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Published by Abhijit Pathak

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Published by: Abhijit Pathak on Jun 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BASICS IN HUMANITIESA DIALOGUE ON CIVILIZATION1.What do we mean by civilization?ANS:Civilization means advanced stage or system of socialdevelopment. A state of human society that is very developed andorganized. A society’s its culture and its way of life during a particular  period of time or in a particular part of the world. A modern placeoffers us comfortable way of life of a modern society.2.What are the limitations of material comfort?ANS:The limitations of material comfort are to exhaust. We lose oustamina and getting tired. Material comfort is last only for a short time because people exhaust them. Wearing good clothes and all sort of things, human being are unhappy because it is not able to give mental peace and satisfaction. For living in material comfort life we have toearn more and we have to work hard or find illegal ways. TreacleToffee is a symbol of material comfort.3.What is the difference between Lucy and the writer on the issues of civilization?ANS:The difference between Lucy and the writer on the issues of civilization is actually in their concept that what is civilizationaccording to Lucy; civilization is related with machineries andmaterial comfort. On the other hand, the writer thinks that civilizationis related with making beautiful things and thinking freely.4.What does the writer mean by beautiful things?ANS:According to writer the beautiful things are plays, pictures, andmusic. Beautiful things are live and this is to say people on like themin all ages.
5.What is the relation between civilization and material achievements?ANS:In my view, there is no relationship between civilization andmaterial achievements. One differs from other in many ways.Material achievements mean just being splendid and grand andliving in luxury. It includes splendid things, palaces and silks, jewels,scents and magnificent clothes, wonderful carpets, lovely things to eatand drink and slaves to wait on them. But on the other hand getting or achieving all these things are not the sign of being civilized. To be acivilized person or nation one has to adopt advanced stage or systemof social development. A state of human society that is very developedand organized. A society’s its culture and its way of life during a particular period of time or in a particular part of the world. A modern place offers us comfortable way of life of a modern society.So from the above discussion it is clear that there is no relationship between these two.SHORT NOTE:
Shakespeare: Shakespeare was born in 1564. He was the greatestEnglish poet and dramatist of the world. The merchant of Venice,Romeo and Juliet, As you like it, Hamlet, King Lear, The Tempest,Mac Beth, and Othello are some of the important plays. The four hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth was celebrated all over the world in 1964. He died in 1616.
Raphael: Raffaello Santi, known as Raphael of Ur bino was born in Ur bino, 1483. His father was a painter and poet at the court of Federico and one of the famous Princes and art patrons of earlyrenaissance. Italy Raphael started helping out in Santi’s studio at avery early age. It is believed that Raphael learnt the fundamentals.
Beethoven: Beethoven was born in 1770. He was a greatGerman composer. He became a professional musician at the age of 11. His father and grandfather were musicians. His piano playing hadgreat, power and expressiveness and left a lasting impression on hisaudience. Beethoven forever changed the course of European artmusic by asserting his genius on the classical style. He died in 1827.

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