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14136527 I Cant Believe Its Vegan a Guide to Dairy and Eggfree Shopping Cooking and Eating

14136527 I Cant Believe Its Vegan a Guide to Dairy and Eggfree Shopping Cooking and Eating

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Published by RicardoSoulForce

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Published by: RicardoSoulForce on Jun 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your guideto dairy- andegg-freeshopping,cookingand eating
I can’t believe it’s... vegan!
 Welcome to Animal Aid’s complete andeasy vegan guide
oing vegan (eliminatingall animal products from your diet) really is a lot easier than you might think.
This compassionate lifestyleis becoming increasinglypopular as more and morepeople turn to ethicalfoodproducts and take their healthseriously. As a result, the market for vegan food is growing eachyear and most supermarketsnow stock a wide variety of animal-free foods. This becameclear from Animal Aid’s 2007survey to find Britain’s most veggie- & vegan-friendlysupermarket.There are a numberof reasons why people chooseto go vegan, but the threemost important ones are:
it eliminates sufferingand saves the lives of thousands of animals
it boosts your healthand increases your lifeexpectancy
it’s a lot kinder to theplanet 
Nutritional advice
A selection of deliciousanimal-free recipes
Info on products and brandnames to look out for in yourlocal health food shop andsupermarket 
This booklet has all you need to drop eggs and dairy from your diet
 Why vegan?
   ©    P   E   T   A
ost of us grow up believing that drinking milk is natural. But theonly milk our bodies require is that of our mothers when we are babies.Beyond infancy, milk is not a necessarypart of our diet. And especially not milk from another species!
Dairy cows are exploited to their limits.Their welfare and health are not apriority for an industry that wants tokeep production levels high and costsas low as possible. They are forced toproduce as much as 60 litres of milk every day, many times more than isnatural. Around a third of UK dairycows are ‘zero grazed’ – an industryterm for ‘permanently confined’.Many others spend nearly half theirlives in crowded, dirty sheds, waitingfor spring when they will be permittedoutdoors again. By the age of five,dairy cows are no longer profitablemilk ‘machines’, and are slaughtered.To ensure a continual flow of milk,dairy cows are repeatedly madepregnant. Their calves are taken fromthem at one or two days old, so that the milk meant for them can be bottledup for humans. Some of the femalecalves replace worn-out cows in thedairy herd. But males are oftenregarded as waste by-productsbecause demand is limited for their‘low quality’ flesh. ‘Surplus’ calves areshot or sent on punishing journeys tocontinental veal farms.Due to relentless milking, nearly half of all British cows suffer from swollen,infected, weeping udders. Traces of pus and blood from infected teats seepinto the milk that peopleend up drinking.Current regulationspermit millionsof pus cellsper litre!Milk fromother animalssuch assheep andgoats isproduced ina similar way.
 What’s wrong with milk?

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