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Free Neville Goddard PDF-Do You Do Nothing or Do You Do Something Free Neville Goddard

Free Neville Goddard PDF-Do You Do Nothing or Do You Do Something Free Neville Goddard

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Published by Twenty Twenty
Neville Goddard - Do NOTHING?
Neville Goddard - Do NOTHING?

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Published by: Twenty Twenty on Aug 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Do you do nothing or do you do something? Free NevilleGoddard
Hey mate,Today’s article ought to clear up some confusion for you.Inspired by one of your letters. Let’s dive in.
Hi TT, I have a question. I understand your thoughtsthat we must be participatory actors in the things weimagine for ourselves. For instance, to be a writer read by thousands, one has to actually write. I think I’m clear that your saying that Neville isn’t magical thinking. Yet Neville’s lectures do give the oppositeimpression that you’re suggesting.For instance, Neville’s story about the army. Prior toimaging his application was denied. His vision is todo nothing. Nine days later, he is out of the army. Or the story about the woman that wanted her brother released from prison. For eight days, she imagines and he comes home. Unless I misunderstanding some of your commentaries, this seems to be the opposite of how you’reunderstanding Neville.
Great question mate.The army story is a great illustration of how Feel It Real fits in with the physical world. Let’s reveiw it real quick.
“I was drafted into the army during World War II, but I wanted no part of it. When my request for adischarge was disapproved, I did not get angry and try to go over the colonel’s head. Instead, I lay down on my army cot, closed my eyes to the other fifty men in the room, and imagined I was twothousand miles away in my apartment above Washington Square in New York City. Placing myself on my bed, I saw my wife sleeping in hers. Then I rose, and looking out the window, I saw theHolly Apartments across the street and Washington Square down below. Turning, I walked into theliving room, dining room, and the kitchen. I felt familiar objects and brought as many of my fivesenses alive in the drama as possible. At 4:00 o’clock in the morning I awoke hearing a voice say,“That which I have done, I have done. Do nothing.” Who spoke those words? I did, but I heard them as coming from without. Knowing what I had done and what I had said, I walked in faith for nine days, doing nothing on the outside. On the tenth day the colonel who had rejected my application called me into his office and gave me an honorable discharge. “ 
When we examine this story and many other stories of Neville, we can notice there were two ways he participated inthe outcome. One was in the physical world. The other, in the wonderful world of imagination.In this particular example, Neville filled out the paperwork, made a physical request to get out of the Army. Andthat request was rejected. Notice he stopped at that point, and chose to enter in the world of the imagination.In imagination he participated in “his life” outside of the Army. Feeling familiar objects, and involving the five sensesto the point where his imaginal activity felt like the same activity would – in the physical world. It was then, that “thevoice” told him to do nothing.
TAKE AWAY: If Neville insisted that he do NOTHING AT ALL, to get out of the Army, he wouldn’t havefiled the paperwork.
The original paperwork that got rejected. But in the story, it’s obvious that the officer that readthat paperwork, rejected him, but he couldn’t get “Neville” off his mind. Because on the tenth day, the colonel calledhim into his office, interviewed him, and then told him to fill out a new set of papers – and then he was discharged.

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