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The Resurrection of Christ

The Resurrection of Christ

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Acts v. 30,31, 32.

Acts v. 30,31, 32.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE RESURRECTIO OF CHRISTBY REV HERY KOLLOCK, D. D.Acts v. 30,31, 32.A consideration of the conduct of the greater partof those who profess to believe in Christianity, gives usbut too much cause to doubt whether they are reallypersuaded of the truth of this religion. To believe soholy a religion, and to live a worldly and sinful life,these are two things which it is difficult to reconcile,perhaps they are entirely incompatible. It is not thena useless labour for the ministers of the gospel to en-deavour to persuade their hearers of the divinity of the gospel which they preach. It is proper for usconstantly to press those powerful motives to obe-dience which the gospel presents to lead men topiety : but nevertheless, it is certain, that these mo-tives will have no effect upon an unbelieving heart ;and probably this unbelief is the cause of the little ef-400 SERMO LX11.feet of our preaching. It will not then be a loss of time to demonstrate to you that the resurrection oJesus Christ, which St. Peter declares in the text, isa certain fact; as certain as any of those which arerecorded in history, and regarded as incontestable.This is what 1 shall endeavour to do in the ensuingdiscourse. It is not an unimportant matter. If wecan establish the certainty of the resurrection of Christ, we establish at the same time, the certaintyof the Christian religion, since this resurrection is theseal which God annexed to the teachings of the Re-deemer.
I confine myself at present to a single point. 1propose to establish the truth of our religion by prov-ing the resurrection of Christ, which is the most im-portant and most wonderful of the facts which thescriptures record. The text affords me two deci-sive proofs : one is the testimony of the apostles ; theother is the testimony of the Holy Ghost. The firstof these we shall illustrate in this discourse. " Weare witnesses," says St. Peter, " of the resurrectionof Jesus, and so also is the Holy Ghost, whom Godhas given to them that obey him."I. The first proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ,and consequently of the Christian religion, is the tes-timony that the apostles give to this miraculous event.4 We are witnesses of these things; of the resurrectionof that Jesus whom ye have crucified. We do notknow it merely by report ; we are eye-witnesses ; weourselves have seen this risen Jesus; we have seenhim many times ; we have conversed with him ; wehave touched his body ; we have attended him tothe place where he left us, and seen him ascend intoheaven. It is not only one of us who have seen him ;we have all seen him, and the other apostles haveLIFE OF CHRIST. 401seen him as well as we. We are all witnesses of thismiraculous resurrection : many others of his disci-ples, many women of his acquaintance, unite theirtestimony with ours. We can even mention, nearlyfive hundred persons who are still living, and whowith their own eyes, have beheld this risen Saviour.'(1 Cor. xv. 6.)This is the testimony which the apostles give tothe resurrection of Christ. We must receive this
testimony unless we maintain one of these two things :either that all these witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, were themselves deceived when theysupposed that they saw Jesus risen ; or else that theyagreed to deceive others, by falsely pretending to beeye-witnesses of a thing which none of them eversaw.The first of these things must be acknowledged tobe impossible, if we reflect but a single moment, whowere these eye-witnesses of the resurrection of JesusChrist. They were all persons who had frequentlyseen him ; and who regarding him as an extraordina-ry character, had attentively considered him. Theywere even the most intimate friends of Christ, his dis-ciples, who, during many years, had continually beenwith him ; who had very lately eaten the passover,and celebrated the holy supper with him ; who hadpassed the night with him in the garden, and accom-panied him to the place where he was taken by hisenemies. To say that these were all deceived, whenthey supposed that they saw Jesus Christ risen fromthe dead, we must maintain that they had lost entire-ly, and all at the same time, every idea of their Mas-ter ; that in three days, they had all forgotten whatwere the traits of his countenance, what his appear-51402 SERMO LX1I.ance, hig voice, and every thing which distinguishesone person from another.Still this would be more possible, if they had saidthat they saw him but. once. But no ; they witnessedthat this risen Jesus showed himself to them numer-ous times: sometimes to one of them in particular:

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