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Stargate - Omnipedia - Planets.doc

Stargate - Omnipedia - Planets.doc

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Published by carola001
From Stargate Omnipedia. A complete list of planets from all the shows and movies
From Stargate Omnipedia. A complete list of planets from all the shows and movies

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Published by: carola001 on Aug 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Stargate Omnipedia
from: http://www.gateworld.net/wiki/Main_Page
First world visited by the U.S. military when the Stargatewas re-opened in the 1990s, and believed to be the closest toEarth in the vast Stargate network. The world is believed to be completely desert. Abydos is home to a thriving agrarian population of desert dwellinghumans,abducted from Earth by Ra  several thousand years ago. The planet was one of Ra's base of operations, where the population minednaquadah to quench his technological thirsts. After Earth's Stargate was buried, Ra, fearful of an uprisingon Abydos, outlawed reading and writing.TheAbydonian leader isKasuf . Abydos is orbited by three moons, which inform the Stargate symbol for  their world. At least two non-human species are native to Abydos. The Mastidgelooks like a combination of a buffalo and a horse, and possesses a keen sense of smell. The creature has been domesticated by theAbydonians. Abydos is also home to a relatively small, horned reptile, which the Abydonians use for nourishment.
HOME TO - AbydoniansFIRST APPEARED -"Stargate" the Movie 
"Stargate" the Movie - Colonel Jack O'Neill leads a pioneering team through the Stargate, and helps toliberate Abydos from the rule of the Goa'uld Ra.Children Of The Gods- A year after Ra's destruction in orbit of Abydos, a new enemy, Apophis, arrivesand abducts Sha're and Skaara, Kasuf's children.Secrets- One Abydos year to the day, Daniel Jackson returns to the desert planet only to discover thatSha're has already returned, and is pregnant with the child of Apophis.Forever In A Day- SG-1 responds to the latest Goa'uld threat on the world of Abydos, and finds thatApophis's queen, Amonet, has returned for Sha're's child.Absolute Power - Kasuf summons SG-1 to Abydos to investigate a mysterious presence -- the arrival of Shifu, Sha're's ascended son.Full Circle- Abydos, under the threat of the Goa'uld Anubis, is obliterated -- but not before the entire population ascends, with the help from Oma Desala
Adara II
The second planet in the Adara system, falling under the jurisdiction of theAsgard Protected Planets Treaty. The atmosphere is over eighty percent carbon dioxide with a surface temperature of over four hundred degrees Fahrenheit.
Beneath the surface is a facility theAsgardscientistHeimdallused to study the remains of one of his ancestors in the hopes of reversing the Asgard's inability to procreate. The location of the outpost grantedhim the freedom of avoiding the confrontation with theReplicators amidst his research. DETAILSHOME TO - UninhabitedFIRST APPEARED -Revelations KEY EPISODERevelations - SG-1, still suffering from the loss of Dr. Jackson, travels to the Adara system to meet up withan Asgard scientist, dodging several of Anubis' Ha'tak ships to reach him. 
Adora I and Adora II
Planet with more than one moon, either home to or visited byArlos,a businessman with experience in Goa'uld technology. Adora may be home to theSprings of Aragatan,which Arlos recalled visiting with Vala Mal Doran.DETAILSHOME TO - ArlosFIRST APPEARED -The Ties That Bind KEY EPISODEThe Ties That Bind- Arlos tells SG-1 of how he and Vala Mal Doran would strip naked and lie under Adora's moons.
World visited bySG-12during the timeSG-1planned to travel to P4X-639.Alaris falls in the same part of  space (in terms of Stargatedistance) as the aforementioned world, and was one of the planets subjected tothe time distortion from anAncient time-loop device,recently initiated by the alien Malikai.  DETAILSHOME TO - UnknownFIRST APPEARED - N/AKEY EPISODEWindow of Opportunity- Carter notes Alaris is in the same part of space as P4X-639, explaining why SG-12 is also stuck in a time loop.
Alpha Site
An off-world base primarily designed as a fall-back in the event thatStargate Commandor  Earthfalls under siege by an enemy. The Alpha Site is a location neutral toTok'ra andrebel Jaffaforces. The Goa'uld were unaware of the coordinates for the planet that was home to the first Alpha Site, designated P3X-984 by the S.G.C.When Anubis  probedJonas Quinn's mind, the location of the Alpha Site was compromised. The base was moved to a different (though similar) planet, and was in operation for several months until it came under fire from Anubis's forces. The officer in charge of the facility, Colonel Riley, ordered a self-destruct of the  base to protect sensitive information from being taken, as Earth and the Tok'ra were using the Alpha Site todevelop a weapon to be used against Anubis'ssuper-soldiers. Many of the Alpha Site's personnel evacuatedto theBeta site, the base's off-world back-up.
At last report, over 60 S.G.C. personnel were unaccounted for in the hours following the attack. The secondAlpha Site was abandoned, and an investigation failed to uncover who betrayed the base's location toAnubis.KEY EPISODESThe Serpent's Lair  - With the planet under seige by Apophis, the S.G.C. begins sending Earth's greatestminds to the Alpha Site. Daniel gates to the Alpha Site to escape Apophis's exploding ship in Earth's orbit.Allegiance - The Alpha Site falls under siege to an Ashrak hidden in the midst of the Tau'ri, Tok'ra andrebel Jaffa.Death Knell - When Anubis's forces attack without warning, Colonel Riley orders as many officers as possible through the second Alpha Site's Stargate before he initiates the self destruct.
Planet formerly inhabited by theAltairans.The surface of the world has become uninhabitable. The only survivor exists beneath the crust in maintenance factories that once supported life above. This survivor isthe soul which embodies a mechanical android replica of the former inhabitant,Harlan, who believes it ishis duty to forever maintain the underground complex.Harlan was not entirely specific as to the cataclysm which annihilated his world, spreading radiation acrossthe surface. Apparently the biosphere of the planet could no longer support the civilization. A project wasundertaken to allow some of the Altairans to live beneath the crust, even if the planet ultimately did notsurvive.In Harlan's facility a thermal compensator draws heat from the core of the planet. This compensator mustoccasionally be vented, as the surface wind drives irradiated acid rain into the ventilation system.DETAILSHOME TO - AltairansFIRST APPEARED -Tin Man KEY EPISODESTin Man- SG-1 gates to Altair to discover a single inhabitant, Harlan, who has every intention of duplicating them to expand upon his workforce.Double Jeopardy- Harlan arrives from Altair to request the aid of SG-1 to retrieve the duplicated SG-1.
Amon Shek 
The original home world of LordKhonsu. Since Khonsu was an undercover Tok'ra, he might not have actually come from this planet.DETAILSHOME TO - UnknownFIRST APPEARED - N/AKEY EPISODEThe Other Guys - Herak references Amon Shek as the place of origin for his master, Khonsu.
Apophis's Training Camp
Settlement established byApophis,used to train hishumanunderlings in the hopes of executing a subtle infiltration of Earth. Half would arm themselves inTau'ri garb and weapons, while another would donJaffa  armor and weapons.

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