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EricAdams BBP

EricAdams BBP

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Published by Nell Casey
EricAdams BBP
EricAdams BBP

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Published by: Nell Casey on Aug 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2013 NYC BBPQuestionnaire
20 Jay Street, Suite 830 • Brooklyn, NY 11201 • Tel (212) 796-4200 • Fax (646) 349-3893
Gothamist plans to interview all candidates for citywide office in 2013. This surveywill give us and our readers an overview of each candidate’s positions on issues of particular import to our audience of young New York voters. For each question, please give a a shortresponse outlining your candidate’s position. You may include a link to longer position statementsat the bottom of each response, which we will include when we publish the piece. If you do notwish to answer any question, please specify “no comment”. If you have any questions, pleasecontact us.
Candidate Overview
What are the top challenges facing Brooklyn right now? How will you use the limited power of the Brooklyn Borough Presidency to solve these problems?
This is a pivotal moment for Brooklyn. Yes, we have drawngreat interest and investment in recent years—but thereare still many who live here who haven’t benefitted fromthat. I want to turn our popularity into prosperity for all.The O
ce of the Borough President can play a major rolein shaping Brooklyn’s future as a leader, advocate andorganizer. First, the o
ce can improve access togovernment resources to those who need them. Second, itmust be pro-active in its approach to wider policy andchallenges. For instance, growing the Brooklyn economy bypartnering with businesses that will look out for workingfamilies.Finally, I will use the o
ce to improve quality of lifethroughout the borough—including initiatives andlegislation to better health, public safety and financialliteracy.
How would you distinguish your future administration from the present one run by BBP MartyMarkowitz?
Marty utilized the limited resources given to him to do agreat job. Once in o
ce, I look forward to learning fromhim and his people in order to continue that good workwith my sta
Personal Questions
Do you rent or own your home?
I own a co-op apartment in Prospect Heights, a four-familyin Bed Stuy and rent an apartment in Ebbets Field.
Do you have a pet?
Not at this time.
If you have children, do/did they attend public schools?
Yes, a son, who goes to public school.
Have you ever been the victim of a crime?
Late one night when I was a police o
cer, on my way fromleaving a study session for the Lieutenant’s exam, a manpulled his car alongside mine on Atlantic Avenue, called myname, and opened fire. Luckily, I managed to lurch the carforward just in time for the bullets to miss me and hit theback window. The man was never found—but I assume hewas either someone I arrested, or sent by someone Iarrested.My car has also been broken in to several times.
Safety and Crime
What changes would you like to see in the NYPD's stop and frisk policies?
Protecting New Yorkers and protecting their civil rights donot have to be competing interests. We must give our lawenforcement the tools they need to keep us safe—but theabuse of Stop and Frisk is not useful in preventing crime.In fact, it sours communities against working with police—and that means crucial information isn't shared to stopviolence before it can occur. The practice must be reformedto better meet the necessary standard of reasonable

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