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Each Cyber Attack Must Be Characterized As A Criminal Offense. Cyber Crimes Need To Identify, Prevent And Prosecute

Each Cyber Attack Must Be Characterized As A Criminal Offense. Cyber Crimes Need To Identify, Prevent And Prosecute

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Published by shukh

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Published by: shukh on Jun 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Each Cyber Attack Must Be Characterized As A Criminal Offense. Cyber CrimesNeed To Identify, Prevent And Prosecute.By Shukhrat Khakimov
Humanity has entered into an era of cyberwarfare. The word "cyber" only 60 years old,and it corresponds to the name of Norbert Wiener. It involves new technologies, progress.The word "war" is already known to mankind for thousands of years. Consistentdefinition of war has given Carl von Clausewitz in his book "On War". According to vonClausewitz, "War is an instrument of policy, it must inevitably have a political nature.Therefore, the conduct of wars in its main outlines is the very policies that replaced thestylus on the sword." He writes - "War is an act of violence intended to compel the enemyto fulfill our will. To crush the enemy, we must match our efforts with the strength of hisresistance, the latter represents the result of two non-factors: the amount of funds which itholds and force his will. "Well, then, that the war - an act of violence, it is understandableto all. The question - as in "cyberspace" may be "violence"? It turns can, and very simplyand seriously. Violation of the normal functioning of government mechanisms isviolence. In modern times, where many of the processes managed by computers,cyberspace is quite vulnerable. Create a suffering civilian population, and full-scale chaosin the economy in the hypothetical event of network failure is possible. And it is a greatviolence.According to the portal Hackerwatch.org, weekly in the world for more than 55 millionshares of computer hackers, both successful and unsuccessful. The largest number of computer criminals is now based in Asia. The estimated consulting firm Computer Economics, in 2005, damage from hackers made $ 14 billion and growing every year. Indoing so, according to this company, 65% of firms and organizations of the United Stateswill not teach their employees the basics of computer security, and 67% - do not check what programs are contained in the computers of their employees. In turn, the companyAbsolute Software, based on the poll found that only 1% of the companies should bestrictly corporate safety when working with a computer.IBM Corp. has calculated that only in the first 6 months of 2007, it was revealed almost3.3 thousands of vulnerabilities in popular computer programs. Almost 52% of theseflaws allow an attacker to obtain remote access to computers on which these programswere installed. Also in 2007, 10% of Internet sites containing ambiguous information (eg, pornography, incitement to violence, etc.), While 50% of the World Wide Web sitescontain material that could infect the computers of visitors of these sites, or to disguise anattack by hackers, spammers, etc.The group of experts on computer security at Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Emergency Response Team (commonly known by the abbreviation CERT) has calculatedthat the new problems in computer security is found every 82 minutes. The American NGO Privacy Clearing House, acts as a watchdog in the United States stolen by hackersor lost personal data of individuals in the databases of the various structures. It isestimated that the structure for the period from January 2005 to January 2008 were stolen

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