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Nature's Mighty Wonders.

Nature's Mighty Wonders.

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Published by glennpease
BY REV. Richard Newton

All thy works shall praise thee, O Lord. " — Ps. cxlv. 10.
BY REV. Richard Newton

All thy works shall praise thee, O Lord. " — Ps. cxlv. 10.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ATURE'S MIGHTY WODERS.BY REV. Richard ewtonAll thy works shall praise thee, O Lord. " — Ps. cxlv. 10.My last course of sermons was on BibleWonders. We have stopped in that course,not because we had come to the end of thewonders of the Bible, for there is no endto them. We might go on talking aboutthose wonders as long as we live. But for the sakeof variety it seems better to pause in that course andtake up something else. So we propose now to begina new course. And after having talked about thewonders which we find in the Bible, it may be verywell to turn our attention to some of the many won-ders that we meet with out of the Bible. We haveseen how full of wonders the Bible is ; but when weclose that blessed book, we find that there are asmany wonders outside of the Bible as there are in-side of it. The world outside of the Bible we callthe world of ature. We are going now into thisworld for subjects to talk about. This is just likeanother volume written by the same Author. TheBible is called the hook of Revelation; the world out-side of the Bible is called tJie hook of ature. Thisnew course of sermons will be about " ature's Won-ders," or how God's works praise him.In our text David says that all God's works praisehim. He means by this that everything which Godhas made does something to praise or glorify him.In the One hundred and forty-eighth Psalm Davidcalls on the sun and the moon, the stars, the light, themountains and hills, and all things, to praise God.He calls to them just as though they had tongues,like ourselves, with which they could speak andpraise God. But this is not so. Yet we must re-
member that there are two ways in which we canspeak. One is by words; the other is by actions.When we use our lips to tell of God's goodness, weare praising him with our words ; but when we tryearnestly to do just what he wants us to do, then weare praising him by our actions. And the old pro-verb says that ^^ actions speak louder than words^And this is the way in which God's works praisehim. They stay just where he puts them. They do just what he wants them to do. They never gettired. They never stop till he tells them to do so.And this is what David means when he says, " Allthy works shall "^-or do — " praise thee, O Lord."THET SHOW HIS POWEB. 11I wish now to speak in a general, or introductoryway, of the praise which God*s works give to him.Then I hope to take up, one by one, the sun, and themoon, and the stars; the air, the light, the clouds,and so on; and try to show some of the ways in whichthey all praise God.There are a great many ways in which God^s workspraise him. I wish now to speak particularly of threeof the ways in which this is done.In the first place, God^s works praise him by show-ing HIS power.Who was the strongest man mentioned in theBible 1 Samson. Well now, suppose that I hadnever heard anything about Samson, and you wantedto make me understand what great strength or powerhe had; what would you do 1 Why, you would beginand tell me about some of the wonderful things hehad done.
You would say, for instance : " One day Samsonwas going along the road, and a lion sprang roaringupon him. He had neither sword nor spear, norweapon of any kind about him. But he seized holdof the lion, and tore his jaws asunder, as easily as youor I could tear a piece of paper in two." Another time the Philistines sent a whole regi-ment of soldiers, one thousand strong, to take himprisoner. They came against him all armed withswords and spears. He had nothing in his hand, noteven a staff. But he looked around, and picked upthe jawbone of an ass. He attacked them with that,A ILLUSTRATIO.and never stopped till he had killed the whole of ' them."Yea ; and you would go on to tell me ; " The lastthing he did was greater than all the rest. One diiyTHE MOUTAIS. 13the Philistines, his enemies, were having a great feastin honour of their idol-god, Dagon. They met in agreat temple. It was crowded full of people. Therewere openings in the roof, and the roof was crowdedtoo with people, all eager to get a peep at Samson.They had put his eyes out now, and he was blind.The temple was built in such a wly that the principal

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