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My Sequel Part 1

My Sequel Part 1



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Published by alice cullen
it is the continuation of my sequel...pls comment to make me write further
it is the continuation of my sequel...pls comment to make me write further

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Published by: alice cullen on Jun 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My sequel chapter 1
Tick tock…tick tock…tick tock [time passes].Buzz…”ugh! Stupid alarm clock” groaned my sister. Weboth got up and got ourselves ready. After we finishedeating our breakfast I straight away took my car keyfrom dad and we both went forward to our destination“MASCOT TRIOS SCHOOL”. Lee went to 9
grade and Iam a junior in college. We both went to the office andtook our timetables. We both separated our way fromthere and wow Lee found friends within a second. So shebetrayed me…now I don’t know anyone and it’s frustratingto see strangers who are going to be my classmatesstaring at me. Then “umm… you must be Leena Roxxright?” said a blonde guy from behind me. So my sister’sname is so common. I smiled and said “actually, Lee Imean Leena is my sister, I am Jazz Roxx nice to meet you”. That blonde followed me and then I came to acomplete stop and turned around facing him and askedpolitely “yes?” the boy answered “oh! Yeah I forgot tointroduce myself…well I am Zeal Grad umm…mind if Ishow you your way”. I smiled and replied “sure… it isreally terrible not knowing anyone and being stared allthe time. Its kind of uncomfortable… is there somethingwrong with me? ”. Zeal said, “It’s just that you lookbeautiful with your pale with skin.” Okay this is quiteweird .”Which class do you have first?” He questioned.

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