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The Boy Who Drew - August 2013

The Boy Who Drew - August 2013

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Published by TheBoyWhoDrew
Theo, a young orphan who loves to draw, gets caught up in a fantastical world where he searches for three magical objects to find his missing parents.

Theo, a young orphan who loves to draw, gets caught up in a fantastical world where he searches for three magical objects to find his missing parents.


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Published by: TheBoyWhoDrew on Aug 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Boy Who Drew 
ByMichael Marche August 23, 2013michael.marche@gmail.com
1FADE IN:INT. - CLOSE UP OF PAPER, UNDER THE COVERS - LIGHT OF AFLASHLIGHTPaper: folds, leafs, sheets, balls, crumpled and uncrumpled. Thefibres of it. The lush qualities of its simplicity. A pen strokesacross the page, ink sucked into the pores.THEO, a 12 year old boy, brown hair, sharp eyes, draws under ablanket, his concentration complete. He grows increasinglyfrustrated, then grabs the page before him, tears it from thepad, crushes it up and adds it to the growing pile next to him.One short breath out in frustration and he begins to draw again.INT. - ORPHANAGE DORMITORY - NIGHT - MINUTES LATERTheo hears the SOUND of CREAKING DOOR and turns off hisflashlight. He holds his breath and freezes like a statue. TheSOUND OF SHOES approaches too quickly and the covers whip fromthe bed.The orphanage lady MISS FULABREE, furious and haggard, pulls himfrom his bed and grabs the pad of paper from him.MISS FULABREEGive me that this minute!She rips the paper and pen from him.MISS FULABREE (CONT'D)Stealing again are you?She looks at the picture of a young woman in her hands.MISS FULABREE (CONT'D)Your mother? Doesn’t look a thing likeher. Go to sleep, all of you. Thanks toyoung Theodore, there will be an extrahour of chores tomorrow. Everything willbe extra clean for visitors.THEOYou don’t know what she looked like.MISS FULABREENo one knows what she looked like. Anddo you know why? Because she didn’teven wait around before dumping you onour doorstep.
2She tears up the portrait.MISS FULABREE (CONT'D)There will be no more of this pointlessbehaviour. Art is never going to get youanywhere. Now go back to bed.She grabs up Theo’s pens and balls of paper and storms out.Theo flops back onto his bed, staring up at the ceiling. ZEE,another member of this homeless family of children, rolls overnext to him.ZEEPsst. Theo. Theo.THEOWhat?ZEEWhy d’ja always gotta get us all introuble? You know she’s gonna take itout on all us tomorrow.THEOForget her, Zee. It’s worth the extrachores. Did you see her foreheadthrobbing?ZEEThought she was gonna burst.THEOI'm going to get out of here Zee. Myfamily's out there, I know it. I'm goingto get out of here and find them.ZEENo one’s coming for us, man. Now stoptalking before you get us in moretrouble.They settle down in their beds.ZEE (CONT'D)Hey Theo.THEOWhat?ZEEHere.Zee throws him a new pen.

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