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Natural Treatments for Alzheimers 35pp

Natural Treatments for Alzheimers 35pp

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Published by aman_arora
Natural Treatments for Alzheimers 35pp
Natural Treatments for Alzheimers 35pp

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Published by: aman_arora on Jun 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cure for Alzheimer's Disease
Hi!I read that there exists a cure for AD (Alzheimer's Disease), does anyone know anythingabout it at all? Please let me explain a bit.On the Discovery Channel on TV they aired a series on the brain, I think it was calledThe Brain: Our Universe Within (libraries should have a copy of it). In the part onmemory, it was mentioned our National Institute of Health that is trying to develop askin test to diagnose AD. People with AD lack both potassium and potassium ion pumpsor channels not only in every brain cell, but in every cell in their entire bodies and they are trying to develop a skin test to test for a lack of those ion pumps to diagnose AD.Those potassium ion pumps are proteins in the cell's membrane that control potassiumgetting into cells. I think aluminum gets into the brain cells of people with AD becausethey lack the correct ion pumps that control what gets in and out of their brain cells. Well, I read a book called A Cancer Therapy by the late Dr. Max Gerson .. he usediodine, potassium, and thyroid hormone to cure cancers, AD, etc., but was blacklisted inthe 1950's along with his cures (that by the way did work to cure my own cancers) for bad mouthing fertilizers made from oil ... as Rockefellers' huge oil money and theirextended family of filthy rich do control the USA and they hated Gerson bad mouthinganything made from their oil ... money talks and BS walks so Gerson and his cures got blacklisted. Anyhow, thyroid hormone is needed by the human body in order for the body to makehundreds of proteins that act as enzymes inside of cells, ion pumps on cell membranes,and carrier proteins to transport fatty acids, including those proteins that act aspotassium ion pumps that people with AD lack. So now I wonder if that is why Gersoncould cure people with AD using thyroid hormone as the thyroid hormone did cause hispatients to produce those missing potassium ion pumps. Gerson also gave his patientspotassium supplements as cells must have potassium inside of them in order to stay alive (note that potassium supplements block the absorption of Vitamin B12 thereforeB12 supplements must be taken along with potassium supplements). And the iodine thatGerson used no doubt aided his patient's immune system as it is needed in order to havetheir immune cells do their phagocytic action thing and eat up the bad things in the body like plaque ... that plaque that was recently mentioned with the experimental AD vaccine for those mice. Along with the cancers that I had, I was also having problems with my memory, bigproblems, and my body could not retain either potassium or magnesium ... I wasoccasionally given IV magnesium and potassium in hospitals back when things were so very bad for me. A person must have magnesium in their body in order to retainpotassium. Well, I bought a used copy of Gerson's A Cancer Therapy and read it and tried some of his ideas. A person needs Vitamin E, iodine, and an amino acid called tyrosine to makethyroid hormone. So at a GNC vitamin store I bought: kelp tablets for iodine and took 450 mcgs. of iodine per day, 100 IU's of Vitamin E per day, and 1000 mgs of L-Tyrosineper day, along with pigging out on endless amounts of potatoes, orange juice, etc., ie., all
foods rich in potassium and I also eat lots of carrots, spinach, etc., for Vitamin B6 aspeople must have B6 in order to produce antibodies that their immune systems musthave to function correctly. As I did that, I avoided all sources of fluoride and chloride ...avoided fluoride and chloride from drinking water, fluoride tooth paste, table salt whichis sodium chloride, No Salt which is potassium chloride, etc., ... as both fluoride andchloride compete in the human body with iodine and replace that iodine in chemicalreactions as the chemical bonding qualities of fluoride ad chloride are very similar tothat of iodine. Anyhow, the above not only cured my cancers (but if you have tumors you also need toeat only carbohydrates and no fats and proteins until the tumors are destroyed by your body, because tumors must have fats and proteins to grow, to stay alive) BUT it alsocured most of my memory problems! Nerve cells, like muscle cells, do not divide likeother cells in the human body, therefore it takes much longer for them to recover andget all the needed, correct, ion pumps on their cell membranes and enzymes inside of their cells, therefore it could take as long as a year or two for brain cells to fully recoverand humans can never, ever grow new brain cells that are already destroyed, naturally.Gee, I read about your loved ones having AD so, naturally, I wonder greatly if you hadtheir doctors check their thyroid hormone levels and even more important then that all,have you had their doctors check their metabolism rates, ie., exactly how much oxygentheir bodies are using?The late Dr. Max Gerson's daughter has a hospital in Mexico, just south of San Diego, Ithink, moved down there because of the blacklisting, etc.. They have a web site on theInternet. They still claim to be able to cure Alzheimer's Disease and I believe they can doso. Has anyone tried them recently?I sure would greatly appreciate any information related to the above posting. It is notfun when one's memory gets messed up badly, as did happen to me! Although I have very much improved with my memory problems, I am, naturally still scared to hell by the entire experience, needless to say.Thank you GREATLY!Nancy Ann Luft1515 S. 10th StreetMilwaukee, WI 53204(414) 644-2390.............FACT...............Do you know that prior to cultures using table salt they had no degenerative disease what so ever? Degenerative diseases are diseases whose rates of incidence increase asfolks grow older, like Alzheimer's Disease, adult cancers of all types, etc.. I know it is thechloride in the table salt (sodium chloride) that is causing all the degenerative diseasesin our society as both chloride and fluoride replace the iodine in the human body in boththe hormone and immune systems to grossly impair their functioning.
More on Alzheimer's Disease
Dear Care Giver,Thank you for your response. I, too, also had very high cholesterol levels. I did not takeany medications for that given problem, but followed a regime in books like Dr. Whitaker's Reversing Heart Disease ... which has been proven to open up, unclog,arteries.I am currently trying to put together my own wed page that would explain the blacklisting of the late Dr. Max Gerson in greater detail. The late, renowned Dr. AlbertSchweitzer, MD, called Gerson "one of the most eminent geniuses in medical history".Gerson was his doctor and cured him of diabetes with diet and his wife of TB with diet.Gerson said he could cure Alzheimer's Disease, also, but to date I have not been able tolocate any writings on exactly how he did cure AD.Dr. Max Gerson was indeed a man of great integrity and I do not doubt that he did curethose folks. His daughter runs The Gerson Institute, it is on the Internet, and they stilldo claim to cure Alzheimer's Disease and I have absolutely no doubt they are telling thetruth and can cure it.They lower cholesterol levels using oatmeal, apples which have pectin in them that binds with fats, a fat free diet except for a bit of essential fatty acids. I think niacin, also.Does your mother use salt, No salt, ... anything with either chloride or fluoride in it, ie.,city drinking water, toothpaste, etc.? Both chloride and fluoride replace iodine inchemical reactions throughout the entire body in both the hormone system and immunesystem ... they impair the functioning of both those systems. Reduced immune systemfunctioning can cause infections of all types, PLUS the build up of plaque in the brain which reduces cognitive or thinking abilities. Iodine is needed in order to remove thatplaque as iodine is needed for the Pac Man action or phagocytic action, of immune cellsto enable them to eat up the bad guys or things like plaque. You see the human body works as ONE UNIT and when it comes to things like curingdiseases with diet, Max Gerson learned by trial and error on hopeless patients that allother medical doctors gave up on, and he learned that EVERYTHING in the entire dietdid matter greatly! I have no way to go to the Gerson Institute or I would do so, becauseI am POSITIVE they can cure all my medical problems ... as Gerson was a genius and aman of great integrity ... and he did know what he was doing.Take people coming the USA from lots of third world nations. Prior to coming to theUSA and drinking our water and eating our foods, our diets, they have virtually nocancers, no Alzheimer's disease, etc., those degenerative diseases that whose rates of incidence increase as folks grow older, in them or their family trees. The more primitivethey live, the more they die of gross infections caused from the lack of sanitation, etc.,like third world people, BUT they have virtually none of our degenerative types of diseases, ie., cancers, Alzheimer's, etc.! The less sugar they eat, the less salt they use, theless fats they ingest, and the less city water they drink, on a low protein diet, ... the more basic their diets are ... they lower the rates of all kinds of degenerative diseases. BothGerson and Albert Schweitzer warned that the use of table salt would make people ill. Another interesting book is called Sugar Blues, great book to read about why folks get illall around this earth as they use more and more refined sugars! I think theirconsumption of table salt also does increase markedly in their diets as they ingestgreater amounts of refined sugars in their diets. Sugar Blues is an excellent book for allto read that are chronically ill or have chronically ill loved ones as it tells the truth about

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