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14200566 Vegan Guide by Vegan Campaigns

14200566 Vegan Guide by Vegan Campaigns

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Published by RicardoSoulForce

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Published by: RicardoSoulForce on Jun 07, 2009
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Vegan Campaigns | BM 2300 | London | WC1N 3XXinfo@vegancampaigns.org.uk | http://vegancampaigns.org.uk/
 vegan gude
10 steps to cruelty-free livingrecipesvegan alternatives to allour favourite foodsvegan restaurants andcafes in LondonI am what you see byBenjamin Zephaniah
I Am What You See
by Benjamin Zephaniah
I am what you seeI’ve got no bodies inside meAll of me is meI will not eat nobody elseSo I am what you seeI do not plan to eat dead sheepI will not eat a henI’m so proud of what I amSo I will say againI’ve got no bodies inside meAll of me is meI will not eat nobody elseSo I am what you seeSee http://www.benjaminzephaniah.com/
introduction210 steps to cruelty-free living3recipes5vegan recipe websites16vegan alternatives 17vegetarian and vegan restaurants18poem by Benjamin Zephaniah19
This guide was produced by Vegan Campaigns, who hold free foodtastings and vegan food fayres throughout London to show justhow tasty vegan food can be.Veganism is the kindest, and some would add the healthiest, diet.As explained on the next page, by reducing or eliminating animalproducts, you can vote up to three times a day with your fork to beind to animals, kind to your body, and kind to the planet, since avegan diet uses only one fth as much land as a meat based one.At Vegan Campaigns we’re passionate about our delicious foodand way of living, and we hope you’ll give it a try.To help you out there are lots of recipes in this booklet. Most havebeen used at our tastings and food fayres. They are yummy triedand tested meals which we are sure you and your friends willenjoy. In fact you may well nd yourself saying “I can’t believe it’svegan!”There is also a list of vegan alternatives to popular foods, anddetails of great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in London.This booklet is designed to accompany ‘Why Vegan’ by the VeganSociety, which outlines the arguments for veganism and answerscommon questions. This excellent full colour booklet is availablefree at Vegan Campaigns’ events or you can get one by sending astamped addressed envelope to the Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road,St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. TN37 7AA. Tel 0845 458 8244www.vegansociety.com, info@vegansociety.com
Save animals and eat cruelty-freefor a day. That means eating foodthat doesn’t contain any animalproducts (vegan). See the recipe sec-tion for some alternative recipes.
Now you’ve given up animalproducts for one day, why not givethem up completely!It is estimated that each person whoeats meat consumes over 4,000animals. Add in the number of animalsthat suffer and die for the milk, eggand honey industries and you will bedirectly saving a huge number of ani-mals’ lives.If it seems overwhelming to give up allanimal products, take a step back andtake it at your own pace. Turn veganovernight and you slam your door onthe cruelty of the meat industry forever.It is quite safe if done properly. Howev-er, some people nd they want to moveover to an animal-free diet step-by-step, adjusting as they go along.
nfo on going vegan
For extensive information on goingand staying vegan contact the VeganSociety [www.vegansociety.com, 0845458 8244]. They also have avail-able ‘The Animal-Free Shopper’, ancomplete guide to vegan products.
ruelty-free in London
For a list of cruelty-free resources inLondon including vegan/veggie restau-rants and wholefood shops check outwww.veganlondon.co.uk. Also see therestaurant section at the back of thisbooklet.
egan buddy
To nd a vegan ‘buddy’ who will giveyou advice about the practicalities of being vegan, contact Vegan Buddies[www.veganbuddies.org.uk, 0845 4580146].
Buy birthday and Christmaspresents from animal cam-paigning groups like the VeganSociety [www.vegansociety.com/catalog/, 0845 4588244] or Animal Aid[www.animalaid.org.uk/shop/].
Adopt’ an animal at an animalsanctuary in a friend’s name. Youwill get sent pictures and an adop-tion certicate which you can give tothem as a present.Two sanctuaries that run this schemeare Friend Farmed Animal Resuce[www.friendsanimalrescue.org.uk,01622 871617] or Retreat Animal Res-cue [www.retreatanimals.net, 020 88595832].
Choose cruelty-free clothes. Thatis, clothes that do not containfur, leather, silk (the silk worm isboiled alive) or wool (many sheep areinjured during shearing and many die of exposure afterwards).The range of synthetic and cottonalternatives is growing all the time withmore and more choices being madeavailable.The following mail order companiesspecialise in fur and leather free shoesand clothes:
www.crueltyfreeshop.com,www.veganstore.co.uk (01273 302 979)and freerangers.co.uk (01661 831 781)
Buy cruelty free products whichare not tested on animals. For alist of companies that do not testtheir toiletries, cosmetics or householdproducts on animals, contact StopHuntingdon Animal Cruelty on 0845458 0630.You can also download the list freefrom their website at the followingaddress: www.shac.net/FEATURES/cruelty_free.html
Avoid all zoos - animals in zoosare literally driven mad by themisery of their connement. If you want to see wild animals, naturereserves are a more humane option.
Choose circuses that do not haveanimals in their performance.Animals in circuses are deniedtheir freedom, kept in limited space andforced to perform degrading tricks. For-tunately animal circuses are on the de-cline and there are a growing number of circuses that are animal-free.
Raise awareness. The mainreason animal cruelty continues isbecause too many (good) peopleturn away and try to ignore the fact thatit is happening.Find out more of the facts, so you canargue the case against animal cruelty,like factory farming, animal testing andzoos. The groups in the next sectionwill be happy to provide you with moreinformation if you require.
Other ways of campaigningfor animals include letter writing, joining demonstra-tions, doing school talks or awarenessraising street stalls. If you are inter-ested, the following groups will be ableo help.Groups active in London:
Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade
www.caft.org.uk, brian@caft.org.uk.There are regular protests against thefur trade in London
Vegan Campaigns
www.vegancampaigns.org.uk (0779674 200). Do vegan stalls, free foodgiveaways and vegan food fayres
hursday anti-McDonalds demos
Phone or text 07960 036044
London Greyhound Action
greys_ok@yahoo.co.uk (07917 354904or 07780 720325). Campaign againstgreyhound racing
There are a number of grass-roots campaigns against animalexperiments. These include SPEAK,[www. speakcampaigns.org.uk] andStop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty,[www.shac.net]If you are interested in doingchool talks contact either of hese national groups: Animal Aid[www.animalaid.org.uk, 01732 364 546]or Viva! [www.viva.org.uk, 0117 9441000]Veggies [www.veggies.org.uk (0845458 9595] Veggies have a list of alllocal and national animal rights groupsaround the country if you want to ndour nearest. You can also access their Animal Rights Calender’ online, whichlists numerous upcoming events, fromprotests and training days to festivalsand meetings
10 steps to cruelty-free living

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