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Bibi Fatima Wafat-PDF

Bibi Fatima Wafat-PDF

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Published by self bulding
A document on the death of Bibi Fatima (AS)
A document on the death of Bibi Fatima (AS)

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Published by: self bulding on Jun 08, 2009
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Issue #12009
Bibi Fatima Zahra (SA)
Allah (S) createdProphet Mohammed(PBUH) as a sign of Hismight among prophets;and created from him hisdaughter Fatima Zahra(SA) to be a sign of His ability to create afemale possessing all moral excellence andtalents. Fatima Zahra (SA), the only daughterof Prophet Mohammed was born in Mecca.Fatima (SA) is famous and acknowledged asthe "
Sayyidatu nisa'i 'l-'alamin
" (Leader of allthe women of the world for all times) becausethe Prophet-hood of Muhammad (PBUH)would not have been everlasting without her.The Prophet is the perfect example for men,but could not be so for women. For all theverses revealed in the Holy Qur'an forwomen, Fatima is the perfect model, whotranslated every verse into action. Allah (S)praised her, and is "satisfied with hersatisfaction, and is angered when she isangered." And the Messenger of Allah (S)commends her nobility and praiseworthypersonality, while Imam Ali (A.S) looks to herwith respect and admiration and the holyImams of Ahlul- Bayt sanctify and venerateher. Fatima (SA) is a perfect example of how adaughter, wife, and mother should act whilekeeping their decency and pure character;she also shows us, the Muslim women's rolein the social field within the limits of religionand virtue.
: Born on 5th year of Prophetic missionon Friday the 20th of Jamaada Al Thani inMecca.
Father's Name:
Holy Prophet HazratMohammed Mustufa (PBUH).
Mother's Name
: Hazrat Bibi Khatija Kubra(SWA).
Married to Hazrat Imam Ali (AS), inthe second year of migration.
Imam Hasan (AS), Imam Hussain(AS), Hazrat Zainab, Hazrat Ume Kulsoom andMohsin(unborn child).
3rdJamaada AlThani or 13thJamadi-ul-Awwal inMedina at theage of 18years. She wasmartyredbetween theprayer times of Maghrib &Esha 11th yearof Hijrah.
Bibi Fatima (SA)Wafaat
"Say: `No reward do I ask of you for this except the love of those near of kin. 'And if anyone earnsany good, We shall givehim an increase of good in respect there of for  Allah is Oft-Forgiving,Most Ready toappreciate (service)." (42: 23)
In This Issue
Bibi Fatima (SA) anarticle
Excerpt from BibiFatima's speech atthe Caliph's court
Crossword puzzle
Muslim congress 09
The cemeteryof Jannat-ul- Baqi inMedina
: Zahra (the Ladyof Light), Siddiqa,Tahira, Raazia, Inssiya,Batool, Marziya,Mohaddisa, Hamida,KhirunisaHadi, UmulHassanain, UmeAbeeha & UmulAiymma.Once someoneasked ProphetMohammed (PBUH),"Do you love FatimaZahra (SA) so much,that when she arrivesyou get up from yourplace to give respectto her and kiss herhands and make hersit next to yourself?"He replied, if youcome to know why Ilove Fatima (SA) somuch, you shall alsolove her." Heconsidered her thepart and parcel of hislife, and used to sayrepeatedly, "
Fatima(S.A.) is a piece of me,whoever troubles her he has troubled me,and whoever pleasesher has pleased me." 
One day, the Prophet(P.B.U.H.) of Islamsaid,
"Oh Fatima God gets pleased on your being pleased and gets furious due toyour unhappiness and displeasure”.
Imam Abu Ja'far Al-Baqir (AS) said:
"When Fatima wasborn, Allah(S) (Exalted is His Name) revealed to an angel to speak the name Fatima withMuhammad's tongue. Allah then said: "Ihave bestowed knowledge upon youand safeguarded you from menstruation
Then Abu Ja'far (A)added:
"By Allah, Allah (Blessed and Exalted is His Name)bestowed knowledgeon her and safeguarded her frommenstruation with thecovenant." 
Imam Sadiq (AS)said:
"Fatima has ninenames near Allah(Exalted be HisName), they are:Fatima, Siddiqah (thehonest), Al-Mubarakah (theblessed one), At-Tahirah (virtuous), Az- Zakiyah (the chaste), Ar-Radhiatul Mardhiah (she who isgratified and whoshall be satisfied), Al-Muhaddathah (a person, other than a prophet, that theangels speak to), and  Az-Zahra (thesplendid)." 
Fatima (S.A.) wasbrought up andtrained in the familyof Prophet (P.B.U.H)and took advantageand share theknowledge andwisdom of theProphet (P.B.U.H.).She heard therecitation of Quranfrom the Prophet(P.B.U.H.) and leant itby heart.
Several peopleasked Prophet (PBUH)for the hand of Fatima(SA), but Prophet(PBUH) said, "I amwaiting for therevelation in thisconnection." Therevelation came andFatima's (SA) husbandwas also nominated.Allah ordered theProphet (P.B.U.H.),"Oh my prophet getthe light (Noor)married to the lighti.e., get Fatima (S.A.)married with Imam Ali(A.S.)." After theaggregation of thetribe of Bani Hashimand the friends andrelations by the orderof Prophet (P.B.U.H.)took place, he(P.B.U.H.) delivered aKhutba (religiousspeech), sermon, andgot Fatima (S.A.)married to Imam Ali(A.S.) over a dowryequivalent to fourhundred Masqal Silver(one Masqal comes tonearly 3.45 grams).Prophet (P.B.U.H.)held Fatima (S.A.) byher hand and handingher hand over toImam Ali (A.S.) said,"Oh Ali, Fatima is thebest wife for you."Thereafter, headdressed Fatima (SA)and said "Oh Fatima,Ali is a good husbandfor you." WheneverImam Ali (A.S.) calledFatima (SA), headdressed her by"Daughter of theProphet (P.B.U.H.)"and Fatima (S.A.)would address him as"Ameer ulMomineen" (the Chief of the Faithfuls).
Fatima (S.A.) isone of the foursuperior most andvirtuous ladies i.e.,Mariam, Asiyah,Khatija, Fatima.Fatima (S.A.) is theheir of all the honorsand virtues. Who isthe one continuingthe great race
originating andbeginning with Adam(A.S.), Ibrahim (A.S.),Moosa (A.S.), Essa[Christ] (A.S.) andreaching Mohammad(P.B.U.H.).
Fatima (SA) dideverything possible sothat a wrongfoundation for thecaliphate is not laid,but she was notsuccessful. On the 3rdof Jamaada Al Thani ,11th of Hijra, Shebade farewell to herchildren and husbandand passed away. Shedied in the same yearas her father had died.At the time of hersorrowful demiseImam Hassan (A.S.)was 7 years of age,Imam Hussain (A.S.)was 6 years of age.Imam Ali (A.S.), as perher last will, bathedher and gave her thecoffin and buried herin the darkness of thenight. Her grave waskept secret.
Fatima's ProtestAgainst Abu Bakr'sActionswww.al-islam.org
O Muslims! Will my inheritance beusurped? O son of AbuQuhafa! Where is it inthe Book of Allah that you inherit your father and I do not inherit mine? Surely you havecome up with anunprecedented thing.Do you intentionally abandon the Book of  Allah and cast it behind your back? Doyou not read where it says: And Sulaimaninherited Dawood'?  And when it narratesthe story of Zakariyaand says: `So give mean heir as from thyself (One that) will inherit me, and inherit the posterity of Yaqoob'  And: `But kindred by hood have prior rightsagainst each other inthe Book of Allah' And: Allah (thus) directsyou as regards your children's (inheritance)to the male, a portionequal to that of two females' And, If heleaves any goods, that he make a bequest to parents and next of kin, according toreasonable usage; thisis due from the piousones.' You claim that Ihave no share! And that I do not inherit my father! What! Did  Allah reveal a(Quranic) verseregarding you, fromwhich He excluded my  father? Or do you say:`These (Fatima and her father) are the people of two faiths,they do not inherit each other?!' Are wenot, me and my  father, a peopleadhering to one faith? 

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