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Object Oriented Programming Methodology (CS and IT)

Object Oriented Programming Methodology (CS and IT)

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Published by Dreamtech Press
Object Oriented Programming Methodology (CS and IT)
Object Oriented Programming Methodology (CS and IT)

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Published by: Dreamtech Press on Aug 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Key Features of the Book:
Proceduralprogramming,top-downdesignanditsdrawbacks,OOPanditsadvantages,andGradyBoochmethodologyObject, class, encapsulation or information hiding, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, message communication, reuse of code,coupling,cohesion,sufficiency,completeness,primitiveness,andmetaclassEvolution of Java, history of Java, how Java differs from other languages, features of Java language, installing and implementingJava,JavaVirtualMachine(JVM),andbytecodeDevelopment of a simple Java program, identifiers, keywords, literals, constants, separators, variables, data types, operators,expressions,andbranchingandloopingstatementsClass,object,method,modifier,constructor,destructor,iterator,methodoverloading,inheritance,methodoverriding,finalclass,andabstractclassandabstractmethodImplementationofassociation,aggregation,andcompositionrelationshipsArrays,strings,andvectorsInterfaces, how to declare and implement interfaces in classes, variables in interfaces, how to extend an interface, and how aninterfaceisdifferentfromanabstractclassThreads, how to instantiate and start a thread, how to start and run multiple threads, different states of a thread, and how toimplementthethreadsynchronizationmechanismandthreadinteractionGrouping of classes for deployment and reuse, built-in packages, the java.lang package, wrapper classes, the java.util package,andcreatingandusinguser-definedpackagesExceptionhandling,tryandcatchblocks,finallyblock,handlingmultipleexceptions,typesofexceptions,built-inexceptions,anduser-definedexceptionsAbstract Window Toolkit (AWT), AWT frames, applets, their life cycle, how to create applets, and how to use the Graphics andColorclasses
ISBN: 978-93-5119-149-0 | Price:
399/ | Pages: 456 | Authors: Radha Shankarmani, Swati Ringe, KLSI
Object OrientedProgramming Methodology
he Object Oriented Programming Methodology (OOPM)
book provides an easy-to-follow set of code and design standards toaddress the basic needs of Java programmers. The book is unique, as its content touches almost every important aspect of OOPmethodologyandJavalanguage,suchaswhatisOOP,howitisdifferentfromproceduralprogramming,fundamentalconceptsofOOP(includingclass,object,abstraction,encapsulation,inheritance,andpolymorphism),featuresofJavalanguage,Javainstallation,andarrays,string,vectors,interfaces,threads,errors,exceptions,andappletprogramminginJava.Thebookprovideslotsofexamplesinaneasy-to-understandlanguagealongwithexercisesattheendofeachchapter.

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