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Forbidden to Remeber, Terrified to Forget

Forbidden to Remeber, Terrified to Forget

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Published by Candie
How does Alice become a vampire? Well this is how...
ALSO I do not own any of these people so they arnt mine
How does Alice become a vampire? Well this is how...
ALSO I do not own any of these people so they arnt mine

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Published by: Candie on Jun 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FORBIDDEN TO REMEMBER, TERRIFIED TO FORGET__________________________________________Running, Must keep running. I thought at myself. I was in a cold dark alley."Hey hunn," one of the men slurred from behing me," C'mon don't leave! How 'bout Ibuy you a drink.""Leave me alone!" I screamed at him.I didn't mean to get that drunk or out of control. I kept racing left and right. Ihad to get out I had to...Out of nowhere something grabbed my arm. I yelped."Gotcha!" The man was for sure drunk."Let go!" I whimpered. I broke free of his iron grasp and sprinted towards thehighway.EYES WIDE OPEN_________________________'Alone and lost. It has been many days since of my parents death. I don't knowwhere to go, or how to find shelter.' I wrote in my notebook I found on the sideof the road.As I set down my paper and pencil-on the dirty sack beneath me- I noticed somebodywaving at me from across the street. Falling for my instincts I automaticallybegan to back away from the person.Strangley he caught up to me and helped me up."Hello," he said in a strikingly beautiful voice," Im Jace.""Jace?" I stuttered"Yes, I see that well umm," He suddenly laughed to himself," Well that you have nohome? Either that or you enjoy sleeping on potato sacks in the winter.""Im fine," I answered and tried pulling away from him but he was very strong."You must be cold." He said eyeing my shorts and tank top."Im fine!" I said again."How about this. You tell me your name. You come stay at my lab for a few hours. Isee if I can help you and then I either drop you off here or some place else."My eyes finally adjusted to the bright snow aroung me and Then I could really seehim. He was beatiful. His haira light brown and combed back around his face. Hisskin was pale. Like he had never seen the sun before."Fine." I grumbled. What did I have to lose? I had no life here.****************************************" And this is my work office." He announced pointing to a tiny desk in the corner.he had just given me a tour of his lab. He had just given me a tour of his labrooms."wow." I managed to say.I stood there looking down at my feet until I heard a car from the parking lotpull in.Shoot, I thought, Don't want anyone else to see me.I started to run until a strong hand caught my shoulder and spun me around."Will I see you again?" Jace asked, saddness plain on his face."You know where to find me." I smiled a warm smile.I started to walkaway until he called and said," By theway, you smell wonderful."Weird...**********************************************Finding the right highway took me hours to find. But I soon did find it. Soo wheni got there and found a man standing over there, I was surpirised. He had an evilgrin on his face. Was he excpecting me?"You made it very hard to find you." He stopped talking suddenly and inhaleddeeply. " Mmm,he was right, you smell....amazing." He stalked towards meand Ibegan to walk backwards.I began to say something else but he suddenly sparng at me knocking me to theground.I screamed in agony.
He snickered, as if he were enjoying my pain.Had all my bones broken? As I watched him I noticed his eyes were a bright red. Hestepped on my stomach causingbright red blood to come pulsing out. I let out onelast little whimper of 'help', and drifted off.BLOOD, ROMANCE, AND BLINDNESS______________________________________________I awoke to a darkness surrounding me."Im sorry did I awake you?" A dreamy voice murmmured from across the room."Jace??" I asked baffled."Yes,Its me.""Why is it so....dark?""When I ran into your little friend he ran off and left you like this. I don'tthink he is going to quit tracking you though. He isn't like that.""Wait what? 'Tracking'? What is he part wherewolf?" I asked sarcastically.He chucled and answered,"No, This may be a bit-well maybe more then a bit- but abit of a shock to you but...he is a vampire."I laughed," Okay as much as I'd love to hear a scary story, I really need to knowwhat is wrong with that guy."I was silent. I gasped,"You weren't...kidding? But he looks just like you...." Igaped."Yes we both are, now you musten't tell anyone. Anyone you hear me?"I could onlynod,doubting that he could see me."Why is it dark? What have you done to me?" I began panicking."I haven't done anything, but we need to stay here. I don't want to risk himfinding you.""what happens if he finds me?" my heart was skipping beats.He didn't speak."Damnet! What happens if he find s me Jace!?"I yelled."Game over. He would kill you."His voice broke.WhenI tried to sit up, a horrifying pain came to my stomach I screamed in agonyagain.I could suddenly feel Jace touching my stomach and crooning me. He was trying tocomfort me. He lay down next to me rubbing my cheeks with his thumb. Tired as Iwas, I began to fall asleep.*****************************************My dreams were suddenly inturrupted by a shrieked growl.I was not in the same room as i had been in. It looked like I was in a library,except for the fact that books were strewn all over.I lifted my head up and saw Jace was engaging someone.I froze.That someone was the same someone who had about killed me earlier.Jace suddenly kicked the other vampire into the wall and ran over to me."What-" I was about to ask something, but he caught me off and leaned in as if tokiss me. But instead he reached my neck and bit me.I shrieked.He pulled away andpushed me into the dark room again.A pain started throughout my body.Blood was flowing out of my mouth. I feared for the one outside the doors I loved,and I couldn't see anything in this dark room.I let go to thestring I was holding onto. I couldn't take it anymore.Game over.FOREVER DEAD_______________________2 YEARS LATER...

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