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Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 13

Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 13

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Published by Nejat Society
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,

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Published by: Nejat Society on Jun 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Interview with Arash Sametipour and BabakAmin in Austrian Die presse Newspaper
Die Presse,Austria,May 18, 2007translated byNejat Society.
Arash Sametipourcould easily live acomfortable life inhis city Burke, Vir-ginia to where hisparents immigratedafter the IslamicRevolution. Born in1975 in Tehran, hecommitted the big-gest mistake of hiswhole life in thelate 1990's. He fellin love with an Ira-nian –Americanwoman whotempted him to joinMujahedin-e-Khalqfinally.Mujahedin-e-Khalqat that time wasconsidered a mili-tary force backedby Saddam Husseintrying to overthrowthe Islamic regimeof Iran. In 1999Mujahedin sent himto Camp Ashraf inIraq located in ahundred Kilometersfrom Iranian bor-der. He was sup-posed to attemptupon a high rankingofficer's life."My mission to as-sassinate that offi-
cial failed" saidSametipour in hisoffice named NejatSociety." This is anNGO of which theobjective is to re-turn the Mujahedinmembers to Iraniancommunity"He speaks of hismission so as it wasan ordinary mis-sion. The failure inthe mission madehim swallow a cya-nide capsule butthe poison didn’twork so he tried tosuicide with a gre-nade. He lost hisright hand and wastransferred to amilitary hospitaland could survivedeath. Followingthe recovery, hespent four moreyears in Evinprison.He invited, for theinterview, anotherformer member of Mujahedin BabakAmin. Babak beganhis studies at Vi-enne technical Uni-versity in 1983 andwas trapped by theMuajhedin in 1985.Then he flied toBagdad by Austrianairlines and wasfirst settled down ina camp in Kurdi-stan. During theIran-Iraq war hemostly was fightingthe pro-IranianKurds. A short timebefore the cease-fire, Mujahedin'sleader Masud Ra- javi decided tochange his tactics:as an army, Muja-hedin were sup-posed to set out foran open face toface war againstthe Iranian forces.After the UN-Resolution 598 wassigned in July 1987,Rajavi addressedhis group:’’If wedon’t attack nowwe will los ourcredit and respect."On July 18th, 1987,a short time beforeIran accepted theceasefire, Mujahe-din started to at-tack. 7000 forcestook part in the op-eration" EternalLight". The invasionended with a disas-ter. At least 1315people were killed.The organizationhad no way exceptengaging in terror-ist operations in theIranian territory. In2001, armed with aKalashnikov ,Babakwas sent to Tehranin order to operatea terrorist attack.There, he was ar-rested and sen-tenced to 10 yearsin Jail. He was re-leased from theprison in 2005.
10, 2007
Nejat Newsletter
Interview with ArashSametipour and Ba-bak Amin
EU cites secret evi-dence against Irangroup
Iraq says MKO be-hind violence
Why the MKODoesn’t leave ourland
Terrorism Charge:Ex-Hendon ResidentIndicted
Mujahidin case couldreshape EU anti-terror work 
Desperation Prevailsin Rajavi’s Cult
Iran Policy Commit-tee Exposed
PM Should ActResolutely
Woman tells of ter-ror group
The Decision Unful-filled
Misgivings aboutUndeniable facts
The Terrorists Lam-baste Proscription
MKO on the EU’sterror list next week 
MKO on agenda of Iran-US talks
MEK are accused of training terrorists andbombs to target civil-ians in the Diyalagovernorate in Iraq
Cont. on page 11
31.05.2007By Andrew RettmanEUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS -
The EU claims it has secret evi-dence that justifies keeping Iranopposition group PMOI on its ter-rorist register but cannot reveal thecontent for security reasons, in asituation stoking anger amongsome MEPs."The council [EU states secretariat]is not in a position to give you ac-cess to other documents in the file,since the state which provided thedocuments does not consent totheir disclosure," EU officials toldPMOI lawyers in a letter on 14May."Otherwise the position of the EUin international cooperation in thefight against terrorism would becompromised," the letter goes on.The letter is the latest in a series ofdocuments exchanged betweenthe EU and PMOI since December,when EU courts annulled an EUdecision of 2005 to keep the Peo-ple's Mujahidin Organisation ofIran on its list.Officially-named terrorist organisa-tions have their financial assetsfrozen and are forbidden fromfund-raising in Europe.EU officials say the court rulingdoes not cover a post-2005 deci-sion to keep PMOI on the register,but all the evidence that Brusselshas supplied to the group so fardeals with pre-2001 activity.In the 1990's PMOI carried outcross-border raids and assassina-tion attempts against Iran's Islamistauthorities, but the group claims ithas become a non-violent, democ-ratic opposition movement sincethen."We want to set up an independentbody made up of MEPs, MPs, ju-rists and council officials that canlook at these [secret] documents,"a PMOI spokesman said onWednesday (30 May). "We areconfident they have no evidenceagainst us."The PMOI says its inclusion on theterror register, initiated by the UKfive years ago, is a political movepaper."The prosecutors have filed a law-suit against MKO ringleadersbased on the documents and willbring them to trial for committingatrocities against the Iraqi nation,"al-Mousavi said."The names of the people takingorders from MKO leaders and thenames of the victims will be an-nounced to the media as soon as
May 28, 2007
A senior Iraqi prosecutor has saidthere is evidence to suggest theterrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organi-zation is involved in the ongoingviolence in Iraq."The Iraqi Supreme Criminal Courthas been provided with documentson the Mujahedin Khalq Organiza-tion's (MKO) crimes against thepeople in southern Iraq and thepeople of Tuz Khormato in thesouth of Kirkuk,” the Iraqi ChiefProsecutor, Ja'far al-Mousavi, toldthe Iraqi Al-Bayyinah al-Jadidah
EU cites secret evidence against Iran groupIraq says MKO behind violence
possible," he added."There are pictures among thedocuments depicting the intelli-gence officers of the former Iraqiregime delivering a great deal ofmoney to MKO leaders," he contin-ued.Members of the MKO, an anti-Iranian terrorist organization whichhas long been on the lists of terrorgroups compiled by the US, theEuropean Union, Canada and Iran,are active in the US, Iraq and sev-eral European countries.to give the west a negotiating chipin its efforts to get Tehran to backdown on nuclear technology.Some EU diplomats and Iranianexpats believe the oppositiongroup still has a sinister, fanaticalfringe however. At least one of itshigh-profile western supporters hasin the past conceded the PMOIleadership is not a model of liberaldemocracy.But the mujahidin case has be-come a cause célèbre for a cross-party caucus of some 100 MEPscalled the Friends of Free Iran,which says the EU's treatment ofPMOI is undermining EU values."The council has no evidence andthe decision must be motivated bypurely political or economic con-cerns," senior Spanish conserva-tive MEP Alejo Vidal-QuadrasRoca said."The council's handling of this caseis scandalous," he added. "One ofour fundamental values is the ruleof law, and this is being violated inorder to appease a totalitarian reli-gious regime."
TERRORISM CHARGE: Ex-Herndon Resident Indicted
Salim Al-Ramisi/Sotaliraq,June 06, 2007http://Link:http://www.sotaliraq.com /articles-iraq.php?id=54435 
Millions of Iraqis ask this ques-tion from the government andparliament of Iraq repeatedly,but we hear from some politi-cians and occupiers that Iranis interfering in Iraq; mean-while, they ignore the pres-ence of terrorist MKO in Iraq,which started in 80s whenSaddam was in power. Couldthese claims justify the pres-ence of this group in our land?The organization that stoodbeside Saddam Hussein and,as all Iraqis know, Saddamused it to achieve his goals.Isn't it that the presence of this terrorist organization inIraq, with the protection of theUS, a clear interference inIran's internal affairs?Americans are well aware thatthe MKO has no popular sup-port inside Iran and has noplace. We know that the USalways uses some cardsagainst its enemies but thistime it has chosen a losercard; it's like betting on adead horse, which has no in-fluence on the political scene.We also know that this desper-ate organization is supportedby both the US and groups likeAl-Qaeda, Baathists and pro-Saddam elements. This could
be seen by a look at the re-cord of MKO's supporters. Peo-ple like El-Elyan, Al-Dulaimi,all supporters of former re-gime… think that they can usethis group at any time to killthe Shiites in the south; thesame thing that was done bytheir master during Sha'baniehuprising, in which hundreds of thousands of Iraqis achievedmartyrdom.This terrorist organization hasexpressed hostility towardsIslamic Republic and tries tooverthrow the Iranian regime;to achieve this, they use allpossible violent means includ-ing explosion, mortars and inshort the same methods of al-Qaeda.Isn't it true that support forthis organization is a clear in-terference in Iran's internalaffairs? As an Iraqi citizen, I'mnot at a position to confirm ordeny Iran's interferences inIraq but I can see the threatsof the US and UK against Iraneveryday. This is Iran's rightto defend its interests and its
that seeks to overthrow theIranian regime, federalprosecutors said.Zeinab Taleb-Jedi, 51, wentto Iraq in 1999 to attend atraining camp run by theMujahedin-e Khalq, orMEK, the U.S. attorney'soffice in Los Angeles said in
Ex-Herndon Resident In-dicted
 A former resident of Hern-don was indicted Friday on acharge of providing supportto a terrorist organization
Why the MKO Doesn't Leave Our Land?
a statement.Taleb-Jedi was indicted by afederal grand jury in NewYork on one count of provid-ing material support to a for-eign terrorist organization.She was released on bondand faces up to 15 years infederal prison if convicted.
integrity.We ask others not to interferein Iran's affairs, this is the firststep. If the US likes to helpIraqis, it could ask its Saudially to stop deploying terror-ists and financing Baathists.Iran announced that it sup-ports new Iraq, its govern-ment and its political process.They established their em-bassy in Baghdad immediatelyafter the fall of Saddam; mostof Iranian officials came toIraq and have provided largeamounts of financial aids forrebuilding infrastructures inIraq. They even acceptedIraq's request and meet theirmain enemy for the sake of Iraq.The US and its army shouldprotect Iraqis, of whom hun-dreds are being killed every-day in terrorist operations; it'snow more than 4 years sinceAmericans came to Iraq butIraqis have seen no construc-tion. Not even a single streethas been built in Baghdad.Where are Americans' prom-ises?Iraqis now require their basicneeds, but they only see dailycrises.As a citizen, I see no differ-ence between the presence of MKO and the presence of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The US shouldstop playing game with thefate of nations, particularlywith that of Iraq.

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