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The Strait Gate.

The Strait Gate.

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Published by glennpease

October g, 1864.

Enter ye in at the strait gate. — Matt. vii. 13.

October g, 1864.

Enter ye in at the strait gate. — Matt. vii. 13.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE STRAIT GATE.BY REV THOMAS T. LYCH.October g, 1864.Enter ye in at the strait gate. — Matt. vii. 13." "PUT we thought," perhaps some one may-say, "that the message of the Gospelwhich preachers have to deliver was a smilinginvitation ; these words sound like grave urgentcounsel."That is what they are — grave, urgent, counsel.If any one said to you in a soft sentimental tone," Make money," you would be ready even tolaugh ; not because you consider money-makingan unattractive occupation, which indeed it isnot, but because you know that it is not easy tomake money. You do not need to be told to dothis thing, but only how to do it. There aremany things we are willing enough to do, if weA A354 ELEVETH SERVICE.only knew how to do them. But there areothers we do not like to do, although we oughtto do them ; partly because of difficulties, whichmight nevertheless be overcome, and partly be-cause the ends proposed, the rewards oflFered, arenot attractive to us.
Of course every one to whom we should say,** There is another life after this ; would you like Iit to be a happy one ?" would answer, ** CertainlyI should." But if no one expects to get a com-fortable place here without taking trouble ; whyshould any one expect to get a comfortableplace hereafter without taking any ? The Gospelhas no invitation like this: "Come, all of you,however unclean in your person, however negli-gent in your apparel, however sensual in yourappetites, however rude, ignorant, and foolish inyour characters, and make yourselves at homein the happy heaven of God." o : " I counselyou," says the voice of the Wise Spirit, " to buythe instruction of which you have need, to makesure, by preparation, of your place in the king-dom of heaven."Besides, the good news of God, the invitationTHE STRAIT GATE, 355it gives, the counsel it urges, have respect notmerely to another life hereafter, but to anotherlife here; a life, indeed, evermore blessed in itshope than in its daily experience, yet trulyblessed in its every deed now, even as summerand winter husbandry, that have the hope of " harvest home " for their support, have manypleasures mingling with their honourable cares."Be right with God, seek his friendship, dohis will," suck is the counsel addressed to you,and by the very lips that say ; " Receive now theforgiveness of sins, the friendly help of Christupon your journey, and the hope of life everlast-ing." And what the preacher seeks is this : Toset forth attractively the present and eternal
good offered by God in Jesus Christ ; to shewfaithfully the difficulties that must be met inaccepting and retaining the large benefit ; andever so to state the free invitation as to disposemen to heed the urgent counsel ; and so to givethat counsel that every one who heeds it may becheered by the encouraging invitation.And, surely, when we say, " Enter ye in at thestrait gate," if one word disheartens, another356 ELEVETH SERVICE.comforts. The word " strait " perhaps brings usto a pause ; but the word " enter " beckons usforward. We should not be urged to "enter"were entry impossible. If the entrance looksnarrow, it is less difficult than it looks. Somehave been emboldened to attempt the passageby their fear of the pursuer behind them ; andthus their foe has become their fiiend. Othershave been so animated by a view of the countrybeyond, — ^for through the gate you can not onlysee the path, but the distant paradise, — that theyhave made haste to obey God's commandments,and have found themselves in " the way " almostwithout thinking of the straitness of " the gate."Draw but near enough, then, to look throughthe gate, and you may be drawn onward tomake trial of the path.Every one feels a truth in our Lord's wordsabout the two ways ; the one, easy and crowded,yet neither safe nor honourable ; the other, diffi-cult and unfrequented, and yet the best way, in-deed the only right one. But though we all feel wehave truth here, yet we may treat this old Scrip-ture saying very much as we do an old weapon

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