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Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 7

Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 7

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Published by Nejat Society
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,

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Published by: Nejat Society on Jun 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January 13, 2007
http://www.im.nrw.de/sch /doks/vs/zwischenbericht_2006.pdf  
Preliminary 2006 re-port of "Protection of Constitution of Ger-many's office"(Verfassungsschutz)on the MKOAfter it was deter-mined that Iraniansoccer team wouldtake part in Ger-many's 2006 worldcup, there were re-ports on the possibil-ity of NCRI's sabo-tages during Iran'smatches in Nurem-berg, Frankfurt andLeipzig.In this regard, AwaaAssociation in Köln,
comprising of formerMKO members whohave admittedly quitthe organization fully,warned in its websiteabout possible terror-ist attacks includingself-immolations dur-ing world cup by MKOsupporters.In response, JusticeAssociation tied toNCRI in Köln claimedthat the Iranian re-gime is bringing sui-cide volunteers toGermany by the as-sistance of Awaa as-sociation.The sensitivity of theaccusations by twosides rose when itwas announced thatMahmoud Ahmadine- jad would come toGermany to watchthe games. In thisregard, NCRI repre-sentatives in Ger-many declared thatthey would holdstreet demonstrationsto protest to the is-sue.Now, it has been de-termined that NCRI'splanned demonstra-tions were not held inand out of stadiumsdue to the early de-parture of Iranianteam, the system of selling tickets, ab-sence of Ahmadinejadand particularly thevigilance of securitysystems of Germany.Only 30 to 70 tookpart in small demon-strations in Köln.These demonstrationswere focused on Ira-nian nuclear issueand human rightsviolations. Thesedemonstrations aredetermined to be of low influence.
Report of Germany's SecurityService on MKO
Two defectors of Rajavis' Cultreturned home
Nejat Society corre-spondent –Mehr Abad AirportTehran -Jan.10, 2007
Two defectors of Mu- jahedin-e-Khalq Or-ganization, by coop-eration of IRC re-turned to their home-land on Wednesdayafternoon.Khosro Eslamizadeand MehdiShahkarami by morethan 20 years of co-operation with MEKdefected the Mujahe-din due to the lead-ers' inhuman behav-iour and their abuseof the mem-bers' primary per-sonal and social rights.
New developmentswill be published .
1, I
21, 2007
Nejat Newsletter
Report of Ger-many’s SecurityService on MKO
Two defectors of Rajavi’s Cult re-turned home
Moudjahidin dupeopleL'autre fa-natisme iranien
2, 3
A Report from theBelgian Television
4, 5
Iranian People Don'tWant MEK says
Habilian Associa-tion representativemeets former NCRmember
Mujahadeen debaterages on
Excerpts of a televi-sion programmefrom
7, 8
UK Secretary of State: MojahedinAssets still frozen inEU and UK
 Nejat Society is aiming torescue the members of the MKO who are still captive in Ashraf Camp in Iraq.
 Nejat Society is in constant contact with the families of members of MKO, trying toconnect them to their beloved ones.
 Nejat Society is trying to build a good international support  for its cause to save the MKOmembers from cultic relation-ships.
 Nejat Society is organisingmeetings and conferences for the members and the familiesin order to bring them to-gether and ease their grieves.
 Nejat Society is willing to useall means possible to reach itsgoals and therefore seeks and needs your support.
Translated by Nejat Society
Liberation- France
Par Jean-Pierre PERRIN
QUOTIDIEN :mercredi 3 janvier 2007
The French well known daily paper
has printed an article byJean-Pierre Perrin on January 3, 2007quoting from a defected member of MKO revealing that: “. . . we killedmany of the Kurds; the Iraqi com-manders told us they are Iranian; I sawthat our tanks (MKO) were made topass over the bodies of the Kurds justfor fun. . .”
Jean-Pierre Perrin,
the correspondentof this paper in Tehran, in his twopages report including a photographfrom the exercises of the Mojhedin-éKhalq Organisation (MKO) in March2003 in Ashraf Camp in Iraq, writes:“Babak Amin could not use his cya-nide pill when he was arrested. Thepolice caught him by surprise from theback while he was wandering aroundin Vanak Circus. He was made moveless instantly in order he would not beable to use his cyanide pill. He wascarrying the pill in his mouth but sud-denly a hand was pushed into hismouth from the back to grab and takeit out of his mouth. The unit responsi-ble for arresting the members of MKOwas well trained to do so. Neverthelessa medical unit to do the counterpoisingwas accompanying the police; this washow four of his friends were savedafter they were arrested and had takentheir pills.
Amin was arrested in June 2001. Hehad come from Iraq and had made afew terrorist attempts against secu-rity centres. These were about thelast terrorist attempts carried on inIran by this group who is present allover Europe.Fear and simulation story:
During the assassination attempts;Babak Amin did not succeed to killanyone. This of course caused himgetting away from death penalty. Hewas sentenced to ten years imprison-ment but he served only five years andnow he is enjoying conditional dis-charge. Today this forty years oldconvert, who is studying Informaticsin Tehran University, talks about histwenty years of experiences withinMKO, some years as a commander.This is a dreadful account which mixeshorror with imaginary stories. A paral-lel world has appeared over therewhich has been mixes with the hatertowards the Islamic Republic. Thisturns all values into counter values.Something like for instance within theMKO military wing (National Libera-tion Army) all women are superior tomen, and the women combatants areall in higher ranks than men. Of coursethere are some few exceptions for menbut generally they are ordinary soldierswho should wash cloths or dishes. Butall this would not prevent them to bein total isolation in Iraqi bases at itsextremes. Of course, dining places areseparate – even separate petroleumstations – in order that men andwomen do not face each other. Babak says “if it is nessacerry to talk to yourcommander which is a woman, surelyfour of five of others must be present.Swimming pools are only allowed formen who should bath with all theircloths on.Babak was living in Vienna since1983 when he joined MKO. The or-ganisation was established in 1965 andplayed a vital roll against the Shah. Alltheir leaders, apart from Mas’ud Ra- javi, where executed. This organisa-tion defends a sort Islam without Mul-lahs. Marxist ideas has been introducesto their ideology and they advertise it.They refused to give support to thepresent regime in Iran and hence theywere rejected by Imam Khomeini asapostates. This organisation as a rustedmassage for “simple useful” western-ers and that is promising to establishdemocracy in Iran. But what madeBabak to step into this organisation,while he explains with a sorrow voice,was the photos of tortured politicalprisoners by the Islamic Regime whichwas shown to him. Babak and fiveothers go to Iraq where MKO hasformed its military bases and became
Moudjahidin du peopleL'autre fanatisme iranien
the ally of Saddam Hussein in its warwith Iran.In Jalili base in Iraqi Kurdistan, Istarted compact military trainings with300 other Iranian trainees who hadcome from all over the world. The aimwas to form small groups of two orthree combatants who would creepinto Iran to carry out operations. Thenit was the turn for a long residence inAshraf Camp, the main base of organi-sation 60 kilometres from the Iranianborders. It was a different world inthere. It was a world outside our nor-mal world which Babak had explored.“This was a bonded commune, prohi-bition of receiving letters or phonecalls, prevention of exiting from thebase except for medical treatment orshopping.”
Absolute control over people(mind control):
In 1989, the limitations become moresevere than before. A year before thatwas the establishment of ceasefire inthe war between Iran and Iraq whichwas followed immediately to launch-ing an attack called the “eternal light”.MKO succeeded to cross the Iranianborders to and then to withdraw afterreceiving heavy losses. The promisegiven by Mas’ud and his wife(Maryam who lives in Auvers-sur-Oise in France) that the people wouldmake an uprising following the attack did not come true.
They told us: “Youdid not fight well, that is why we lostthe assault.”
The absolute mind control of the indi-viduals started. Marrying was bannedand divorce became compulsory. Evenif the spouse was living in Iran thewedding rings had to be taken off.“The existence of women in this worldmust come out your mind totally.”Every day sessions used to be held inwhich everyone had to revealeverthing passed through their mindsfor the superiors. It first started toreveal the sexual thoughts which all of them had to be written to be usedagainst the person if necessary, par-ticularly if the person intended to leaveMKO. This made everyone to think that the others are sex enthusiasts.Nothing could remain private even inthe deepest parts of the mind.”Behruz Soltani is 40 and has similar
3stories. He adds: “When I first enteredIran I had bezzare sexual thoughts.Even against my own sister.” Al-though he was a member of MKO buthe became a member because of theIran-Iraq war. He was a voluntarysoldier when he was arrested nearBasra by Iraqi forces in 1982. He wasonly 15 years old. “In the camp of prisoners of war, they ask some if theywish to be freed. I said yes I would,and they took me to Ashraf Camp. Inthere I was proposed to join Rajaviinstead of staying in Abu-Ghoraibprison for eight years.”It was the spring of 2001 that Behruztakes parts in the suppression of Kurdsin Iraq in the organisation. Soltani isnot pleased for what he did in the bor-ders. “We (MKO) killed many Kurds.Our officers used to tell us that theyare Iranians. But we could see thatthey are lying because of their cos-tumes.”“I saw that our armoured vehicles usedto cross over the bodies just for fun.There were Kurdish families who usedto enter Iraq. We used to arrest themwhether being woman, man, or chil-dren and extradite them to the Iraqiforces. Naturally the armed individualsmust be killed, but to eliminate theinnocent civilians is not a right thing todo. Of course were not able to sayanything at the time. To now the MKObetter it is essential to go inside them.Every person, even in a prison, musthave an identity. But we were nobod-ies. The Iraqis used to call use Rajavi’smen. Personally I was eager to bekilled rather than to have nightly mindcross-examination sessions. In thissituation, there was no mercy for any-one. They would not allow you to loveanybody.”Hura Shalchi 35 joined the MKOwhen she was 24 years old. Theyforced her to take a divorce and beseparated from her 4 years old daugh-ter. Hura was successful in her firstoperation. But in Noverber 2000 in hersecond operation, which includedlaunching mortars against a Revolu-tionary Corps base in Tehran, she be-came arrested. “On my way back toIraq, the guide who was responsible totake me to the other side of the bordersurrendered me to the police. He didso by the request of the MKO leaders.I realised that they do not wish thosewho go for an operation inside Irancome back again, since they wereafraid they might say something abouttoday’s Iran. This was due to the factthat there were no similarities withwhat they used to say about Iran.”Hura was sentenced to life imprison-ment, but she he only served a yearand a half and today she is under judi-cial control. One of his friends remem-ber her that in Ashraf Camp they helda ceremony for her martyrdom. BehruzSoltani adds: “if they would rather seeher dead that is because her bloodwould be more useful for her.”
Under US protection:
Today there are about 3000 men andwomen kept in Ashraf Camp under thecommandment of Mozhgan Parsa’i.The difference with the Saddam’s timeis now the organisation is protected bythe American forces that have dis-armed them and also guard themagainst the Shiite Moslem groups. If the US State Department has listed theorganisation as a terrorist entity, Pen-tagon has adopted a more flexibletowards them and had used their intel-ligence against Iran and would nothesitate to use them against the Islamicregime. But the Americans have re-cently stopped refusing them to comeout of Ashraf Camp and to go to Iran.This is what Naser 49 has done. Hewas with MKO for 20 years. He says:“Because of political activities I was inprison in Iran for four years in Iran.When I was released I had no place inthe society. Then I decided to jointhem. I intended to free my peoplewith them.” When he left the MKO
Moudjahidin du peopleL'autre fanatisme iranien
base, he spent three months in a UScamp called TIPF. He says: “TheAmericans know everything about us.We were like refugees in that camp.They were cruel to us and would haveno respect for anyone unless we weretheir servants. If were did protest wewould be beaten.”For long supporting or getting a mem-ber of MKO in Iran would have re-sulted to the death penalty and in thisway many supporters lost their lives.Today the regime has changed its pol-icy totally and if the person has notcommitted a crime they would even bewelcomed. They have also allowed thedefected members to establish a smallsociety and strive to pave the way forthe others to leave Iraq. Today Ilearned about one of my friends calledYaser Akbari who has committed sui-cide in Ashraf Camp. The organisationis not what it used to be in Iran in1980. Babak predicts that “if MKOleave Iraq, it would be eliminated forever.”Until then the organisation would bequite wealthy and would gain influ-ence in Europe. In other hand the or-ganisation has won a considerablevictory in the European court. Theymanaged to free its frozen assetswhich where summed up to severalmillion Euros from 2002, on 12
of December. There are defectors whosacrificed their youthfulness, but didnot join the Islamic regime. Hora shal-chi says: “It is now a while that I hatewhat is called politics.”

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