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Origin, by Glyn Jones

Origin, by Glyn Jones

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Epistemological ramblings from Glyn.
Epistemological ramblings from Glyn.

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Published by: Brian Adam Newman (Frater Pyramidatus) on Jun 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Commentary on Existence, by Glyn Jones
© Copyright 2009 Glyn A. JonesEdited by Frater PyramidatusIn the beginning it is believed two forces of equal yet individual size collided, matter andantimatter. This theory is commonly called ‘The Big Bang’. It is also widely known thatin the cold recesses of space we have a vacuum, effectively, rendering any potentialsound obsolete. A rational proposition would be to suggest that the start of the universewas a silent affair because of this vacuum.Let’s consider there was an initial sound that ran parallel to the Big Bang. If the universeis infinite then I propose that the sound first caused would have been on a tremendouslyfurious scale. The sound vibrations and pitch would have possibly devastated or destroyed any stars or planets that would have been initially created.The universe is believed to be infinite because it is continually expanding. The further away a galaxy is the faster it is moving. If the Big Bang is still in effect then I suggestthat more galactic phenomena such as stars, planets, quasars and black holes etc. are still being created beyond the reaches of humanity’s most powerful telescopes. If this is thecase then I think there is a destruction trail at play in the universe. We know that all starseventually burn out of fuel. So to deduce further, depending on time parameters, theremaybe a trail of dead stars that one day may catch up with our own sun. Without theabundant light the sun provides events would kill off the forestry on earth which needslight to accumulate and provide oxygen. This is obviously needed in order to sustain thegrowth and development of life on planet Earth, and other worlds probably.If the universe is not creating any new stars or planets etc. in its expansion, then what’snext? All stars eventually deplete their fuel, which may render most if not all elements tocease on every planet feeding from its allocated star. The evolution of life may die out aslife cannot sustain itself without such elements. The universe would devolve into deadspace, void of life anywhere throughout any of the galaxies. Eternal darkness wouldencapsulate and reign forever.
Einstein raised the probability of equal and exact opposites. The beginning of theuniverse's contrast is action and reaction of duality, embraced into single unity. We candeduce this to be matter and antimatter reacting. Action could also be viewed as asubstance whether it represents a solid form, or is freed up from a physical compound. So by this rationale we can ascertain reaction is antimatter. My theory suggests thatantimatter destroys all things over time whether living creations or inanimate objects.The majority of matter supports itself until antimatter eventually corrupts it. Whether it
 be due to erosion, abrasion, decomposition or death etc..To break down this theory of action and reaction to its simple truth is to know that theknown universe is abundant in contrast. Einstein basically proved the power of opposites. To understand Einstein's theory from a philosophical view would be to quotethe proverb: "There's always two sides to a story".The Big Bang theory of a binding truth of universal representation to its commondenominating fact is based on the actuality of the ever expanding cosmos. Which maylead to the conclusion of equally exact yet opposing forces, i.e. matter and antimatter reaction. The driving force behind the theory must be examined also. The Big Bang is,of course, action entwined with reaction. For two opposing forces to collide torepresent a future form of duality entwinement their needs to be "Pre-force". Dictatingthat matter and antimatter collided in the beginning to create the universe in which weinhabit today. The question of the big bang theory is this: "Where did the Pre-forcecome from to join these two states of equal individuality?". A conclusion is that beforePre-force there was a stronger, or equal, force of the same or perhaps an opposite totrigger purpose.My deduction leads me to the understanding of the irrelevance of time. There is no ‘I inwe’. Meaning, we have always been and we will continue to be if the universe isinfinite.To quote Einstein, "There are only two things that are infinite, the universe and humanstupidity and I'm not too sure about the former." What was Einstein trying to say here?Was it to prove his acclaimed genius and laugh in the face of humanity's ignorance, or was it simply to raise the question of the universe being infinite, because everything hasan opposite? So what is the opposite to infinity? If this question baffles you then allowme to provoke another undeniable curiosity. "For every action there is an opposite andequal reaction." To the clear minded who embrace this fact, then I ask, what is theopposite of middle?My reasoning leads me to believe that the opposite of ‘middle’ is the ‘outside’. Whichis in two parts, left and right; which when rotated provides another duality of north andsouth. As you have noticed these are two separate entities which negate Einstein'stheory of everything having only one equal opposite. Symmetry of duality is here akinto the Big Bang of polarized and exact opposites. It is regarded that the universe isinfinite. If you accept this as fact then everything is the centre point (middle) of theuniverse. This in turn renders the Big Bang into eternity of always being in existence,and not that of being created.The drifting space continuum of the ever expanding universe may be reacting this way because of galactic magnetism. This is to say that the two opposites repel one another.Due to ‘life propagating death’ with death being the apex of calculating change, from itsoriginal point of being. Meaning they are not tolerant of each other, so they repel.The planetary land mass drifts apart from its former jigsaw formation every year by
approximately 2cm. This fact leads me to think that the world's land mass is gyratingwhere eventually it will collide. Knowing that the continents separate 2cm every year and will eventually touch back on its self, before the sun has depleted all its natural fuel,is in keeping with the planet spinning on its axis. In conclusion I propagate the theoryof duality of gyration for the earth. Also, the planets in our solar system move alongtheir trajectory path in a circular motion. Earth and the solar system represent gyrationto an extent. Which maybe enacting some part of a memory program from its creator,in this case the universe.Which poses the question of the universe having a gyration effect, i.e. a circle of infinity? If true then maybe beyond the encasement of the universe's duality of singleunity is the element of Pre-force. An infinite element of sustaining life that is beyondthe ever corrupting force of antimatter.Atoms are a chain reaction of connectivity. All the several sub-atoms are joined as one binding principle, the smallest of which being a quark. What does this mean?Everything is connected through atoms. Here’s an example. Let’s pretend your neighbour is eating dinner, whilst you are out working late, is watching a live reality TVshow of contestants scaling trees to see who can reach the top first. The undeniable facthere is the connection of individuality through the unseen atom.What does this idea represent to you? To me it says that the prejudicially justifiedhypocrisy of those who spread an image to their peers of decency and dignity, whilstcontradicting their very actions are atomically linked, with those who would abhor thelies of pretentiousness, to those who would honour it. In an infinite universe one idearepresents an undeniable truth, which is that whilst we are all individually connected weare all the centre point of the cosmos. My own philosophy to understand this theory of individual connective centre is this: “We live within the universe and the universe liveswithin us”.Do you believe in divine existence? You may be asking yourself what this has to do with binary code. Here is a simple mathematical equation (1>0) with a significant truth for understanding the universe. Allow me to continue. Let’s for argument’s sake rule outGod’s existence and assume that the universe is born from chaos. So before the BigBang there was nothing. We take that pre universal state and represent it with thenumerical value of 0. The 0 is also a sign of infinity as I’m sure you’re aware, as is themathematical symbol of 
. We deduce that 0 now means infinity of nothingness of the pre-universal state.We know the universe exists because we think in it and evolve. This leads our species tocontemplate the environments in which we are continually adapting. Since the universe inits current form is the opposite to the aforementioned theory of pre-universal nothingnessstate, we shall bestow the numerical value 1. At this point we should be of theunderstanding that 0 = nothing (pre-universal state) and 1 = something (current form of the universe).

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