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2013 Law Catalog

2013 Law Catalog

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New and forthcoming titles in Law
New and forthcoming titles in Law

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Stanford University Press on Aug 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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University Press
 New and Forthcoming fromStanford University Press 
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U.S. Law and Courts
Te Adversary FirstAmendment
Free Expression and theFoundations o AmericanDemocracy 
Martin H. Redish
Tis book presents a unique andcontroversial rethinking o modernAmerican democratic theory and reespeech. Most ree speech scholarsunderstand the First Amendmentas a vehicle or or protection o democracy itsel, relying uponcooperative or collectivist theorieso democracy. Martin Redishreconsiders ree speech in the contexto adversary democracy, arguingthat individuals should have theopportunity to aect the outcomes o collective decision-making accordingto their own values and interests.Drawing on previous ree speechscholarship and case studies o controversial speech, Martin Redishadvances a theory o ree expressiongrounded in democratic notions o sel-promotion and controlled adver-sary conict, making a strong caseor its application across such areasas commercial speech, campaignspending, and anonymous speech.
256 pp., 20139780804772150 Cloth $45.00
$36.00 sale
Table o Contents
U.S. Law and Courts .......................2-4Law and Society ...............................4-7International andComparative Law..........................8-10Jurisprudence andLegal History .................................10-11Exam Copy Policy .................................7Ordering .....................................................8
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Te Puzzle o Unanimity 
Consensus on the UnitedStates Supreme Court
Pamela C. Corley,Amy Steigerwalt, andArtemus Ward
Drawing on data rom the U.S.Supreme Court database, internalcourt documents, and the justices’private papers,
Te Puzzle o Unanimity 
is the rst comprehensiveaccount o how the Court reachesconsensus. Pamela Corley, Amy Steigerwalt, and Artemus Wardpropose and empirically test a theory o consensus; they nd consensus isa unction o multiple, concurrently-operating orces that cannot be ully accounted or by ideological attitudes.In this thorough investigation, theauthors conclude that consensusis a unction o the level o legalcertainty and its ability to constrain justices’ ideological preerences.
The Puzzle of Unanimity 
, the authorsskillully probe the sources o consen-sus on the Supreme Court and providenew insights on the considerationsthat shape the justices’ choices. Theirbook is an important contribution tothe understanding o judicial behavior.”
—Lawrence Baum, Ohio State University 
216 pp., 19 tables, 12 fgures, 20139780804784726 Cloth $50.00
$40.00 sale
U.S. Law and Courts
Te Failed Promiseo Originalism
Frank B. Cross
“Frank Cross’s important book breaksnew ground. Combining a deepunderstanding o originalism withsophisticated empirical analysis,
TheFailed Promise of Originalism
chal-lenges originalists to show that theirtheory can make a practical dierence,and at the same time dispels the myththat originalist methods have a strongideological valence in practice. Crosshas produced a very rare commodity—a book that is a must read or bothlawyers and political scientists.”
—Lawrence Solum, Georgetown University 
240 pp., 20139780804783828 Cloth $45.00
$36.00 sale
Te Teory andPractice o Statutory Interpretation
Frank B. Cross
248 pp., 16 tables, 15 fgures, 20099780804785235 Paper $24.95
$19.96 sale
9780804759120 Cloth $52.50
$42.00 sale
Caliornia School Law 
Tird Edition
Frank Kemerer andPeter Sansom
Fully updated to reect recent develop-ments in educational jurisprudence,the newest edition o 
Caliornia School Law
explains the legal ramework within which Caliornia schoolingoperates. Te book examines studentattendance and truancy, curriculumlaw, and teacher and student rightso expression—including the useo electronic communicationdevices and social media, religion,students with disabilities, discipline,privacy and search and seizure, raceand gender discrimination, andissues o legal liability. Te book’scompanion website provides new inormation as it becomes available,and ensures all coverage is up-to-date.
568 pp., 5 fgures, 20139780804785150 Paper $29.95
$23.96 sale
9780804785143 Cloth $90.00
$72.00 sale
What’s Law Got toDo With It?
What Judges Do, Why Tey Do It, and What’s at Stake
Edited by Charles Gardner Geyh
Stanord Studies in Law and Politics
376 pp., 4 tables, 13 fgures, 20119780804775335 Paper $27.95
$22.36 sale
9780804775328 Cloth $85.00
$68.00 sale
Without Fear or Favor
Judicial Independence andJudicial Accountability inthe States
G. Alan arr
Te impartial administration o  justice and the accountability o government ocials are two o themost strongly held American values.Yet these values are ofen in directconict with one another. At thenational level, the U.S. Constitutionresolves this tension in avor o  judicial independence, insulating judges rom the undue inuence o other political institutions, interestgroups, and the general public.But at the state level, debate hascontinued as to the proper balancebetween judicial independence and judicial accountability. In this volume,constitutional scholar G. Alan arrocuses squarely on that debate.
Stanord Studies in Law and Politics
280 pp., 20129780804760409 Paper $27.95
$22.36 sale
9780804760393 Cloth $85.00
$68.00 sale
Felony Murder
Guyora Binder
Critical Perspectives on Crime and Law
368 pp., 20129780804755368 Paper $29.95
$23.96 sale
9780804755351 Cloth $90.00
$72.00 sale

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