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The Beauty of the King's Titles.

The Beauty of the King's Titles.

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' ' THE LORD IS MY ROCK."— 2 Samuel xxii. 2.


' ' THE LORD IS MY ROCK."— 2 Samuel xxii. 2.


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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BEAUTY OF THE KIG'S TITLES.BY REV. RICHARD EWTO' ' THE LORD IS MY ROCK."— 2 Samuel xxii. 2.JESUS COMPARED TO A ROCK,you and I go and stand by the cradle in which a>y is sleeping, no matter how much we love it, or- interested in it, we cannot tell what sort of a personv'ill be when grown up. o one can tell this of anyinary baby. But it was different with Jesus, whenlay, as an infant, in the manger at Pethlehem. If lad gone with the shepherds to worship Him^ we^lit have taken our Bibles with us, and as we stoodx-e, gazing in wonder at the infant Saviour, we might^^ opened our Bibles ; and turning to one passage after>ther, that the prophets had written about Him, weght have told just what sort of a person He was going toIt had been foretold about Him that He was to be^lophet — a Priest — a Eang — a Shepherd — a Father — aL^nd — a Counsellor — a Comforter — a Leader — a Eefugeci a Shield. He was compared to a great many things^t* were useful, and interesting, and beautiful. And,long these He was compared to a Eock. David wastaking of Je§us, in the chapter in which our text isUnd^ when he said — "The Loid\s tq?j "SsiOfi.'^ ^^^1 88 THE KIG I HIS BEAUTY.there are a great many other places, in which He ia.spoken of as a Eock. The prophet Isaiah says in on^
 j)lace — " In the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength **(chap. xxvi. 4). In the Hebrew Bible the word fox*" everlasting strength " means also — " the Eock of Ages^ *'We always think of Jesus when we sing that good ol<ihymn," Rock of Ages, cleft for liie,Let me hide myself in Thee."And it is right to think so. Here we see the beauty of Jesus our King in the titles applied to Him. ow, weare to think of Jesus as — The Rock.And the question we have to try and answer is— What kind of a Kock do we find in Jesus ?There are four things about this Eock of which wemust speak, if we wish to understand just what kind of a Eock it is that we find in Jesus.In the first place, it is — A broad rock — that we find inJesus.Every other Eock is confined to some one particularplace. If you want to get any benefit from it, youmust go to the place where the rock is found.We have all heard, for example, about the " Eock of Gibraltar." This is a great mountain of rock in thesouthern part of Spain, at the entrance into the Medi-terranean Sea. It belongs to England. The Englishpeople have made a fort or citadel out of that mountaiuEock. Eooms and galleries are cut through the heartof it. Port-holes for caimou are made through thosewalls of solid rock. TViat ia \i^^ ^\itQiv^^%\» W\st^^\si?^^
THE BEAUTY OF THE KIG'S TITLES. 1 89)rld. It is SO strong that it cannot be taken. Theaviest cannon-balls can make no impression upon it.,you and I were in danger of being attacked, we shouldentirely safe, provided we could only get into thatiky fortress of Gibraltar. But suppose that we are iniger here, in our own country, and that strong rock isusands of miles away ; will it be of any use to us ?It is too far off. We cannot reach it. But whenthink of Jesus as our Eock, He is not, like the Eock Gibraltar, confined to one particular place. He is inry place. He is indeed a hroad Rock, This Eock isbroad that it may be found in every country. Inpart of the world it is easy to get on this Eock.s is what David meant to teach us, when he said,rom the ends of the earth will I cry unto Thee — an my heart is overwhelmed — lead me to the Eock "a. Ixi. 2).f we want to know how broad this Eock is, we mustice what sort of people get on it.WHERE AM I GOIG ?)ne fine summer evening, as the sun was going down,Qan was seen trying to make his way through theBS and cross-roads that led to his village home. Histeady, staggering way of walking showed that he hadn drinking, and though he had lived in that villagere than thirty years, he was now so drunk that itJ impossible for him to find his wiay home.Juite unable to tell where he "waa, "^ V^\. V^ MXXfcx^ik^^190 THE KIG I HIS BEAUTY.

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