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Bible Lessons From the Lion

Bible Lessons From the Lion

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" The lion is the strongest among beasts."— "Prov. xxx. 30.


" The lion is the strongest among beasts."— "Prov. xxx. 30.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BIBLE LESSOS FROM THE LIOBY REV. RICHARD EWTOTHE LIO." The lion is the strongest among beasts."— "Prov. xxx. 30.WE enter now on a new course of sermons forthe young. The subject of these sermonswill be " Bible atural History" We shall take upone and another of the different beasts and birdsmentioned in the Bible, and in their habits and char-acters try to find illustrations of some of the truthstaught us in the Bible, and of the duties that springout of those truths.The first of the animals mentioned in the Biblethat we will take up as our study is the Lion. Solo-mon tells us in our text that " the lion is the strongestamong beasts." And this is true. We cannot look at the picture of a lion without seeing that he mustbe very strong. With a single stroke of his paw thelion can kill a dog, or a sheep, or a wolf. And whenhe has killed a horse or an ox he can carry it or dragit away to his den with the greatest ease.The length of a full-grown lion, from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, is between seven andDigitizedbyGoogk 
10 THE LIO,eight feet. Its height at its shoulders is about threefeet. The male lion has a heavy mass of hair aroundits neck and head, which is called its mane.And when the lion stands up before us, with itseyes flashing, its mane raised, and its tail waving, itappears to be, as it really is, one of the finest-lookinganimals that God has made.The roar of the lion is terrible. The prophet Amoscompares its roar to the voice of God, when he says,"The lion roareth, who will not fear? the Lordhath spoken, who can but prophesy ? " (Amos iii. 8.)It is not surprising to hear the lion called " the kingof beasts," or " the monarch of the forest." In theOld Testament times there were plenty of lions inthe land of Palestine, and nearly all the prophetsspoke about them ; but none are to be found therenow. There are no lions in our country, or in En-gland, except such as are foimd in menageries. Asiaand Africa are the only countries where lions live andflourish in these days.Our sermon to-day will be about the lion and itslessons. And when we consider the habits and quali-ties of the lion, we find in them good illustrations of four important lessons which it will be well for usall to learn to practise.1. The first of these is — THE LESSO of modera-tion.otwithstanding the great strength of the lion,when he gets enough to eat he is satisfied, and does
DigitizedbyGoogk IDigitizedbyGoogk 12 THE LIO,not go on killing either men or beasts for the merelove of killing. But it is very different with someother animals. The wolf and the tiger, for example,are unlike the lion in this respect. They have nomoderation. When they have had as much as theywant to eat they are not satisfied, but will go onkilling just because they love to kill. The lion issatisfied when it has enough to eat, and here we havean illustration of its moderation.In Wood's "atural History" we find a storyabout a lion which shows us how true the point nowbefore us is.He tells us about a soldier belonging to an Englishregiment which was stationed at the Cape of GoodHope, in the southern part of Africa. This soldier

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