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Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 9

Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 9

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Published by Nejat Society
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,

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Published by: Nejat Society on Jun 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Iranian Mojahedin,Terrorist list under UK & EU laws
Terrorist list - Follow-up to court ruling inOMPI case
 The Council, followingthe judgment by theCourt of First Instanceon 12 December 2006 inthe OMPI case(Organisation des Mod- jahedines du Peuple del'Iran), decided to pro-vide OMPI with a state-ment of reasons forkeeping it on the EU'sasset freeze list of per-sons, groups and entitiesinvolved in terrorist acts,and to give OMPI onemonth to present itsviews, together with anysupporting documenta-tion.The Council will con-sider any reaction byOMPI within this periodof time, before taking afinal decision.
It is recalled that on 12December 2006, theCourt of First Instance,in case T-228/02-,OMPI, v. Council, an-nulled Council Decision2005/930/EC insofar asit had imposed an assetfreeze on OMPI follow-ing its inclusion on theterrorist EU list. TheCourt found i.a. that thedecision ordering thefreezing of OMPI'sfunds had not containeda sufficient statement of reasons and that theright to a fair hearinghad not been respected.The Council thereforedecided to take the nec-essary measures to com-ply with the judgment.
Nejat Society rejoinsthe broken relation-ships and revives theaffections and thinksof the reunion of bro-ken families includingparents and childrenseparated under thepressure of Rajavi’sthoughts. ......
Iraq set to expel MKO terrorists
IRNA,Feb 2, 2007
Iraq Thursday an-nounced it would expelmembers of the terroristMujahedin Khalq Or-ganization (MKO).Iraqi governmentspokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said, "We haveour own problems andare going through a try-ing period that preventsus from offering refuge.Our Constitution forbidsus from hosting an or-ganization considered tobe terrorist."Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's cabinet haddemanded that the MKOmembers be rapidlytransferred to othercountries, AFP quotedthe spokesman as saying."The presence of thisorganization is illegaland the cabinet has de-cided to put an end to it,said Dabbagh, adding,"We have given it timeto prepare to leave Iraqfor another country. Wehave left it to them to goto the country of theirchoice."This organization hasbroken the law and inter-fered in Iraq's internalaffairs."During the regime of now executed dictatorSaddam Hussein, theMKO was welcome inIraq and fought withIraqi forces against Iran.The organization wasbehind terrorist acts inIran, assassinatingprominent figures andofficials in the country.Iraq's Deputy InteriorMinister for SecurityAffairs Shirvan Vaelihad already announcedthat the MKO which hadhatched numerous plotsagainst the Iraqi nationwould be expelled fromthe country."We are now preparing acomprehensive planwhich requires approvalof the government toexpel the MKO from thecountry," he said."We strongly follow upthe case because theMKO seeks to hatchplots against the Iraqipeople," vowed Vaeli.
2, I
16, 2007
Nejat Newsletter
Iranian Mojahedin,Terrorist list underUK & EU laws
Iraq set to expelMKO terrorists
Time to Expel MKOFrom Iraq
The Plots of Cultagainst Iraqi Govern-ment
MKO, SectarianTerrorist Organiza-tion
MKO and IranianChalabis
4, 5
Adnan, Al-Alyanand Alaani Cry forMKO!
An Autopsy of theIdeological Media inMojahedin cult
How I was brain-washed by the Tank Girls
The Plots of Cult against Iraqi GovernmentTime to Expel MKO From Iraq
Mehdi GhassemSautaliraq (Voice of Iraq)2007/02/08
Following the downfall of formerregime, new Iraqi officialsshould expel the MKO fromIraq.During Saddam's rule, thisgroup acted as its army and heused them to pressurize Te-hran. Following the ouster offormer regime, the group isplaying the same role for theBush administration. The USgovernment also wants to usethis group as a political lever-age against Iran as well as inbloody clashes inside Iraq.Danger is not limited to this. Ithas become more dangerous.This organization has returnedto its previous status and thereis coordination between themembers of MKO and rem-nants of former regime so thatwith the lobby of MKO inEurope, orphans of former re-gime have gone to the EU.Now the question is "why theMKO members, who have goodties with some MPs and areable to link terrorist Baathists tothe EU, can't get permanentrefugee status for the membersin Iraq? Since their presence inIraq is illegal and unacceptable,and with respect to the fact thatthe presence of the groupcauses many political prob-lems, their stay in Iraq is nolonger bearable.The sympathy of former regimesupporters for the group andasking for their presence in
as if all sides in Iraq have allunderstood the fact that it wasonly a tactic to help the survivalof the group.Following this failure, the sec-ond phase of plot began andthey claimed that, followingHakim and Abdulmahdi's visit toIran, parliament voting on theexpulsion of the group wasplanned.These conflicting claims(conflicting because on onehand they claimed that Hakimand Abdulmahdi have beentasked by Tehran to expel theMKO and on the other hand saythat the bill will be put to vot-ing in Iraqi parliament beforewinter vacations!) prove howconcerned the group is aboutthe determination of Iraqi gov-ernment.The MKO knows well that onlya few unpopular pro-Baath indi-viduals or groups in the parlia-ment will support the groupand therefore they try to con-vince the public opinion that
Issuing a statement in Parisunder the name of NCRI, theterrorist group of Mojahedin-eKhalq expressed deep concernover the decision of Iraqi gov-ernment to expel the groupfrom Iraq.This follows the failure of a plotby the agents of the groupagainst those Iraqi officials andauthorities who have asked forthe expulsion.Last week, the agents of thisterrorist group published a listof names (of Iraqi political fig-ures, reporters, officials andMPs) and accused them of re-ceiving money from Iran andclaimed that they were Iran'sagents!The terrorist MKO thought itcould intensify US's confronta-tion with Iran and pave theway for a big attack on Shiitefigures and MPs. However, thisfailed and no one paid attentionthe voting has been a task byTehran. The fact is that, bysuch claims they only show thattheir previous claims on havingpopular support in Iraq were alllies.What's clear is that the illegalpresence of the group in Iraqhas been possible with the helpof American-British warmon-gers. Without such help, thegroup wasn't able to stay inIraq for even one day.The presence of the group afterthe fall of Saddam on one handis limited to efforts for interfer-ing in Iraq's internal affairs inorder to preserve its stats andon the other hand it has notsucceeded in satisfying indus-trial and manual needs of theoccupiers.It's clear that in such situation,the decision of Iraqi govern-ment is right and since theMKO is dependent on Iraq theleaders of the group try to im-pose themselves on the coun-try.
 Iraq, makes their presence inIraq more suspicious and dan-gerous, particularly whenBaathists and Wahabis relent-lessly talk about the dangers ofIranians and Iraqi Safawis, withMKO blaming Iran for thedeaths of Sunnis as if the mem-bers of the MKO are neitherIranians nor Safawis!Isn't it true that Baathists' sym-pathy for the MKO and theirrequests for the group's pres-ence in Iraq are enough evi-dences on the old cooperationand coordination between thegroup and extremist Baathistsand other terrorists?Therefore, Iraqi governmentshould take necessary meas-ures to expel the MKO fromIraq so that they could freely goto the countries they like.
Abdulkarim al-MohammadaviSotaliraq (Voice of Iraq)February 16, 2007
The presence of Iranian op-position group, Mojahedin-eKhalq, has had negativeconsequences for Iraqis.This organization was usedas a sectarian groupagainst Iraqis and SaddamHussein turned them into asuppression forceagainst Iraqi peo-ple. In 1991, wewitnessed the roleof this organizationin Shaabanieh up-rising against theKurds. The ele-ments of this groupare known for theirbrutality. In 1991,during the assassi-nation of seniorreligious leaderSeyed MohammedSadeq al-Sadr, they wereused again as a suppres-sion tool.The MKO has been desig-nated as a terrorist organi-zation and the stances of the US and Europe on thisgroup are similar. As itserved the goals and inter-ests of Saddam's regime inthe past, it is now acting todeepen tribal differences.Some Imperialist forceshave tied their hopes tothis terrorist group andeven use this organizationagainst Shiites of Iraq andIran; they use it for illegaloperations.This group has an active
role in destabilizing the se-curity and supporting ter-rorists. For instance, wecan discuss the status of Dyala province. this organi-zation is playing a role inIraq's instability and it hasconducted many crimesagainst Iranians. Even,tribal leaders and sheikhsin Dyala can't stand thisgroup anymore. Whatshould be dealt with care-fully is the plan they're try-ing to achieve in Iraq: sec-tarianism and plottingagainst Iraqis. For exam-ple, the group held a con-ference under the name of supporting Iraqi Sunniswith coordination of Euro-pean representatives, butthe European sides didn'ttake part in the conference.While the Iraqi governmenttries to destroy paramilitaryand armed groups in orderto secure the country andapply the law, the presenceof a foreign armed militia inIraq, which has militaryteams and plots againstIraqis, is a threat to ournation.The comments of Mr. Ali Al-Dabbagh, Iraqi governmentspokesperson, on thethreats of this organization
MKO, Sectarian Terrorist Organization
and the decision of thegovernment to expel thisgroup show that the gov-ernment is well aware of the dire consequences of the presence of this terror-ist group in Iraq and thatthey are determined to es-tablish security for Iraqis.The response of NCRI tothe comments of Mr. Dab-bagh is funny and sarcastic.This response includes il-logical sentences:"The legitimacy of MKO'spresence comes out of Ge-neva Convention"!We answer: "Whichlaw legitimizes theinterferences of aterrorist group inour internal affairs?Which law openstheir hands to eraseour national figuresand which law al-lows them to kill ourchildren?"Iraqi governmentshould discuss thecase of this organi-zation and exposethe crimes they did againstthe Iraqis so that worldpublic opinion is aware. Itshould also do its best toexpel the group from Iraq.Iraqi parliament shouldtake this case and decideabout it. If we ask ourneighbors, including Iran,not to interfere in our inter-nal affairs, we should firstexpel this organizationsince its presence in Iraq isinterference in Iranian af-fairs.The presence of this or-ganization in Iraq is againstall laws and regulations andalso against the nationalinterests of Iraqis.

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