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Published by cyriac thomas

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: cyriac thomas on Jun 09, 2009
Copyright:Public Domain


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RoleCenters provide employees withRoleTailored views that empower themto accomplish more each day with aclear overview o relevant tasks andinormation.
Flexiblethree-tier architecture simplies theprocess o adding new unctionality,integrating Microsot Dynamics NAV2009 with other line-o-business systemsand growing the solution as your needschange.
Work with atruly connected business system. Webservices make it easy to share data withother applications, while helping tomaintain data integrity and security.
New layout andreporting options help you easily createvisually appealing reports thatcommunicate inormation eectively.
Even tighter integrationwith Microsot
Oce programs enablesemployees to access Microsot OceOutlook
, Microsot Oce Excel
, andMicrosot Oce Word rom their RoleCenters, so they can easily nd, use, andshare inormation.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Highlights
Experience a comprehensive business management solution that helps people workaster and smarter, and gives your business the fexibility to adapt to newopportunities and growth. Microsot Dynamics
NAV 2009 oers a breakthroughuser experience and technology innovations that can simpliy access to inormation,improve organizational agility, streamline integration with a wide range o applications, enhance reporting, and maximize your investment in other Microsotproducts and technologies.Microsot Dynamics NAV 2009 is a business management solution that works the waypeople do. Easy-to-use Role Centers give everyone in your organization new ways toorganize work and prioritize relevant tasks, increasing productivity and eectiveness.Microsot Dynamics NAV 2009 also introduces three-tier architecture and built-insupport or Web services that can simpliy connecting to other applications,signiicantly reducing integration eorts and costs. You’ll also gain improved lexibilityand power to exchange inormation and collaborate with customers, suppliers, andpartners across a wide range o data sources.
Role Centers provide employees with a comprehensive overview of the information and tasks most relevant to their jobs.
Breakthrough Role Centers Boost Productivity
Based on research into the way people
work, Microsot Dynamics NAV 2009delivers simplied access to RoleTailored views and business processes—giving youremployees an appealing, easy-to-navigate window into their work world.
Role Centers are designed to make it easy for people to view their most important work  priorities and easily access the information and tools they need. These screen shots show different views for an Account Manager and a Purchasing Agent.
Out o the box, Microsot Dynamics NAV 2009 delivers 21 Role Centers optimized ordierent key employee unctions. Working with your Microsot Dynamics Certied Partner,you can customize Role Centers or create new ones that meet specic business andindustry needs.
Analyze, Communicate, and Collaborate Effectively
Improved reporting capabilities equip your organization with deep visibility intoinormation and operations, driving strategic, inormed decisions. Report Designer inMicrosot SQL Server
Reporting Services is built into Microsot Dynamics NAV 2009.People in your organization can design their own intuitive, easy-to-use reports andquickly transorm them into PDFs or broader distribution. And, by combining MicrosotDynamics NAV with SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Analysis Services, youcan accelerate business insight and expand the value o business data even urther.Equally important, Microsot Dynamics NAV 2009 can unleash the power to communicateand collaborate eectively—and optimize your technology investments—through deepintegration with the Microsot Oce system, including Excel, Word, Microsot OceSharePoint
Server, and Microsot Oce PerormancePoint
Viewpoint: Purchasing Agent
Purchasing agents order materials andsupplies, rom pencils to inventory items.Other departments rely on them to getthem what they need, when they needit, at the lowest possible cost withoutsacricing quality. Routine tasks includegetting quotes to internal and externalcustomers, placing purchase orders,replenishing stock at specied levels,matching packing slips to orders, andollowing up on PO conrmations andpartial receipts. Purchasing agents buildstrong relationships with suppliers anddepend heavily on e-mail. MicrosotDynamics NAV 2009 provides a RoleCenter specically designed to helppurchasing agents handle their jobs witha single view o:
 (purchase and inventory)
 (purchase, item, BOM)
subcontracting, standard cost)
Fuel Business Agility and Growth
Meet changing business needs without disrupting your operations or your ITbudget. Working with fexible, three-tier architecture, your partner can extend oradapt Microsot Dynamics NAV and add more users eciently and cost-eectively.
The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client Tier 
includes built-in RoleTailoredaccess to data and processes.
The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Tier 
is built entirely on theMicrosot .NET Framework and includes confgurable Web services orast, cost-eective integrations with other applications.
The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database Tier 
is built on SQL Server,one o the most robust and reliable database platorms available onthe market.
Add Value with Web Services
Web services in Microsot Dynamics NAV 2009 make data and business logicavailable to other applications, simpliying inormation exchange and integrationwith other IT systems. And Microsot Dynamics NAV 2009 is based on theMicrosot .NET Framework, so partners can eciently integrate with or buildadd-on .NET applications.
Viewpoint: Accounting Manager
Accounting managers oversee theaccounting processes throughout thecompany, including processing generalledger transactions; reviewing andapproving accounts receivable,accounts payable, payroll, and banktransactions; managing monthly andyearly closing periods; and reviewingaging reports. Part overseer, partbusiness analyst, and part detective,accounting managers are heavy datausers who handle a wide range o standard and customized reports toveriy and document nancials, andwho research detailed questions rommanagement, customers, and externalauditors. A specic Role Center inMicrosot Dynamics NAV 2009 helpsaccounting managers access the ullscope o tasks, inormation, and reportsthey need with a single view o:
 and pending
    C    l    i   e   n    t    T    i   e   r    M    i   c   r   o   s   o    f    t    D   y   n   a   m    i   c   s    N    A    V    S   e   r   v   e   r    T    i   e   r    D   a    t   a    b   a   s   e    T    i   e   r
Form BuilderData BinderClient ServicesMeta DataProviderApplicationClass LibraryRoleTailoredClientMicrosotSQL Server
    W    i   n    d   o   w   s    C    l    i   e   n    t    R    i   c    h    C    l    i   e   n    t
Web Services

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