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Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 2

Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 2

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Published by Nejat Society
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,

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Published by: Nejat Society on Jun 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Two weeks ago wepresented the firstedition of NejatNewsletter. In thatissue we emphasisedthat our purpose topublish this briefingperiodical is to try toinform a selectedaudience on a par-ticular subject re-garding the defectedor willing to defectmembers of Mojahe-din-é Khalq Organi-sation (MKO) inIraq. We also men-tioned that we wouldtry to keep this pub-lication appearingmonthly.But before comingto the next editionthat was intended tobe out on the firstday of October, wecame through twocrucial incidents thatwere so importantwe decided to pub-lish our next editiontwo weeks earlier.On this issue we aregoing to deal withthe self-immola-tion of amemberof MKOin Ashraf Camp inIraq, andalso thesubjectof Mohammadiswho have a daughtercaptive in Iraq will-ing to disassociatefrom MKO. Theyare going round theworld trying to findsomeone who mightbe willing to helpthem.Both cases whichare going to be pre-sented in more de-tails in comingpages need carefuland thorough con-siderationby inter-nationalbodiesandworld’spublicopinion.Theremust bean end to the abusesand mistreatmentsconducted in Ashraf Camp in Iraq by theofficials of the ter-rorist Cult lead byMas’ud and MaryamRajavi.
About This Edition
 Nejat Society is aiming to rescue the members of the MKO who are still captivein Ashraf Camp in Iraq.
 Nejat Society is in con- stant contact with the families of members of  MKO, trying to connect them to their beloved  ones.
 Nejat Society is trying to build a good international  support for its cause to save the MKO members from cultic relationships.
 Nejat Society is organis-ing meetings and confer-ences for the members and the families in order to bring them together and ease their grieves.
 Nejat Society is willing touse all means possible to reach its goals and there- fore seeks and needs your support.
MKO in Iraqi Court
Al-Ghad newspaper,September 3, 2006General prosecutorin Iraq's SupremeCourt announcedthat the court is in-vestigating the issueof plundering Iraq'sresources.This case includesoil revenues, grantedby the former re-gime to the groupsand individuals.In an interview withAswat Al-Iraq,Jaafar Mosavi said:"In this case, the is-sue of oil revenuesis on the agenda."In January 25, 2004,Al-Mada newspaperpublished a list con-taining 275 formerministers, represen-tatives, journalists,national and interna-tional figures andsome organizationssuch as the MKO;these groups andindividuals receivedoil revenues in ex-change for beingfaithful to Saddamand conducting hisorders.
16, 2006
Nejat Newsletter
About This Edition
MKO in Iraqi Court
A Debate on Cultsand Terrorism
Letter to UN Secre-tary General
Letter from SomayehMohammedi's par-ents
Letter to Iraqi PrimeMinister
Latest News
Editorial: Where isMKO heading for?
Self-immolation inAshraf Camp in Iraq
 A Symposium on the Connection be- tween Cults and Terrorism in Contemporary History is held in the University of Esfahan on 30th of September 2006. Nejat Society along with the Faculty of  Human Studies of the University of Esfahan have jointly organised the debate.The topics which are going to be dis- cussed are as follows:-Cults and Groups in Contemporary History-Emergence of Cults and Groups-Social and Cultural Effects of Cults-Role of Governments and States in the Formation of Cults-Role of Cults in Toppling States-How Cults deal with their Followers- Role of Cults in Creating Violence
A Debate on Cults and Terrorism
bari-Nasab committed self-immolation in Ashraf Camp.The Organisation hinted thatthis was as to the result thatthe Iraqi Authorities men-tioned MKO members aregoing to be expelled fromIraq.One might ask what wouldhappen if Iran’s Nuclear dis-pute is settled down and atthe same time MKO isforced to leave Iraq. Cer-tainly this would be the endof them all together.One might also try to pre-dict their reaction to it. Wewitnessed the disastrous in-cidents after their leaderMaryam Rajavi was arrestedon 17th June 2003 in Paris.More than ten people at-The Iraqi Prime Minister’svisit to Tehran and his re-marks that MKO shouldsoon leave Iraq has hadsome major impacts on theOrganisation.
Arabic News
reported onSeptember 14, 2006 that:
 Regarding the members of  Mujahedeen Khalq Organi- zation (MKO), who are stillin Iraq, al-Maliki said theyhave six months time toleave Iraq
.”MKO has heavily investedon: first Iran’s Nuclear En-ergy turmoil, second keep-ing Iraq’s facilities to isolatethe members from outsideworld in order to carry oncontrolling them.Last Friday Mr Yaser Ak-tempted self-immolation indifferent cities of Europe.The self-sacrificing idea,like many cults round theworld, has been theorisedand taught inside the Or-ganisation.There are some 3000 mem-bers living in Ashraf Campin Iraq at the present timewhich are subject to system-atic brainwash. They appar-ently would do anythingasked by their superiors.This is certainly a very deli-cate matter to deal with.There are many lives at risk and the families of themembers in Iraq are ever soeager to know that what isto be down and how theycould be saved.
: Where is MKO heading for?
Organization in order toreach a good understandingof the Nature and Behaviorof MKO. Many ex-membersaround the world are willingto cooperate with such Com-mittee.
To bring the Organizationunder careful and thoroughScrutiny done by Officials of UN, somethingMKO has alwaysescaped from, andto publicize thefindings of suchprocedure.The issues of Ter-rorism, ViolatingBasic Right, andFunctioning CulticApproaches in theOrganization’sHistory be under Close Inspection.Nejat Society would be morethan pleased to be able to offer anyform of Cooperation in this manner.You are certainly acquainted to theseverity of damages Cults can cause tothe people and their relatives and fami-lies. Therefore you would realize howurgent and important the matter is andhow essential it is to do somethingabout it.We in Nejat Society areanxiously awaiting your positive replyto our request to save and rescue theabove mentioned inmates and givethem a chance to start a dissent normallife along with their beloved ones back at home.
Sincerely YoursNejat Society
* * *
Nejat SocietyTehran, IranSeptember 3, 2006His Excellency Kofi AnanSecretary General of the UnitedNations
Your Excellency
Initially we, in Nejat Soci-ety, would like to welcome you toTehran . Subsequently we wish youevery success in your journey, and wehope that you would have a pleasantand productive stay in Iran.Nejat (Salvation) Societyconsists of former members of theMojahedin-é Khalq Organization(MKO) who have organized them-selves in order to strive to help thosemembers who are still mentally andeven physically captive within theOrganization in Camp Ashraf in Iraq.You may well be aware thatMKO has been listed as a ProscribedTerrorist Group by the US State De-partment, the Council of EU, and theBritish Govern-ment. This Organi-zation has a longrecord of violatingthe most basicprincipals of Hu-man Rights withinits establishmentincluding imprison-ment, torture, childabusing, and evenmurder.The
Human Rights Watch
 in its latest report under the title of 
has tried to describe “HumanRights Abuses inside the Mojahedin-éKhalq Camps in Iraq”. This reportexplains how the “Exiled ArmedGroup Abuses Dissident Members”,and how this so called “OppositionGroup Seeks Recognition in WesternCapitals”.Hundreds of people, whohave managed to flee the Organizationand have managed to return home totheir families, have described horren-dous practices conducted against thediscontented members and defectedfollowers. They have also explainedhow they have been persuaded andmanipulated into serving the evil de-mands of the leaders; and how theyhave had the experience of being amind and mental prisoner.MKO is well known as be-ing a cultic group with all its peculiarand yet typical characteristics. TheOrganization is led by a self-appointedcharismatic leader who enjoys abso-lute control over the wealth, the lives,and even the mindsof the followers.Some of the com-mon mannerswidely reportedinside the Organi-zation are as fol-lows:
Exercis-ing theProcessof Brain-washing, Psychological Co-ercion, and Thought Reform.
Tearing Apart Families andHarming Children.
Appling Violence and Har-assment against Critics andOpponents.
Engaginginto Conspiracyand Fraud.Taking Away theMembers Free-dom as well astheir Possessions.we alsowish to draw yourgood attention to the Case of Ashraf Camp in Iraq. There are some 3000people living under tight control of MKO in that Camp. These unfortunateindividuals find no way to free them-selves from the sever domination of the Leaders. They must receive helpurgently.we, in Nejat Society, henceurge you to the followings:
Launching a Fact FindingCommittee to start investi-gating inside Iran as well asIraq and other countries andto contact the numerousFormer Members of the
Letter of Nejat Society to the Secretary General of the United NationsOn the Occasion of his visit to Tehran
 Hundreds of people, who have managed to flee theOrganization , have described  horrendous practices conducted  against the discontented  members

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