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Steve Grossman Proposes People's Pledge

Steve Grossman Proposes People's Pledge

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Published by masslive
As Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Steve Grossman proposes 'People's Pledge' dissuading outside spending, Democrats seeking Ed Markey's old Congressional seat sign similar agreement
As Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Steve Grossman proposes 'People's Pledge' dissuading outside spending, Democrats seeking Ed Markey's old Congressional seat sign similar agreement

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Published by: masslive on Aug 20, 2013
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 August 20, 2013Dear Candidate:I ask that you join me in fighting the influence of unlimited and unaccountable outsideinterest group spending in the 2014 campaign for the Democratic gubernatorialnomination by signing a “People’s Pledge.”Enclosed is a copy of draft language.This proposal is modeled directly on the pledge that Senator Edward Markey andRepresentative Stephen Lynch signed in the special election primary earlier this year.Adjustments have been made to allow for the likelihood of a multi-candidate primary andfor differences in federal and state campaign finance laws.The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010
Citizens United 
decision dealt a death blow to financialrestraints and opened the door for unfettered “independent expenditures” to influence theoutcome of elections.One of the few avenues available to constrain and control such independent expendituresis for candidates to agree voluntarily to do so by urging so-called “SuperPACs” (politicalfinance committees that operate without limits on contributions or spending) and other interest groups to stay out of the race – and for the candidates to reduce their ownspending if they benefit from such outside influences.Massachusetts pioneered this approach, the People’s Pledge, in the 2012 ElizabethWarren-Scott Brown Senate campaign and continued it in the Markey-Lynch Democratic primary. The people of Massachusetts have come to expect that a pledge will be a much-needed part of campaigns in the Commonwealth, and I believe we should continue thistradition in our primary campaign.I ask you and your campaign advisors to review the enclosed document and then contactmy campaign (Jon Ostrowsky, jon@stevegrossman.com, 617-426-5118) to discuss anyunresolved details and to set a process for signing the pledge. We look forward toworking with you to help ensure the integrity of the political process in Massachusetts.Sincerely yours,Steve Grossman
Preserving the integrity of Massachusetts elections is of paramount importance.Each candidate running for the Democratic nomination for Governor of theCommonwealth signing below understands that it is the responsibility of the candidates toensure that the Massachusetts gubernatorial election serves the interests of theCommonwealth and its citizens and that the effectiveness of the Pledge is dependentupon all candidates for governor agreeing to these provisions. Each candidate signing below is prepared to take responsibility for those outside third party organizations whichintervene in this important election process.Because third party organizations, including but not limited to SuperPacs, 501(c)organizations, 527 organizations, political committees not registered in Massachusetts,corporations and individuals, may attempt to intervene or interfere in the Massachusettselection for governor by airing independent expenditure advertisements or makingindependent expenditures for direct mail, related to candidates or issues; andBecause these groups function as independent expenditure organizations whichare outside the direct control of any of the candidates; andBecause each of the undersigned candidates agrees that they do not approve of such independent expenditure activity, and want to ensure that this independentexpenditure activity does not become a part of the Massachusetts election for governor;andBecause each of the undersigned candidates agrees that they do not want any suchindependent activity to commence at any time in relation to the 2014 Massachusetts racefor governor, and want such activity to immediately cease and desist if at any time itcommences; andBecause the undersigned candidates recognize that in order to continue to makeMassachusetts a national example by ensuring that the billions of dollars which haveinvaded elections in other states are not spent here and in order to provide the citizens of Massachusetts with an election free of outside third party independent expenditureadvertisements and/or direct mail, they must be willing to adhere to an enforcementmechanism that will demonstrate to the outside third party organization that a candidatewill not be served by any such independent expenditure and that the candidate’s owncampaign will be held responsible.Therefore, each of the undersigned candidates on behalf of their respectivecampaigns, hereby agree to the following:1.
In the event that a third party organization airs or distributes any independentexpenditure broadcast (including radio), cable, satellite, online advertisingand/or direct mail, or any broadcast or direct mail, in support of a named,referenced (including by title) or otherwise identified candidate, thatcandidate’s campaign shall, within three business days of discovery of the

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