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Minority Reporter Week of August 26 - September 1, 2013

Minority Reporter Week of August 26 - September 1, 2013

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Published by Dave McCleary
Local, national news and features serving the African-American community in Rochester, New York
Local, national news and features serving the African-American community in Rochester, New York

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Published by: Dave McCleary on Aug 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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aug 26 - sept 1 
aug 26 - sept 1
Urban League of Rochester’s
Project Ready Program
Wins National Competition
2 www.minorityreporter.net|
aug 26 - sept 1
Minority Reporter 
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Minority Reporter, Inc. is a family of publicationsand other media formats committed to fostering self awareness, building community and empowering people of color to reach their greatest potential. Fur-ther, Minority Reporter, Inc. seeks to present a bal-anced view of relevant issues, utilizing its resourcesto build bridges among diverse populations; takingthem from information to understanding.Minority Reporter reserves the right to edit or rejectcontent submitted.The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the publisher.Minority Reporter does not assume responsibilityconcerning advertisers, their positions, practices,services or products; nor does the publication of advertisements constitute or imply endorsement. Minority Reporter invites news and storysuggestions from readers.Deadline for all copy is Tuesday at noon.Call 585-301-4199or email info@minorityreporter.net.
In This Issue:
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• Urban League of Rochester’sProject Ready Program WinsNational Competition
Pg 4 - 7
• Lovely Warren, a Crowd Favoriteat Recent Mayoral Forum• “Gear for Grades” Campaigncomes to Los Flamboyanes• Public Market Hosts 5th AnnualWomen’s Health Fair • Teen Rescued from Rochester’sGenesse Gorge• Former NY Postal Worker Gets JailTime for Thefts• Info Session on Plans for NY Boys’Charter School• Local Resident Vee Henry BattlesFlorida Real Estate Company and ATF• Judge Approves Kodak Plan toExit Bankruptcy
Pg 10
• Obama Proposed New System for Rating Colleges 
Pg 12 - 13
• NSA Reveals More Secrets After Court Order 
Pg 13-15
• Make a Difference 
• This Girl is on Fiyah!!
By gLorIa wINstoN aL-sarag
aug26 -sept 1
aug 26 -sept1
Urban League of Rochester’s
Project Ready Program
Wins National Competition
to INCLude your eVeNt oN tHIs CaLeNdar eMaIL us at
26Voice of the Citizen - Budgeting for Public SafetyTime: 6:00pm-8:00pmLocation: Edgerton CommunityCenter - 41 Backus StDescription:The Voice of the Citizen (VOC)series is a tool used by the City toreach out toresidents for their input when itcomes to issues that matter tothem, like thebudget and public safety. In 2013,Mayor Richards held two VOCseries thatgenerated ideas on lling the budgetgap and on reducing violence.28Food Truck RodeoTime: 5:00pm-9:0pmLocation: Rochester PublicMarketFood Truck Rodeo brings our community’s eclectic array of mobile food stands together atthe Rochester Public Market. The2013 rodeo will run on the nalWednesday of each month. It’s funon four wheels with over 23 vendorsserving up their unique cuisine onpaper plate.In addition, enjoy somelocal tunes from local talent eachRodeo night.September 4Voice of the Citizen - Budgeting for Public SafetyTime: 6:00pm-8:00pmLocation: 530 Webster AvenueThe Voice of the Citizen (VOC)series is a tool used by the City toreach out to residents for their inputwhen it comes to issues that matter to them, like the budget and publicsafety. In 2013, Mayor Richardsheld two VOC series that generatedideas on lling the budget gap andon reducing violence.5Voice of the Citizen - Budgeting for Public SafetyTime: 6:00pm-8:00pmLocation: Danforth CommunityCenter The Voice of the Citizen (VOC)series is a tool used by the City toreach out to residents for their inputwhen it comes to issues that matter to them, like the budget and publicsafety. In 2013, Mayor Richardsheld two VOC series that generatedideas on lling the budget gap andon reducing violence.7Clothesline Arts FestivalTime: 9:00am-5:00pmLocation: Memorial Art GalleryGroundsRochester’s largest and longest-running ne art and crafts festival!It’s now the place to experienceall-day live entertainment, samplefood from some of Rochester’sfavorite vendors, enjoy free familyart activities, visit the museum, andof course, browse and buy originalartwork throughout the grounds.October 5DELTA 5K FOR EDUCATION ANDHEALTHTime: 9:00am-3:00pmLocation: Lake Riley Lodge, CobbsHill Park, Rochester, NY 14610Description: A fun-lled day toraise funds for higher educationscholarships and communityservice projects in Greater Rochester. Visit our website: http://racdeltasigmatheta.org for moreinformation. Registration fee is $20.
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Birth Date: August, 1999
is a girl who just wants to have fun!Energec and fun, this young lady also has an arsc side. Sheis oen found drawing or sculpng. Francesca’s free me isspent roller and ice skang, climbing trees, watching Tyler Perrymovies, and having her iPod and headphones set just right forsupreme listening enjoyment of hip hop, R&B, salsa and reggaemusic. Francesca is likely to follow the crowd so it is importantthat her forever family help her make posive choices whenchoosing her friendships.
If you’re interested in learning more about Nazon orother waing children, visit:
www.childeAwaiiPae.o o all 585-232-5110.
Photograph by Lori Grifth
aug 26 - sept 1 
ROC Rhythm Presents Nyerry Weaver:“A Rose in a Concrete World”Growing up on the rough ends of Avenue D and Conkey Ave, Nyerrywas raised in a tradional Bapstchurch under the leadership of hergrandfather Pastor Willie Randle. Withthe southern roots of Mississippi,Nyerry Weaver is steering away fromtradional and even contemporarygospel music to focus on what I like tocall “feel good gospel.Now don’t get me wrong, all gospelmakes you feel good. What I’m talkingabout is bright melodies and smoothvocals that are sll and upbeat or sopop. The kind of gospel you can two-step to or play while hanging withfriends and family on a fun aernoonoung. But don’t let me steal thespotlight, read what she has to sayabout her life and her music.DW: What does music mean to you?NW: Music is like my heartbeat, its lifein melody. It’s like when I listen to asong, I’m not only listening to the lyricsand the vocals but I’m listening to thebeat, picking out each instrument Ihear. Music is my medicine.DW: Tell me about your background,where you’re from and how did youget started in music?NW: I’m originally from Amory, MS.I grew up in the church raised by mygrandparents. I’m the oldest of 17grandchildren. When I was about 8 I joined the youth choir at my church,and there is where my passion forsinging was sparked.DW: How long have you been singing?NW: Forever! No, seriously I’ve beensinging since I was about 8.DW: Why gospel and not R&B?NW: Gospel is comprised of almost allmusic genres, R&B, soul, rock, bluesall of the styles of the dierent genrescan be heard in gospel music.DW: What do you consider your styleof gospel? Tradional, contemporary,etc…?NW: I consider myself all of them,because I have and can sing them all.DW: Who are some of your favoritearsts that inspire you to do what youdo? (And why)NW: Mary Mary, because they goagainst the grain in their music, sodoes Kierra Sheard and Tye Tribe,Kirk Franklin, they have something foreveryone and that’s what I like.DW: What is your process for wring?NW: It’s complex, lyrics come to mein pieces, so I record the piece on myphone so I don’t forget it. Most of mysongs I come up with the melody onmy own in my head.DW: What has been your greatestaccomplishment musically?NW: I just performed at KingdomBound 2013.DW: Your biggest challenge musically?NW: Stage fright.DW: How are you gonna separateyourself from gospel singers whoare already out there? How are youdierent?NW: I’m like the melng pot of gospelmusic. I add so much avor, and somany dierent genres in one song, youmay not know what’s coming next butyou’re guaranteed to love it.DW: Where have you performedpublicly?NW: Some of everywhere. TheCarolinas, New York City, Ohio, justabout everywhere in the tri state areaand then someDW: Have you collaborated withanyone?NW: I love collaboraon. I feel itenhances you as an arst. I haven’tcollaborated with anyone as of yet.DW: So are you acvely looking for arecord deal?NW: Yes and no. Simply because I’malready doing everything that a labelwould on my own minus the signingadvance.DW: Once you get a deal, and yourmusic is being heard around the world,how are gonna stay connected to yourroots in Rochester?NW: Come back as much as possible,perform here as much as me allows.This is home.DW: Are you worried about credibility?No, people will talk whether youdo good or bad, and before we areChrisans we are human. And no oneis perfect.DW: How has your faith aected yourmusic?NW: Only posively, I believe God gaveme the gi to use to bring people tohim music makes people happy, makesthem feel good and all he wants if forus to serve him and be happy.
Nyerry Weaver

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