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Christ Teaching From Nature and Scripture.

Christ Teaching From Nature and Scripture.

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Published by glennpease


Johk v. 39. — Search the Scriptures.
Luke xii. 27. — Consider the lilies.


Johk v. 39. — Search the Scriptures.
Luke xii. 27. — Consider the lilies.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHRIST TEACHIG FROM ATURE AD SCRIPTURE.BY REV THOMAS T. LYCH.Johk v. 39. — Search the Scriptures.Luke xii. 27. — Consider the lilies.We read that Christ felt compassion for the multitude,a nd that he began to teach them many things. But whattbings ? And if he felt compassion for the multitude, whyHot give them bread rather than instruction ?He did not teach the fishermen how to mend their**ets; nor did he teach the shepherd on what hills he mightftftd the best pasture. either fisherman nor shepherddeeded such teaching. He taught ' heavenly things/ but hedid not merely give instruction as the fruit of his com-passion. He did give bread also ; and oftentimes thosethat complain that the spiritual think rather of truth than°f bread, might learn, were they more observant, that they^ho care for truth first, are sure to care for bread also ;that they regard the claim far bread as peremptory : for^dless you feed a man be may die, and then you cannotteach him. Though truth may be first in the order of im-portance, bread may be first in the order of necessity. Feedthe man that you may teach him ; but if you do nothinghut fatten him with the bread of this life, he is of littleService to himself; and stfll less to the wc*ML <!\ff\3&/*fc*»%k eompaaatm far the multitude, showed it **ctf4tafi*» t*242 CHEIST TEACHIGhealing their sick, at other times in teaching them thetruths he thought best for the hour and day, at othertimes in addressing his disciples and urging prayer, say-ing to them, ' Pray ye the Lord of the harvest that hewill send forth labourers into his harvest/ And when he
beheld Jerusalem, the populous city, he wept over it. So,then, there was bread, and health, and truth, and prayer,and tears ; and if a man has all these to give, his compas-sion is very wise and very full.There is much compassion in the world, but it is oftenof a very limited kind. If you are in rags, some one willpity you, — perhaps injure you with a pity wanting carefulthought. But if your soul is vexed with many perplexingquestions, you may travel long and find no one to pityyou. But there is this comfortable thought — that often thewant of compassion, such as we require, springs from thewant of perception of such trouble as we suffer. The verypersons who would give us bread, and do not help us inour spiritual sorrows, perhaps cannot help us in thosesorrows. We must not, then, reproach them ; but we willremember that the spirit of Christ is the spirit of com-pleteness, and that Christianity is no limited but a totalcompassion. We will remember that if we get the pity of the Lord, who is very tender, we have pity for our bodilyframe in its feebleness and its sufferings, and pity for ourspiritual frame in its still more distressing feebleness, andits still more strange and perplexing griefs.ow, our Lord Jesus Christ, who was the authoritativeteacher, was also the patient teacher. If his word was withpower, his word was with tenderness. And when we aretold that he 'taught them many things,' we are ratherpleased than otherwise to be without information as towhat things they were thai "he \&ag)ti\. yasfc ^sss^fet <sreiyFROM ATURE AD SCRIPTURE. 243day must partly provide for its own discourse. Accordingto the people that come and the questions that rise, whena prophet is travelling the round of his merciful visitationin this world, his instructions must be. But there are twothings prominent in our Saviour's teaching, and they are
these : He taught from nature, and he taught from Scrip-ture. ' Search the Scriptures/ he said ; he had himself done so. ' Consider the lilies/ he said ; he had himself done so. ow you cannot go any where but you find' ature/ But you can go to many places where you willfind no knowledge of Scripture. ature is every where.And if you are wise enough to be able to use nature for aspiritual end, though you may find little knowledge of theScripture preparing the way for special instructions thatyou can communicate, you carry the spirit of Scripturewith you as you travel So, then, the man that has toteach from nature, if he is to instruct those who knownot the Scripture, must nevertheless have the spirit of theScripture in himself A friend told me a story of a venerable lady, to whomhe said, " I thinlj I shall write a book." Said the lady,"Be a book/' And many persons may receive profit fromMeditating upon that brief sharp counsel, " Be a book."ft there is no writing in our own heart, methodic andWorking on towards completeness, our hand can tracelittle that will be of true and lasting benefit upon paper.And if the prophets had not been books of the law, if they had not evidenced in their characters the handwrit-ing of ancient Jehovah, — they could not have given theWorld the utterances we have. Always the spirit is withinand above the book that is given. If we go forth andteach from nature, we must carry with us tlva «^vrv^ <&Scripture. And is the spirit of Scripluxe moXJ&sx s^^fc244 CHEIST TEACHIGthan that of nature ? o. But do we not find evil in theworld, — tares as well as wheat, scorpions as well as larksand doves ? We do. And do we not also find evil in Scrip-ture ; read of crimes as well as of repentance and of faith ;wild, murderous work as well as peaceful self-sacrificingvalour ? It is the will of God to show forth the great

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