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ED670 Fall 2013 Syllabus

ED670 Fall 2013 Syllabus

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Published by Chris Bochen

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Published by: Chris Bochen on Aug 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SyllabusED670 Transition Planning and Services (Online)
Arcadia UniversityEducationFall 2013
Donna Monturo, M.Ed.E-mail: 
Office hours:
By appointment. Please set up the appointment by email, and then we can choose to useGoogle chat, Collaborate, Skype, or talk by phone.
Policy regarding feedback:
I will usually answer emails within 24 hours during the week, 48 hours onweekends. On Fridays, before a major assignment is due, I will answer emails in real time between 3-4PM,and as soon as possible between 4PM and midnight.
Welcome to your Arcadia University course, ED670
Transition Planning and Services. The purpose of thiscourse is to provide an understanding of the transition processes and procedures integral tocomprehensive secondary educational programming. Transition-focused education is an outcomesoriented approach to helping students plan and prepare for life after high school in the areas of post-secondary education, employment and independent living. This course examines transition relatedlegislation and planning requirements and explores the various services and instructional methods intransition and career development that support students as they move from middle school through highschool and into early adulthood. The course emphasizes evidence-based best practices with a focus onself-determination and self-advocacy, on-going student-centered transition and career assessments,inclusive community-based instruction, aligning transition instruction with standards based curriculum andinteragency and family collaboration.
Required Fieldwork
This course requires Stage 1, 2, and 3 fieldwork experiences. During the fieldwork experience, you willobserve transition related instruction and services and you will have the opportunity to meet with andinterview students and professionals involved in the transition process. You will also develop and teach aself-determination/ self-advocacy lesson to transition-aged youth.
Required Materials
Sitlington, P.L., Neubert, D.A. & Clark, G.M. (2010).
Transition Education and Services for Students withDisabilities
Fifth Edition.
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. (ISBN-10: 0-13-505608-X)Test, D.W. (2012).
Evidence-Based Instructional Strategies for Transition.
Baltimore, MD: Paul H. BrookesPublishing Co. (ISBN-10: 1-59857-192-3)
*Additional required readings will be provided by the instructor.Required Technology
Since this course is being delivered online, your computer system will need to meet specific hardware andsoftware requirements. You will find a complete listing of hardware and software needs athttp://student.arcadia.edu/online.For this course, you will need to have access to Microsoft Office;including Word and PowerPoint. We will use online content and tools including video, audio files, wikis,online polling, and Wimba classroom. You will need to check that you have installed Quick Time and RealPlayer. If you wish to participate in the online office hour using your computer, you will need speakers anda microphone (or a headset) and a webcam (if you want to use video).You are required to use your Arcadia email account for all communication regarding this course. This isthe email address that your instructor will use for all communication. There are no exceptions to thispolicy. Your Arcadia email account can be easily accessed through Blackboard. G
o to the “Check email”
link in the menu of My Arcadia.
Minimum Technical Skills Expected
The ability to use a modern web browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox, to navigate websites.2.
The ability to use your Arcadia e-mail address to send and receive e-mails.3.
The ability to learn My Arcadia features found in the Tutorials section of the course, as needed.4.
The ability to use word processing software to read, author, edit and save documents.5.
The ability to use a search engine, like Google, to find information on the web.
Technical Support
 If you experience any difficulties with the technology requirements of the course or have trouble accessingthe course site, email, etc. at any point in the semester, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (215-572-2898or helpdesk@arcadia.edu). You should also contact me should these technical problems cause delays in completing assignments or contributing to discussions.
Resources available
 In compliance with the Arcadia University policy and equal access laws, appropriate academicaccommodations can be made for students eligible for such support. Students are encouraged to registerwith the Disability Services Office (215-968-8463) to verify their eligibility for appropriateaccommodations. Please speak to me about any requests for academic accommodations or otherconcerns as early in the semester as possible.
(This covers QM standard 3.2)A 90% to 100%B 80% to 89%C 70% to 79%D 60% to 69%F Failure to complete required workDiscussion Board Postings and Participation 30%Transition Stakeholder Observation and Interview 20%Self-Determination Lesson 20%Case Study 30%Total 100%
This course is being presented in an online fashion. It is important that you login on a regular basis (daily if possible) and work on a consistent basis to complete your requirements. Since we are not meeting face toface, students will be expected to maintain ongoing participation in Discussion Board forums throughoutthe semester.You will need to be self-motivated and try to stay as organized as possible; developing a schedule wouldbe a good idea. I also suggest that you login in the beginning of the week and copy all assignments to aWord document. This will allow you to construct a quality answer, spell check, grammar check, and copyand paste it into the forum.
Major Assignments
Discussion Board Posting and Participation (30%)
There will typically be 1-2 Discussion Boards weekly. In addition to weekly postings, one group workproject will be required as part of this requirement.

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