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الأسئلة و الأجوبة - عبدالله عزام

الأسئلة و الأجوبة - عبدالله عزام

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Published by msuki1982

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Published by: msuki1982 on Jun 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ةيداهجلةبو ةئس
-محر زع ع خشل
( تيوكلاب فحص رمؤ رخآ1)؟ةمصاعل وخد ن ايرق وكمي أ وعقو ه اغ نيهاجمل اخأ رخآ ها لآ ى مح اس نسرمل رشأ ى ل ل نملاعل   محل رل نمرل  ب ةطاإ ةطاح ث با ،ةلل ي  ةقال مل  رصاحي  نيهاجمل ةلاب ،نعمأ حص رخإ برغل امل دركش ة  ةأ ةزأ ثب ةطاح با ،نيهاجملاب عملاب ولعب ى  ه لاثل زحل اأ ب ،اثل   زحل هاجمل1500،ةمصاعل ن  ار اس يرط أ اس رم ،رخ رل ى وول با ةرب رط ى هاجملرضي -با ا سإ-  وخ با ا  نيرش ق  سأ ذ غ با لاس ر ويزفلاب ل ذل ق ذل وس ،رئاط تس قو رد امل ق وس ،رمساب با اهق با،دابآ  با يرط ولاب ذه ،لل رم ل اس ر ر  رئاط با عي رصاح ا امغب با -رب زر اكيا- اكيا با ره با ،رول با،زز  ايأ ة ذ لاعل ن ايو ةو وك داك ايرب لاعل ن ةو ااغأ ن ةو س   با دادرفش  رح رش  عي ىح  عب ،رئاط أ با ا  ذل ايركيامل سرل ول صأ رشا ةباصإ صور ئذلاب هاجمل سا  ا ل ا د رض ،امسإ ايركيا رل نيامل نول ةكس رمع وهر  امغب .رض امغب ن وي  ةلا ايأ ة تبر ةيركعل ةقرفل ررق ،تبر الي ئاق ابرضي ا  ةيرق وضل ن اأ زرمل ن ،با زر ن رو ر س ع با ئال ذل ئاس  ج سأ دادرفش دو ءا با رضي ، رش مسإ س داحل وي افل ى رخ ج و ن ثل ئاسرل عب با ن رضل قوي أ وري  لنيهاجمل  فعي ال حي ؟كو و ذكه ه اغ ةر نيأ اغ عل اياب ىل اص ئاسرل إ ةلاسرب  رش  در دادرفش  دال ول وبرضي نيذلرش ىل ةثل ئاسرل إ ج ةلاسرب اءا نيذل ه با  ةومجمل ف  ا  ذه:رل ال ن اب وأ  رش و ا نل ةس تض  دوعي إ س ق ا ل رفغي وي إ رف نيذل ق :اف(38).حبذل وداق نح  ل ن ر أ نيهاجمل ف  أ إ اأ ل ج اي عب ى هاجمل ،ركب ا ،امل ةلاب 100لو عب ى رب  ي ركب ام 60-70 ن ر الا ت ةال رئال ،دابأ  ر رث  مع  امل ذه با ن  عب ى هاجمل،ركب ا 100هاجمل اهق ا،ح  عب فب ةمل  ل  عب ى100  رب رهر ة  ل رضل اس ع تا ذل ش ا ف يرش ز ا وه ةلوب  رح ذل ول امل  ، رئال ت  ل زر ن  حل عب ءافع نيهاجمل أ ى زر ةبرغل حل اس د ى ب ا أنيهاجمل ع لد ،دابآ  ى اهءوأ  ه ةبرغل ءا ا ن أ ةبرغل حلن هاجمل ،دابآ  اأ وق 15ى رير /1رد وسأ رمس/215رد رئاط 260  ةبابد 2156 اس ةقا 1485 اع 25ن ول جل ن ق ل15ىل رير 1/ اعط ةول افل ىل ةااب ،رمس 7ت با ةوك ،با  ةول ول ى و ةس اول داح ن 1989( 000،140خد  ةوكحل  أ ىل ةااب رئاخذل ن نط ) ى  ج ى  ا اهرخآ ول احل زحل ةحأ  ةف ارص عي با ( رأ600.نجل  جل ئاب  جل ئاق ئا ق نجل  با )ي  ،با ةوك اجب معي ر ثل ،وثل امهد ل سل ،با ول ةلاب اأةس  اظأ ا با ةوكح ،ل برل  احل وه ام ،ةلوب رحل هاجمل1989، (  اأ ظ لا1990.ةيرل ذب رئاس و تب إ  ءاش إ دال اعل  ).؟اغ نيهاجمل ا ل امل ةضل ن تيوكل قو ىلإ ر  
ي ا ،يوكل يومل تب ةصاخ رخ  ز رث ةلا ا ق يوكل عل ةلاب نيهاجمل نيرامل اومي وي ةلامل ةجل ولؤ ءؤه يل جحل ومل هعب  ،نرحل عش دوعل عل اغ داجل ق عش رثأ عي رث وأ هيب ،فب اش تق اأ أ  ةيوكل ةوكحل ،لامل نمل ،مل عل يوكل عل امل ةا ن ةحل ةالاب ت )ول ةجل( ا ةل ال ول ةجل ا ل ال ىل ةااب ( ا ه اغ نيرامل نب ل زل اأ  أ تاس رث 70ةص ةسؤ )ى اب ل ةيزرمل افمل ىل لايإ ىرجل ال دحل ى نيرامل ةاس  .وفل ىف اسأ س وه ا ؟ااغ ةلد خد  أ اب  ءوس نيهاجمل  ناعمل رعل د وه ا ن ؟ل ة  ئرسإ  ةبرعل  ى هاجي  امل ؟ااغأ ىلإ باه .؟ل وجل صومل لاسأ ل روي ن بي ن ال ءؤه ومي هد ، أ نيرش رش اي  وق نيذل،رث ااغأ ىل وق نيذل رعل ال( ي 6000-7000( لو  ااغأ خد  ال وباثل اأ )1000 ومعي نيذل اأ اش ) ( لو  ااب  دحل ى ال500ذل اأ ،ا ءا ل ب ن و   )نب مح نب ةاسأ  فب داجل وعي نيذل ن نحمل  ق دعل ا  لومي هرسأ ةلاف هرذب فك  س  لا فب ءا ق س رل  ةرش رأ اص ددابأ  هأ  ال خ  وه ااغأ خد  برش اعط  ا اجس ةال اغل ب دابآ   م ر  ومل رع ق ،ةرعمل  لول نب لاخ ومي  و اأ ،يوم ذه دابآ   ةال اغل  ه را ت ق ةلل الأ لعب رشل هأ اي ى راحل أ   ةاال افل ن رشا اأ هدب ن ،رعل ال رش وعي  أ ةبرغل ةملاعل امعل اه ةاال افل ى رشأ ددري أدوعي  ى رل رغل لا د  ى ،   ءأ  ةبرعل وعل رح  ى ب وإ ذح ق ي ى ،رل ذه زجع وه ذل دا ذحي اوم اغ عل( - ا ا مع ا ةبرغل ز  لذل  ءاحأ  ن مل ال نب BBC)ل نش زأ أ رع ه رمساب اما اهر ويرلرل تسوب نشول اكيرأ وص أ هذمل ر رعل ر نيرول نيذه ى زع ه رأ فحل هذ وه اغ علءؤه اا ،ةعب هذمل ن اخ هذ ةباهول ري فحل كهذ وي ءا رعل زميا ل أرق اأ ا  كأ ءا ن وش  ري ءا رعل24/( لاه أ امل رمس 18رعل ن نال ول اح نحصأ اب رصا   أر لأ )....  ذه ن وش ري ءا نيذل هايا وبذعي وق إ ال ن وري ( ءؤه ،ةرعمل  ري أ اع إ هأ كي 200ن ءا ءؤه ، أ وق بر اش )ا ءؤه،ةيدوعل  ر ئا ن  ث  ئ ث د نب ةاسأ ث  ؟ا أ( دابآ   ا تل ةوكحل ئذل ر تح زل ا ى وعي ؟يري ءا 49)(    دوكس اص 5،5وثحي ءا ؟ءا امل ءؤه ،رو اهرق ةا ري نط )هاجي  امل اأ ..ةجل ىل دأ إ ةخ احل أ ة لاه أ لإ لاه أ وؤي ةجل نأ ق اوي ق رعل أ داي  دول ةف دحل أ   رع وجل ن  ( ن  تاق اأ دول اي 69-70معل حس إ ى اب ن  نيهاجمل  ت ) رخأ ةعب ن اثحب ق صولاب ب ذخؤي ،ااب دو ةصاصرل تحصأ د  ئفلرف وي أ  رف ا أ ام ول لا ا ةضير ذه ،داجل ةضير دؤ اأ ا اي ،رخأ ةعب ىل ي ةعل ذه  اي أ ا س ا ، س   اي أ    رش ل ةقرمل ول أ أ اآ  أ  قامأ  ار  ا ،ن .ل ا و ركمل  و ول  و ةيرل اب وه داجل ةبرعل  و داجل قو ع  ،نعس ا عب تخ ل ابوعل ، ش اي قو  ابوعل تا ام رم داجل إ  س  ومي  س  هاجي ول أ اع ذه ،رغل اكي ول وس ر أ مخ  أ نل ن ةس  ةو ر رظ تخ إ.؟ر و آ ةمخ عب ى  أ عي  رلع أ ل وجي ب اجب ذل جمل ه  ، ةعب  وح ل كل رم داجلىصأ اأ ب اجب ذل جمل ىب  امثي رخآ ج   ،رخ ج  ى ةعمجل ص أ  اقأ ااغأ  اقأ د  اقأ اكيرأ  صأ ااغأ  صأ د  
  تا إ ةجل خي ، ش ي ااغأ أ و ي ذل ،ز  ءأ  اك ر ار ن ح ، ةس   با   مج  بر نب رفي ل ز  ،زامثح ةضيرفل ذب زعل  ن د ع وم نح ةام ر  ةوق ر تل ةسإااغأ  وك أ  ب رف تأ عي ايدؤ أ ا ج ةضيرفل ذه دؤ ةعب ا .م ةرعمل س  نيهاجمل اخأ  .ل وي ل  ى نكل ،تط اأ :ئالا ا ع ذخآ اأ ضف ...ه نيذل وخ ن رث ن تط ،راسأ أ تط ؟وي ذل ن لزأ اب ن ااص ايإ اأ ر ير امث اجل خدأ ع ذخآ اأ ،ا  ا ضف  ايإ أ ،وخ ز ا الاب نيهاجمل ب ا ااغأ أ رع ى ،با اب ءامل.ال( ا ره يرخ فل وصأ  ود ع اأ،ز  مسإ اأ فب رأ اأ :ل1973) ةلل ةس ةعاجل   زيزعل  مل ةعا   ، ا ةد ةعاجل  تس د :ل ؟دابأ سإ  ةس ةعاجل :نلاجل أ ،اغ داجل ةل رف  اأ دابآ سإ( ا لو ن ،دابآ سإ  ع 1941رم اأ )48... محل  ءاش ا اش اا نس عب  -رب - نعل - -س ار رجي نمل ىلإ رمنيرعل - ةبا رل خ ن رل ى و اغ نيهاجمل ب ومع ام نيهاجمل ةوكحب لل ر ةضق ةملاعل ل ن رث أ ج اأ إ ،ااغأ عمل س ةوكحل ذب س رمؤمل ةم ؟ر ذه رخ س ى ءوضل  و ةوكحل ذب ر  رخ ،نيهاجمل ن ة ر اكيرأ أ ،ل وه ذه ،  ةسإ ةلد و أ يري  رغل  ةس رخأ عي ،نب رل زي أ ق 1986خد  رمس   اأ اس تدأ  يلا،يل ن وثحبإ نكل ااغأ خد ن واخ اعق نح ولاق اكيرأ  ال ااغأ ومج ه لذل ح ،رم أ نكمي  ج ةوك  ،نيهاجمل إ رل ن يبر اكير ل اق ركمل ص    أ و اهرث عي ، ومج اغ دالعي ةءإ ةوك  ورعي ب وي ،امل  س اش رهاظ خد إ ولاق ،اش رهاظ كل  ى ءامل تل ول لاخ وي  در ،كحل  نيهاجمل  نول عب خي أومي أ ا ،وي أ جي ر ومل ا مك ول ،كحل  اوش خ نل ن تل عي ياح ةوك  ور ،س أ ع رل هذخي أ س ىل دوعي رق قر  ن  ،ااغأ خد  ياح رع  نح ولاق ،نول ن تل نيهاجملا  رعمي  اا ر ةعضب ارف ي أ اأ ،داجل  ق ا اميإ  ق  أ د ، ياح ل ذه ،نيهاجمل اجب وكي أ نكمي  ذه ،ا حل  افط بذل  ارحلد  امك ى ف ر اجي ،امكحب وي أ ولا رث رث ولا اكير عي ةس حمل 1985أ امك اقإ ا ويو  ةاس ر إ اال رفل ك  ى ائ اك وس ؟وج تأ :اال رفل ل ا ،اجيرب لأ نل :اق اجيرب ي :ل اق ،ر با ي فب وه اهرخؤي أ با ري )حمل  د( اجي ةمئاق ىل ةلاس تم اجي نيو بإ  رخأ ةلاس سأ اجي ، اكيرأ داس رصأ إ ،ع ب تل  ةل ذه ري ل ،اك 29/ ربو/1985  و  :ا   تيأ اأ ،باقأ  :اق با رغكل ط ،اجي باي أ  ،اايإ  اغ نيراملأ رل ال ايدو ن عمل وعل ريرحل ثمل بر ق( امكحل ت ل ةلاسرلاجي باقأ  ، ةمعل ا رغكل اجي :اق )كير رغكل  اش ةفحل و رميد أ رمو  اإ ي ذل رل  وابو  ءال ،ع وي أ يري رغكل ةس 1985  ثم وص ه ذه بإ تح اغ نيهاجمل أ ال اجي ري ى  ن  امهد  أ ر اق ؟اكيرأ كل تق  :ولاق افحص رمؤ ، ،حمل،ول ائ اب ه اهعب يش اض وض اكير ،اكيرأ ن  د  ل ،اكيرأه اب اجي س ا ، اجي   وي  أ اب ن حل ت اجي باق  اغل رمحل ى احسأ مح نح :ل اق ةيرب ة ةباإ با ؟ةكير ةحس كص ل مح ل ةكير رمحل ،امل ىقأ ىل  ى نيرش رش كم ،ااغأ خد س  رأ ى اق ؟اجي با لاخ وي اي امل اجي باق لاخ وي ،عب ا ل اجير يزك في  وه ذخ :ل اق خد ا أ ن ةلال اسل س ع أ جي ةق ل  

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