe that Miranda’s baby is still alive?How do Jon and Sarah get Miranda’s baby awayrom the Stocktons? What is Mr. Stockton’s attitudetoward the baby?Why does Lisa commit suicide?Why won’t the police release Ruby to Jon? Whyare the police shocked at Jon’s willingness to marryRuby? What will the consequences be or Jon?What reason does Jon give to Ruby or marryingher? What are Jon’s actual motives or marryingRuby?How does Jon discover that the woman he marriedis not Ruby? Why did Opal change places with her?What is supposed to be dierent about thecommunity o New Harmony?What gives Jon hope or the uture?
• www.hmhbooks.com/lifeasweknewit

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