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A Certain Justice October 2008

A Certain Justice October 2008

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Published by beejay
A story challenge in which different versions of stories based on the same theme are written.
A story challenge in which different versions of stories based on the same theme are written.

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Published by: beejay on Jun 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Certain Justice
By Grace R. Williams"It's not fair, Kid! Not fair at all!"Kid Curry rolled his eyes and urged his horse to a quicker pace. His ears were burningfrom too many days in the saddle, forced to listen to his partner's continual rant."I mean, how'd you get so all fired..." he fumbled, "What did you say Grace called you?"The Kid grinned, smugly, "Inspirational." He paused, remembering, then quickly added,"But that wasn't my word, Heyes, it was hers. And it was a long time ago. Look, I reallydon't want to talk about this any more."They made camp near a stream, cooked their supper of fresh caught fish and leaned back on their saddles, settling in for a quiet night. No posse, no sheriff, no hooting andhollering from any saloon to disturb them. Only the peaceful sounds of crickets and thegurgling of the stream. Heyes and Curry pulled their blankets up to their chins andlistened."G'night, Heyes."Kid winced as soon as his words broke the silence. Had he opened the floodgates? Kidsighed heavily as Heyes started in again."Who was this Jennifer anyway? And Madelyn? Or Isobel, hmmm? Heard ya spent thenight with her in a goat pen! And those Mary and Sue twins in San Francisco? NowStella and Ann and Ellie and...""Heyes!" Curry sat up, his outburst startling Heyes'. "They weren't real, Heyes! Juststories them writin' women cooked up in their heads is all!" When Heyes stayed quiet,Curry rested his head against the saddle again, hoping to get some relief from theconstant interrogation Heyes had been subjecting him to."I still say it's not fair."This time Curry stood in exasperation, throwing his hands into the air. "What can I do,Heyes? How can I fix this? Just tell me what I need to do to have some peace!"Heyes' eyes dropped to the cold ground, an embarrassed look crossing his face. "Justwant a certain justice is all.""Justice?"1
"Yeah, Justice!" Heyes lifted his head now, speaking the word with more confidence."I'm as appealing as you, Kid."Curry arched his eyebrows, doubtful."Seems to me, as the former Leader of the Devil's Hole Gang, I'm entitled to as many'athose women writers writin' romance about me! Women find me attractive, Kid,exciting, charming..." He would have continued the list, but was interrupted by the Kid."Women find you smart, Heyes.""Nothing wrong with being smart!" he snapped then, paused, "Is there?" More pausing,"What's wrong with being smart, Kid?"Curry sat next to his friend, putting a supportive arm around his shoulder. "It's like this,Heyes. Last time I talked to Grace...""Wait a minute! You TALK to the writin' women? How?""Sure! Ya just look up and start talkin', Heyes. They're always watchin' and listenin'."Heyes' eyes scanned the treetops, skeptically."So anyway, last time I talked to Grace, she was tellin' me how she has a hard time writin'you, Heyes. Can't get in your head 'cause she thinks you're too smart for her. You'realways plottin' and schemin'.""That's ridiculous! I'm not too smart for her! She's just gotta try a little harder is all!""She's tryin', Heyes, but she's not sure she can do it. And she says she just can't pictureyou in a...well, in a romantic sort'a way."A frown took over Heyes' face. "How come?"Was that a sheepish smile on Curry's face, or was the smug grin back? "Guess she justdon't find you quite as...uh...""Inspirational?" Heyes provided, closing his eyes and nodding in understanding."I wouldn't worry about it, Heyes. I'm sure there's loads'a them writin' women who findyou lots more inspirational than me!" He should have stopped there, but he added under his breath, "Just seems they ain't inspired enough to be writin' it... right now."Heyes' frown was replaced with an angry glare.Curry held both hands up defensively in front of himself. "Look, Heyes, Grace even told2
me she's workin' on it, gonna write some romance story 'bout you someday, no matter how long it takes!""Yeah? And how long you think it might take?"Kid swallowed hard and gave his partner a sympathetic look. "Well...ah...when she wrotea romance 'bout me, she told me she was pretty darn inspired and it took her, "he passed ahand over his mouth, muffling his final words, "... wlovrye.""It took her what?" Heyes questioned, undeterred."It took her well over a year!" Curry finished, wishing his partner hadn't forced him tosay it.Heyes' shoulders seemed to sag."So let me get this straight, Kid. You're sayin' all I gotta do is hang around waitin' for one'a those writers to get inspired?"Kid nodded."But in the meantime, they'll still be writin' romance about you?"Kid nodded again. "An' only you, me and the writin' women will know about it. It'll beour secret."Heyes gave a small, disgusted laugh."That's justice?"By Lana CoombeThe sole of his boot met the first step with a resounding thud, as the crowd hushedslightly, save for the cry of a young child. The feel of the rifle barrel in his back forcedhim onward up the wooden steps, one by one, each foot fall echoing his advance to the platform above. The fear was evident in his blue eyes, his skin glowing with perspiration,his fair hair damp in the overwhelming heat.Finally he reached the last step. He hesitated, looking up at the length of knotted rope,hanging down from the newly constructed timber frame. Swallowing hard, he took a stepforward, placing himself under the loop in the rope. The crowd stood about, all eyesstaring up at him with anticipation of what was to come. He scanned the faces and cameto stop at a pair of dark, intense eyes that looked sadly at him. He managed a slight nodand smile, as a gesture of appreciation that the other man was there, knowing he had done3

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