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Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 1

Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 1

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Published by Nejat Society
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,

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Published by: Nejat Society on Jun 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The purpose of this newsletteris to provide specialised factsand information to a limitedtargeted audience.We try to build our society’sidentity amongst foreign dip-lomats and delegates in Te-hran, but anyone might bene-fit from the information itcontains.You can simply add yourname to our mailing list bycontacting us, and then re-ceive the Newsletter regularly. You might even consider demandingthe Society for our further materials and publications.We are aiming to publish this newsletter at least quarterly, or evenmonthly, so that it is considered a consistent source of information onour intended subject. You will look forward to its arrival.Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any queries or opinions.We would be absolutely delighted to respond to your e-mails and com-munications.The word “
” in Farsi literally means “salvation”, or “rescue”.The Nejat Society consists of those defected members of Mojahedin-éKhalq Organisation (MKO) who have managed to rescue themselvesfrom the boundaries of the Organisation, and consider themselvesobliged to strive to help and rescue the members who are still mentallyor even physically captive inside the Organisation.Up to 500 ex-members of MKO have managed to return home to theirfamilies since the overthrow of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hus-sein. Nejat Society of course played a vital role with the help of theInternational Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Iranian RedCrescent, and other international and domestic bodies as well as thefamilies themselves to safeguard their homecoming.Around 300 of those who have managed to flee the Organisation arekept in a nearby component under the supervision of “Temporary In-ternational Presence Facility (TIPF)”.
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The Purpose
 Nejat Society is aiming torescue the members of the MKO who are stillcaptive in Ashraf Campin Iraq.
 Nejat Society is in con-stant contact with the families of members of  MKO, trying to connect them to their beloved ones.
 Nejat Society is trying tobuild a good interna-tional support for itscause to save the MKOmembers from culticrelationships.
 Nejat Society is organis-ing meetings and confer-ences for the membersand the families in order to bring them together and ease their grieves.
 Nejat Society is willing touse all means possible toreach its goals and there- fore seeks and needs your support.
The Purpose 111 September 2001:in view of MKO2Iraq PM hints at ex-pelling Iran opposi-tion group (AFP)2The Mojahedin-éKhalq in Iraq3Ordering in Rajavi’sCult4Why MKO insists onremaining in Iraq?6MKO out of Iraqnow!7The MKO story 8Getting to knowNejat Society1Life story of MrAbbás Sádeqi-nezhád5
Getting to know Najat Society
Nejat Newsletter
It might be completely aston-ishing to learn that the Moja-hedin-é Khalq Organisation(MKO) by now has made noofficial stances to condemnthe terrorist disaster func-tioned upon the World TradeCentre in New York.But it would be worth payingattention to two former mili-tary combatants of the MKO,
Naser Ravayi
HojjatSeyyed Esmaeili
, who hap-pened to be at a public meet-ing in Ashraf Camp (theMKO military headquartersin Iraq during the reign of deposed dictator SaddamHussein) on 11th of Septem-ber 2001. They have nowdefected the Organisation .They reported that when par-ticipants inthe meetingheard theNews, the en-tire hall burstinto jubilationand MasudRajavi ,theleader of MKO, lookedso proud as hewas mostpleased withthe terroristoperation.These men emphasized that
at a meeting Wednesday torestrict the movements of PMOI members to their baseat Camp Ashraf, near the Ira-nian border, and to preventthem from contacting govern-ment officials.
The government will also forma committee to decide whetherto allow them to remain inIraq or find a country to exilethem to.
Iran has publiclycomplainedabout the con-tinuing presenceof the PMOIacross its bor-der.
Under the for-mer Iraqi regime of SaddamHussein, the PMOI was sup-plied with weapons and tanksand periodically carried outarmed incursions against Iranas well as helped Iraqi forcesput down rebellious Shiites in1991.
AFP, July 19, 2006
BAGHDAD (AFP) - Iraqi PrimeMinister Nuri al-Maliki says heis looking for ways to end thepresence in his country of theIranian opposition group, thePeople's Mujahedeen of Iran.
"The presence in the countryof this organization violatesthe constitution," he told apress confer-ence onWednesday,accusing theorganization of interfering inIran's internalaffairs.
"This organiza-tion has beenbehaving as though it is anIraqi organization," he added,emphasizing that it is labelledas a terrorist organization inthe United States and theEuropean Union.
Maliki said the cabinet decided
11th September 2001: in view of MKO
Iraq PM hints at expelling Iran opposition group
US forces confiscated the or-ganization's weapons followingthe March 2003 US-led inva-sion, taking away some 300tanks, many of which weresubsequently given to theIraqi armed forces.
The estimated 3,000 PMOImembers are now under akind of US-supervised housearrest at Camp Ashraf, whichis mainly for their protectionagainst hostile population onboth sides of the border.
The group's activities are sup-ported by its political wing, theNational Council of Resistancein Iran (NCRI) which has of-fices in France and Germanyand carries out lobbying ef-forts against the Iranian gov-ernment.
While the PMOI is character-ized as a terrorist group by theUnited States and EU, it hasmany supporters in the USCongress and British parlia-ment.
the combatants joined inwith the Iraqis for their cele-bration.The officialsof the Organi-sation hadtold the mem-bers that thecontinuouscondemnationof the act bythen Presidentof IranKhatami wassimply a signof weaknessagainst impe-rialism.
cont. in next page
The most ruthless terrorist catastrophe of the century
cont. from previous page
There exists this mere factthat the MKO has alwaysapproved of sabotage andterrorist activities as a meanof accomplishing politicaladvantages, and this sort of approach has been theorisedand accepted manifestly in-side the Organisation.Hojjat Seyyed Esmaeili, aprominent former member of the Organisation’s Depart-ment of Intelligence, reportsthat on a meeting whereMaryam Rajavi was speak-ing to a limitednumber of audi-ence, she said:“Atá (the keyperson in chargeof the 11th of Sept. terroristtragedy) haddesignated in hiswill that since hedoes not wish to have any-thing to do with women any-time at all, he does not wantany of them even to come tohis grave after his death.”Maryam Rajavi then referredto the Internal IdeologicalRevolution of Mojahedinand emphasised that: “Atáwas so devotedto his cause andhis ideology thathe had isolatedhimself from allattractions of thenormal life par-ticularly thecompanionshipof women inany form even for after hisdeath.”She then con-cluded that allMojahedinshould reachthat stage of constancy andcompliance fortheir practicesand aspira-tions.Esmaeili then goes on ex-plaining that two of themembers present in theabove mentioned meeting,one after the other, professed
11th September 2001 (cont.)
that they now realise whatthe Ideology of Mojahedin isall about. They then declaredthat now they have come tothe under-standing thatAtá had givenup his life alltogether for hisgoals and pur-poses. Theythen stated thatthey should dotheir jobs ex-actly in the same manner asAtá did.The strategic turning point of 11th September 2001, hasplayed a vital role in the Or-ganisation’s political life in-ternationally. The ‘war onterror’ slogan yelled by thewest has somehow had itsconsequential impacts onMKO too.They did not denounce theincident publicly becausethey principally approve it,but they certainly cannot getaway with it and the matterhas caught them.
role is similar to its role in Europe, act-ing as a mi-nor irritant  for those whowish to con-duct seriousactivity inthat country,and as a use- ful tool for the Iranian regime to point to western hypocrisy in its
On the 26th edition of theBritishmonthlypublication,
 dated July2006, underthe subject of the ‘presenceof MKO inIraq’, it has been stated that:
 In Iraq, the Mojahedin’s
The Mojahedin-é Khalq in Iraq
war on terror
The article therefore adds:
as part of their recruitment campaign in western politi-cal circles, the cult has suc-cessfully recruited somewestern figures to urge the Iraqi government to takenecessary steps to ensure thesecurity and safety of Camp Ashraf which is currentlyguarded by Multi NationalForces.”
“They did not denounce the terrorist incident publicly because they principally approve it.” 
“The MKO has always approved of sabotage and  terrorist activities as a mean of accomplishing political  and social advantages.” 

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