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Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 24

Nejat Newsletter - ISSUE 24

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Published by Nejat Society
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,
The free periodical on-line newsletter publishes the latest news focusing on Nejat Society activities and recent status of Mujahedin khalq organization . NewsLetter authored by Nejat Society was first created in2006 with the aim of keeping politic men, journalists, scholars …informed about Nejat Society, PMOI, Rajavis, Camp Ashraf, Iran Terrorist Group,Mujahedin khalq defectors,

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Published by: Nejat Society on Jun 09, 2009
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Issue No 24
Nejat Newsletter
Periodical Publication of the Nejat Society
Iraq takes control of Camp Ashraf 
 An Urgent Appeal
2, 3
 Ambassador to Tehran,paid a visit to the NejatSociety
Symposium of Nejat Soci-ety in Tehran
September 11th 2002 andMKO Tactic of Duplicity
Inconspicuous affinitybetween Al-Qaeda and theMKO
Joint Statement of theNejat Society and theSahar Family Foundation
Iraqi government willingto take charge of the ter-rorist group
MKO has 6 months toleave Iraq
Governor of Khalis: MKOresponsible for all violencein Dyali
Foreign Delegations VisitNejat Society in Tehran
British MPs paid a visit tothe Nejat Society in Te-hran
Families of MKO membersgather in front of the Brit-ish Embassy in Tehran
Nejat Society open Letterto The Prime Minister
Iraqi Cabinet Takes Hard-line Stance On MKO
CIA actively supportingMojahedin Khalq Terror-ists
Inside this issue:
BBC MonitoringMiddle East
Text of report by Ira-nian conservative, pri-vately-owned FarsNews Agency websiteTehran, 26 Aug: Aftera five-year US militarypresence and the pro-tection provided bythem to the mon-afeqin in Camp Ashraf [a pejorative thatmeans hypocrites andrefers to the Mojahe-din-e Khalq Organiza-tion (MKO)], efforts bythe Iraqi governmenthave succeed. Yester-day evening, the Iraqimilitary was able totake over control of the camp.The al-Forat televisionnetwork reported thatspokesperson for Iraqidefence ministry, GenMohammad al-Asgarimade the announce-ment. He said: At thistime, the camp is sur-rounded with supportform an Iraqi militarybattalion and Iraqiforces have placed itinside a security en-closure.About two monthsago, in response torepeated public callsand in line with thenational constitution,the Iraqi governmentasked the US to turnover management of Camp Ashraf to Iraqiforces. The pressureplaced on the Ameri-cans by the Iraqi gov-ernment finally suc-ceeded yesterday eve-ning.Located in DiyalaProvince, Camp Ahsraf is 45km outside Bagh-dad. It was gifted tothe leader of the mon-afeqin gang, MasudRajavi, by Saddam[Huseyn] recognitionof his serve
Iraq takes control of Camp Ashraf 
31 August 2008
Iraqi government willing to take charge of the terrorist group
Posted on 2008-08-20 
US to concede the MKOresponsibility to Baghdad.Iraqi government willingto take charge of the ter-rorist groupTEHRAN, Aug. 09 (ISNA)- An official close to Tehranrejected the rumors thatIranian high-ranking offi-cials have met with a U.S.delegation in Ankara,Turkey.Iranian ambassador toBaghdad Hassan KazemiQomi and the chief of Iran’s foreign policy stra-tegic council KamalKharazi have not held anytalks with a U.S. delega-tion in Ankara, this officialsaid.Meanwhile regarding acommittee founded inIraqi defense ministry topursue the MujahedinKhalq Organization (MKO)case the official said thatIraqi government is will-ing to take charge of theMKO terrorist group andmake a decision aboutthem. According to this officialthe U.S. is also willing toconcede the MKO respon-sibility to Baghdad.End ItemISNA - Tehran, Aug 09,2008http://www.isna.ir/ISNA/NewView.aspx?ID=News-1177888&Lang=E
Nejat Society Posted on 2008-08-19 
An Urgent Appeal, for Actionsand Initiatives on behalf of Ira-nians in limbo in Iraq; in De-fense of Human Rights and theRight to AsylumTragedy is too often the stuff of literature. The majority of people worldwide, try to avoidpersons and situations that areshaped by too great a tragedy,concentrating instead on thatwhich is simple and promisessome easy resolutionYet activists are literary fig-ures. They concentrate on hu-man tragedies, not shyingaway from multi-dimensionalproblems and readily workingtowards difficult solutions.In a region increasinglymarked with tragedy , perhapsno story is more tragic thanthat of the former members of the Iranian Mojahedin KhalqOrganization (MKO), who wishto leave their state of limbo inwar ravaged Iraq, can not re-turn to Iran and hope forsafety, and have not yet man-aged to gain asylum to anyother corner of this earth.The Iranian poet Shamlou - inhis poem “Public Love” - talksof the dead of the year 1953being the most loving of theliving. And we have often re-peated this when talking of those who have given theirlives in any given year in thestill ongoing struggle for free-dom and human rights in Iran.And yet one group of men andwomen, driven away by theunmet promise of the Iranianpeople’s revolution and toldthat if they loved their countryand people well enough, theywould give up everything andtake up arms for just six shortmonths, sought to prove thislove by doing just this.Security, jobs and childreneven were left behind, as theseoften young men and women -and some teenagers - left forIraq , from where this strugglewas to take shape.Yet, each six month term wasto be followed up with another,and they who had sought analternative to two dictatorshipswithin their own country, be-came victims of their leader’spower fantasies (which withtime went as far as forcing allto divorce their partners andban all other love - except thelove for the one power - out of their very hearts) , SaddamHossein’s war games , and themind control, punishment rou-tine , beatings and torture bytheir comrades!And as the report released in2005 by Human Rights Watchnoted, there was “NO EXIT”![1]They were denied even thefreedom to defect or leave.And so they were kept at CampAshraf in Iraq until this wasturned into Camp “TIPF” , un-der the charge of US Americanforces. As hard at conditionswere at Camp “TIPF”, with itsrecent closing the situation of these individuals became evenmore desperate.Today, understanding the greatand multi-faceted tragedy of these lives held in limbo andunder extremely harsh and in-humane conditions , we deemit our responsibility to come tothe defense of these fellow Ira-nians as well as to the defenseof the legitimate rights of allpolitical asylum seekers inIraq. And we call upon all ac-tivists and defenders of humanrights as well as political or-gans and organizations to fa-miliarize themselves with thistragedy and - with us - to at-tempt to bring about a humanesolution..Iran National front – Europe(Germany); Summer 2008The Following is a list of someof these former MKO memberswho are now in a state of limboin Iraq, following the very re-cent closing of camp “TIPF”. Of these, 35 have been able toleave Iraq and are yet still insearch of a destination.Ebrahim BolochiEbrahim RahimiAbolfazl DehnamakiAhad OmidvarAhmad SoleimaniAhmad ShahbaziAhmad SehatAhmad GharamohammadiAhmad MinaiAhmad (pseudo name: MehdiRanjbar)Ardeshir BaghbaniArash AhmadianEsfandiyar BakhshiEsmail MomeniEsmail HooshyarAfshin GharatapehIraj GolalipourIraj MousaviParviz DerakshanParviz RanjbarParviz FarahmandParviz Mousavi
 An Urgent Appeal, for Actions and Initiativeson behalf of Iranians in limbo in Iraq
TohidJaber Tai SamiramiJamal AzimiJavad AssadiHamed SarafpourHojatollah RostampourHojatollah KafaiHassan PiransarHassan Nemati (Safar)Hossein BakhshalizadehHossein BazrpourHossein BorojaniHossein RezaiHossein ZendegiHossein MehravarHamzeh TomariHamidreza SistaniHamidreza KarimiHamid AbdolghafariHamid FellahatHamid MohebiHamid NajiKhosrow DehaniDavoud RazaviDormohammad DehaniRayan PetrosianRahim KhodagholiReza AzmodehReza ZandReza Mohammadi (Mehrtash)Ramezan GhorbanzadehRamezan MohammadinasabRouzbeh KurdiSoleiman KheyriSiavash BiyabaniSiavash SaidniaSeyed Abbas MoussaviCyrus TaefiCyrus VafaShokrollah MohammadiShahab EkhtiyariShirin MasratbakhshSadegh KhorshidiSadegh ZohouriAbedin JanbazAdel KheyriAdel MatlabiAbdolamir SayahiAbdolsatar JahangiriAbdolkarim Mohammadtaghi-nejadAbdollah Nikbakht TabriziAli AhmadiAliakbare BojariAli Bakhsh-afarinande (RezaGooran)Ali BarzegarAli JahanifardAli KhademanAlireza ShahmoradiyanAli AbdollahiAli Mohammad BalochAli MoghadasAli MirahmadiAli MiriAlireaz GoyandeAlireza Mozenzade TabriziOmad BagheriGholamreza AsghariGholamreza RezaiGholamreza KermaniFarzin FasihiFarshid FarsatFarhad BazrafshanFirooz KaregarKambiz TaghipourKaveh PourhamadaniKaram EslamiKamal MousaviKiakavoos AmirahmadiKeyvan RastbinMichael PetrosianMajid RouhiMajid ShabaniMohsen AbdolkhaniMohsen AbdollahiMohammad Ebrahim RahimiMohammad Amir RaisiMohammad Taghi AnsariMohamad TehraniMohammad Hossein YousefiMohmmad DadjouMohammad DostdarMohammad RazaghiMohammad Reza HosseiniMohammad SaadooniMohammad SahebiMohammad Ali AhmadiMohammad Ghale-joghiMohammad KaramiMohammad Yousef CharezahiMahmoud BayatMahmoud KhaleghiMahmoud EynakiMorteza MohajerMasoud ZarghamiMoustafa HeydariMoustafa ShafiieMansour AsariMansour KeshmiriManouchehr KhodadadiMehdi Barjeste GarmaroudiMehdi AbbaszadehMehdi FazollahiMehdi NikbakhtMehrdad AbdolvandMehrdad FathiMehrdad VosoghiMousa MarzbanMirbagher SedaghatiNader KeshtkarNader NaderiNadali RahimiNasrollah AzariNorouz TavakolHadi Afshar (pseudo name:Said Jamali)Hashem OstovarHomayou KavianiVahid KaramiYounes HassanpourList compiled on 15.08.2008[1]For more information pleaseread:http://www.hrw.org/backgrounder/mena/iran0505/1.htm
Mojahedin Monitor, Aug18,2008
 An Urgent Appeal, for Actions and Initiativeson behalf of Iranians in limbo in Iraq

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