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How the West Wages Wars and Offers Peace Solutions

How the West Wages Wars and Offers Peace Solutions

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Aug 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by Pearl Thevanayagam-
(August 19, 2013, London , Sri LankaGuardian)
Conflict resolution became a byword in the ‘90s among peaceniks followingwars fought within and outside nations liberally endorsed mainly by the West, namelyUS, USSR, UK among others who generously provided weapons both to thegovernments and their opponents at a price. This is also a modern US invention whileit provokes and promotes wars as it skips along its merry way selling arms to both thegovernments and its enemies; whoever pays the bigger price.The bottom line is profit as capitalism which dictates US policy in governance andhuman rights is but a side show to proclaim to the world that its
mea culpa 
means ithas a gentle heart towards its fellow human race. But nothing is further from the truth.
The world is full of charlatans and politicians top the list.Politicians are predators and let us not believe for one nano-second that they have the interest of their voters.Today’s politicians are the biggest lie and they will move heaven and earth to proclaim they want to better the lives of their voters.
According to the World Book of Lists, the United States of America is the largest
producer of arms and ammunition and it funds all major wars in the world. Then, itgoes one step further. It sets up peace initiative and forces nations to succumb to itsthreat of invasion through coercion aka World Bank and IMF (International MonetaryFund) which stipulates how its loans are utilised.These institutions which charge very high interests will tell third world nations how torun their economies, how to invest in US ventures, how to provide cheap labour for USoff-shore businesses all the while pontificating on human rights.The West destroyed ancient cultures and forced indigenous people into subservience.Now the tide has turned a full 360 degrees and the West is inundated with refugeesbanging on its doors and seeking redress. From the Red Indians who are now living innuclear dumps and lead poisoned homes unfit for human habitation; from Australia’saboriginies –the legitimate inhabitants who have been force-fed alcohol and madestupor to invade their legitimate lands – the West stands accused of gross humanrights violation.It was the marauding West which fed opium to the diligent Chinese so that it couldplunder its wealth. It also tells Iran that it has no reason to develop nuclear weapons.Iran and North Korea are doing exactly what the US has been doing for a very longtime. And what right has US to tell other nations that they are violating internationallaws in producing nuclear weapons?Is it not the same West which invaded Afghanistan and encouraged the poppycultivation to feed its populace’s cocaine high. Just read media reports of Westernerscaught red-handed trafficking Class A drugs and you will see that the West cannotcontain its populace from drug addiction. Pursuit of happiness is entrenched in the Billof Rights as Abraham Lincoln proclaimed and so is freedom of expression.But at what price? From Charles Taylor of Liberia to Saddam Hussein of Iraq, fromGorbachev in the glasnost and perestroika period of the 1980s to Afghanistan’s UScontrolled puppet regime to overthrow Taliban fundamentalists, US has been flexing itsmuscle to lord it over the rest of the world claiming moral responsibility that it is thewatch dog of the universe. Who bestowed this title on the United States of America? Itis us third world bootlickers. When third world is offered scraps pf scholarships, grantsand other perks to buy out brains and brawn a selected elite few are ready to sell theirsouls and together their homelandsUS nurtured and trained leaders among others in warfare but Saddam Husseinbecame a pariah following the Kuwait invasion in 1990 which saw the Arab nationspitting one against the other.

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