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Hindu Rashtra Darshan (Veer savarkar & Hinduism)

Hindu Rashtra Darshan (Veer savarkar & Hinduism)



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Published by Azad Singh Parihar

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Published by: Azad Singh Parihar on Jun 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hindu Rashtra Darshan
V D SavarkarMaharashtra Prantik Hindusabha, Poona
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Session - at Karnavati - 1937
(* Karnavati = Ahmedabad)Ladies and Gentlemen,I thank you most cordially for the trust you have placed in me in calling upon me topreside on this 19th Session of the Hindu Mahasabha, I don't take it so much as an honourbestowed upon me by my nation for service rendered in the past as a command to dedicatewhatever strength us still left in me to the Sacred Cause of defending Hindudom andHindustan-our common Motherland and our common Holyland, and pressing on the fight for ourNational Freedom. So far as the Hindus are concerned there can be no distinction norconflict in the least between our Communal and National duties, as the best interests of theHindudom are simply identified with best interests of Hindustan as a whole. Hindudomcannot advance or fulfil its lifemission unless and until our Motherland is set free andconsolidated into an Indian State in which all our countrymen to whatever religion or sect orrace they belong are treated with perfect equality and none allowed to dominate others or isdeprived of his just and equal rights of freecitizenship as long as everyone discharges the common obligations and duties which oneowes to the Indian Nation as a whole. The truer a Hindu is to himself as a Hindu he mustinevitably grow a truer National as well. I shall substantiate this point later on as I proceed.With this conviction and from this point of view, I shall deal in this my presidentialaddress with some fundamental aspects of the Hindu Sanghatan Movement as expounded bythis Mahasabha or as I understand them and leave detailed and passing questions, to bedeliberated upon and decided, to the representatives assembled in this Session.
Homage to the Independent Hindu Kingdom of Nepal 
But before proceeding further I feel it my bounden duty to send forth on behalf of allHindus our loyal and loving greetings to His Majesty the King of Nepal, His Highness Shree Yuddhsamasher Ranajee-the Prime Minister of Nepal and all of our co-religionists andcountrymen there who have even in the darkest hour of our history, been successful inholding out as Hindu Power and in keeping a flag of Hindu Independence flying unsullied onthe summits of the Himalayas. The Kingdom of Nepal stands out today as the only HinduKingdom in the world whose independence os recognised by England, France, Italy and othergreat powers. Amongst some twentyfive crores of our Hindus in this generation, His Majestythe King of Nepal is the first and foremost and the only Hindu today who can enter in theassemblage of King, Emperors and Presidents of all the independent nations in the world,with head erect and unbent, as an equalamongst equals. In spite of the passing political aspect of the question, Nepal is bound toHindudom as a whole by the dearest ties of a common race and religion and language andculture, inheriting with us this our common Motherland and our common Holyland. Our life isone. Whatever contributes to the strength of Hindudom as a whole, must strengthen Nepaland whatever progress the latter records is bound to elevate the first. Hence all

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