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Benediction of the Church.

Benediction of the Church.

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Published by glennpease

2 Corinthians xiii. 14.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christy and the love of God, and the
communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all.

2 Corinthians xiii. 14.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christy and the love of God, and the
communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BEEDICTIO OF THE CHURCH.BY REV THOMAS T. LYCH.2 Corinthians xiii. 14.The grace of the Lord Jesus Christy and the love of God, and thecommunion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all.If a man has been to visit his Mend, and you see himleaving the gate, it is pleasant to notice in his hand abasket of fruit or a bunch of flowers. It would be very em-barrassing, however, if the proof of friendship were alwaysa gift, however trifling the gift might be. That is to say, anoutward gift ; for there can be no interview of friendshipwithout a mutual giving and receiving. If a friend visitsus, we place ourselves at his disposal; our talents, our expe-rience, our wit, — if we have any, — are his for the time.And if we ourselves visit a friend, and one who, by ageand station, is our natural superior, we are delighted toreceive the overflow of his bounteous life into our own.We are refreshed thereby, we are replenished thereby, ourstores of knowledge are greater; our thirst was keen, andit is satisfied.But suppose under the old law a man had offered alamb in sacrifice to God, and had found that his flocks didnot increase according to his hope, and had then said," God has not increased my flocks ; I will offer him. t\&more lambs. 99 Might we not next svigpo^ a. "rosfe ^r\sssA.31 4 THE BEEDICTIO OF THE CHUBCH.saying to him, " God has done this to try your love. If you loved God, you would offer him even the last lamb inyour flock, feeling that it is better to have the heavenlyfriend than to have only his property ; and feeling sure
also, that if you have the divine friendship, whatever out-ward gifts are needed will be given you when you are fit forthem, and when they are made ready for your happiestacceptance." In natural friendship, love is more than coin,fruit, flowers ; in natural friendship, love is tested by itswillingness to accept love as the chief of offerings ; andyet again, in natural friendship, where there is love, therewill be sure sometimes to be an offering according to thecase, — flowers, books, or some such things.God invites us to his presence ; we are all present herebefore God, not according to our own will simply, but byhis invitation. We have come to see him ; we have comespiritually to eat and to drink with him. o host is therebut wishes that his guests should have pleasure ; and thebounteous God desires that we should have great pleasurein coming to see Him ; and it is very certain that if wehave come in the true friendly temper, and have found awelcome, and enjoyed the benefit of the hour, we shall de-part enriched ; we shall go away, taking something withus in our hearts, though nothing with us in our hands ; andwhatsoever "property" of various kinds— for God hasmanifold sorts of property — may be requisite for us willbe sent after us to-morrow, or the next day, or some dayshence, sent after us by the gray-headed and faithful stewardof God, Providence. And you will Jind this to be truein many ways, o man that rejoices in God's grace com-plains much of God's providence. If we rejoice in God'sgrace, — his tender, compassionate, and special favour, — asfelt in our hearts, we s\i&\1tlo\> o,om^m\£^Oa.o£his pro-THE BEEDICTIO OF THE CHURCH. 315vidence. We shall wonder perhaps that as God was sokind to us in his own house, he has left our house so longunfurnished ; that as God was so ready to help us inspiritual business, he has not prospered us more in ourworldly business, — we may wonder at that ; but our sense
of God's eternal goodness, and the intimate discovery of this in his Son to our hearts, — our sense of God's 'grace/ — will prevent us from complaining of his providence.ow, when we come to church, as we have come thismorning, God entertains us, and sends us away with abenediction. It is his benediction : it is, too, the bene-diction of the Church ; that is to say, the Church desiresthat God may grant its members his blessing, and ex-presses its faith that he will Our text announces thatblessing : ' The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with youall/ Can this be rendered into other language that shall,at least at first, appear simpler, and yet be equivalent ? Itcan. We will render it into other language in this way :" May your Christian Faith, Hope, and Love be replen-ished." ow what can a man wish for ? We come indifferent states. Some persons come to church wishing,indeed, that there were more solid ground for coming.There are persons who come in quest of truth ; still seek-ing truth, and seeking it wistfully, as if it were not. Theirhearts are often agitated ; they scarcely know the meaningof their own internal movements, as the magnetic needlewill move and indicate disturbances, and you cannot tellhow those fluctuations have arisen, nor can you certainlytell how soon they will cease. Such motion is the sign of disturbance ; but you neither know the full range, thecause, nor the issue of it. ow suppose in the sa^raL^st-vice something is said which the heart fe^a \& soxfe. ^Y^316 THE BEEDICTIO OF THE CHTJBCH.heart cries out to itself gladly, " Whatever is doubtful, thatis true ;" and the heart, which I assume to be seekingtruth, feels, "That is a point of attachment for ma Hereis ' a little spot enclosed by grace out of the worlds widewilderness/ " Any truth that a man receives is to him asa spot of garden-ground, — a bit of clearing, if you please, — 

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