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The Beauty of the King's Family.

The Beauty of the King's Family.

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"the whole family in heaven and earth." —

"the whole family in heaven and earth." —

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BEAUTY OF THE KIG'S FAMILY.BY REV. RICHARD EWTO"the whole family in heaven and earth." — BEAUTY OF THE KIG'S FAMILY.The church of Jesus Christ is compared in the Bibley different things. At one time it is comparedby (Isa. xxvi. i, Matt. v. 14) ; at another to theCant. vi. 10); at another to a temple (i Cor. iiib another to an olive tree (Hosea xiv. 6). Thenkened to a vine (Ps. Ixxx. 8, 14); to a vineyard1-7) ; to a virgin (2 Cor. xL 2); to a wife (Rev.; to a mother (Gal. iv. 26). In one place it is:ed to a bush on fire (Ex. iii. 2) ; in another toen (Cant. iv. 12, 16) ; in another to a lily (Cant,in another to a golden candlestick (Rev. i 20) ;iher to a flock of sheep (Luke xii. 32) ; in anotherb is compared to a house (Heb. iii. 6) ; and here,words of our text, it is compared to a family.one of the most interesting views of the Churchist that we find in the Bible. In the family towe belong we find our home. There we wereind brought up. There we were nursed andsare of when we were young and helpless. Therere taught when we knew nothing. There welade acquainted with a mother's tender love and72 THE KIG I HIS BEAUTY.a father's kind and constant care. There we leai
to know and love our brothers and sisters. Andbrightest hours we have ever spent, and the swee joys we have ever known, have been the hours s]and the joys known in the family which makeshome. And so it is pleasant to find that our bleiSaviour speaks of His Church as a family.In this course of Sermons we are talking aboutbeauty of Jesus as our King. There are many poof view from which we may look at this beauty,present text calls us to consider the beauty of the Kifamily.This is the subject now before us. The King 1referred to is Jesus our Saviour; the family isChurch. And the question we have to try and ansis this — what sort of a family is it of which He isHead, or Kingi or what are the things aboutfamily which show the beauty of it? There are ithings which show us the beauty of this family.In the first place, this family of Jesus is — a la:famUy.This is one thing that will show its beauty,think a family is pretty large when there are eightten children in it. When the children come to nunfifteen or twenty we consider it a very large fanBut the family of Jesus will be a wonderfully large (We may judge of the size of this family in part fiwhat the Bible tells us about the home in which t^are to live. When Jesus was speaking on this p<He said — " In my Father's house are many mansio]THE BEAUTY OP THE KIO'S FAMILY. 73(John xiv. 2). By His Father's house here, I suppose
our Saviour meant us to understand heaven. And if there are to be " many mansions '* there, then we maybe sure there must be a very large family to occupy allthose mansions.We may form some idea of the many mansions there^ be in heaven, from what we read in Eev. xxi. i6'■Kiere the heavenly home, or what our Saviour callsoar *< Father's house," is compared to a beautiful city^e form and size of this heavenly city are very remark-able. We are told that it was, as the apostle saw it^ming down from heaven, in the form of a great square^^ty, and each of the four sides of this square city wastwelve thousand furlongs in length. ow we know*tat eight furlongs make a mile. And if we turn these^^iJ^longs into miles, which we can easily do by dividing^^^Ive thousand by eight, we get fifteen hundred miles*^ the length of each of the four sides of this great city.^ixly think of a city in the form of a square, and with^^ct of its sides fifteen hundred miles long I There has^^^er been anything like this in our world. We think ^*^a.t Babylon, of which we read in old times, was a very*^^§e city. And so it was. It was built in the form of ^ Square, too, and we are told that each of its sides wasr^€en miles long. But each side of this heavenly city* c> hundred times longer than the side of Babylon was."^-t^e city of Boston is about three hundred miles from"*^l^iladelphia. If you or I should set off to walk from"liiladelphia to Boston, and should walk thirty miles a^y, it would take us just ten days to reach there. By74 T^E KIG I HIS BEAUTY.the time we arrived we should be ready to think that acity, each of whose four sides was as long as the distance

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