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Brian Cookson Manifesto ENG

Brian Cookson Manifesto ENG

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Published by Jonathan Sachse
Manifesto by Brian Cookson for UCI Presidential Election 2013
Manifesto by Brian Cookson for UCI Presidential Election 2013

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Published by: Jonathan Sachse on Aug 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Restoring trust,Leading change.Brian Cookson
President o British CyclingMember o UCI Management CommitteePresident o UCI Road Commission
“The UCI must takethe steps necessary torestore cycling’s andits own credibility, inparticular in relation tothe public perceptiono cycling’s anti-dopingmeasures and currentleadership.”
The passion I and many othershave or cycling cannot hide theact that our international body,the UCI, remains hugely distracted,continuing to ounder in waves o damaging historical controversies.For ar too many people our sportis associated with doping, withdecisions that are made behindclosed doors and with ceaselessconicts with the cycling amilyand key stakeholders. This situationis deeply damaging or our sport,and it has severely compromisedthe UCI’s ability to develop andcommunicate much o the goodwork that is happening across theworld.Against this backdrop, and ater careul consideration, I have decidedto stand or the Presidency o theUCI. This is because I passionatelybelieve that the UCI needs toembrace a new way o doing things,and address, head on, some o thecritical challenges acing our sport.This maniesto outlines my plans to:
• Rebuild trust in the UCI• Transform the way anti-dopingis dealt with• Grow cycling across the globe• Develop women’s cycling• Overhaul elite road cyclingStrengthen cycling’s credibilityand inuence within theOlympic Movement
Cycling is not the only sport withproblems, but i we don’t have asport that parents can send their children to with absolute confdence,then we are ailing. The mostimportant challenge or the newPresident is to restore cycling’scredibility. This must happenimmediately and my frst prioritywill be to establish a completelyindependent anti-doping unit.This will be managed and governedoutside o the UCI, while stillmaintaining our responsibilities toWADA. That way people will beable to have absolute confdencein our sport.It is also critical that we re-buildrelations with WADA and nationalbodies including the AFLD andUSADA. It is absurd that a sport thathas suered so much rom dopinghas been in open conict with thevery people it should be workingin partnership with. I will seek their ull co-operation in an independentinvestigation into allegations thatthe UCI colluded to cover up pastdoping oences.More broadly, I want to see a UCIwhose culture and way o doingthings is defned by openness,transparency, and a commitmentto more collegiate decision-making.We need to work or the good o cycling globally, and not protectvested interests.The recent Stakeholder Consultationshowed that there are many goodaspects to the UCI, and manywonderul people working hard inall branches o our sport, throughoutthe disciplines and all around theworld. They are there in the sta andvolunteer ofcials, in our ContinentalConederations, in our NationalFederations, in the event organisers,in the teams, in our commercialpartners, and in the ans, participantsand enthusiasts o cycling. That muchwas clear rom the report.But the big message that comesout in that same report, time andtime again, is this Critical PriorityRecommendation:
“The UCI must take the stepsnecessary to restore cycling’sand its own credibility, in particularin relation to the public perceptionof cycling’s anti-doping measuresand current leadership.”
In other words, cycling needs achange o leadership. I believethat I have a strong and proventrack record in delivering positivetransormational change in cycling,and in a way that is collegiate - notconrontational - as my time asPresident o British Cycling shows.It is this style o approach that Iwant to bring to the UCI. I will be aPresident who listens and respondswith frm action, not a Presidento dictats, conict and aggressivecommunication.I would be truly honoured to beelected UCI President, but I alsounderstand the magnitude o thechallenges we ace. I have seenthose challenges close-up in my roleas a UCI management committeemember since 2009. I have donemy best, with colleagues, to inuencechange rom within. But now is thetime to step orward. I elected, Iwill do all in my powers to turn myvision o a more open, modern,efcient and outward acing UCIinto reality, in ull partnership with allstakeholders in the sport we love.As one seasoned observer wroterecently: “Sometimes, you just haveto press the re-set button.”That time is now.
I am a cyclist. Cycling has been at the heart of my life for as long asI can remember. It has shaped my personality and I will always begrateful for the sheer enjoyment, inspiration and opportunity thatcycling has given me.
Restoring trust, leading change
Brian Cookson
My visionRestoring trust, leading change
 A life dedicated to cycling
For over 40 years, cycling has touched my life, both as a riderand administrator. My cycling experience spans senior levelpositions within local, national and international cycling and Ihave a proven track record of delivering change and success.
 About Brian Cookson
Date o birth: 22 June 1951Marital status: Married, 3 childrenLanguages: English, French conversation
Sporting Career
I was and am a club level cyclist at road, track, cyclo-cross and mountain biking.I was Regional road champion in 1971 and I enjoy cycling every day. I stillcompete at Masters level on road and track.
Sports Administration Career
World Championships and international stage races
British Cycling
and sporting successes were modest. I have been re-elected unopposed everyyear since then and have developed British Cycling into a highly successulederation which is trusted, proessionally run and governed. It is now a wellunded organisation, attracting signifcant public and commercial unding and itis leading an unprecedented growth in our sport at all levels
British Cycling has, under my presidency, achieved the following:
including Mark Cavendish, Nicole Cooke, Emma Pooley, Sir Chris Hoy,
and Dame Sarah Storey
taken up recreational cycling since 2009
already had success
policy at the highest level
cycling which are now used worldwide by the UCI
end o 2012
Professional Career(retired March 2013 following 40 years of professional experience)

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