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He Shall Bear the Glory

He Shall Bear the Glory

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HE SHALL BEAR THE GLORYRev. THOMAS SPECER,ZECHARIAH VL 13."AD HE SHALL BEAR THE GLORY."Of whom speaketh the prophet this ? of himself or of some other man ? It is spoken^ brethren, of Him who is clothed with a vesture dipped inblood, and whose name is called the Word of God. Whilst the second temple was erecting, thevoice of the prophet Zechariah was directed bythe Spirit's inspiration . to that glorious buildingwhich this but prefigured. Divinely directed, headorned Joshua with crowns of silver and gold,and was commanded to behold him as a type of the man whose name is " The Branch," who wasto grow up out of his place, and who alone wasappointed, and about to build the temple of theLord, and who is well described in the words Ihave read you as a text, as having all possiblepower, for " He shall bear the glory."These words intimate, that all the honour of theerection, preservation, and completion of the spi-ritual temple, properly and solely belongs to Jesus :166ithey show us that the whole glory of our salvatioo,
from first to last, must be ascribed to him ; andthey lead us to view him as having on his headmany crowns. God forbid that this should be atunprofitable subject for our meditation at thbtime.We may remark then, that all blessing, andglory, and might, dominion, and power, must beascribed to Christ, in opposition to the idea of any praise belonging to man: since his handslaid the foundation, and raised the superstmc-ture of this edifice, the honour belongs not unto us.not unto us, but unto his venerable and adorecname. either Zerubbabel nor Joshua, were tcbe looked upon as the prime causes of the erec-tion of this temple at Jerusalem; for it migbwell be said of it, " This is the finger of God f and surely the kingdom of universal nature, tbfiilness of almighty power, and the whole glory cour salvation, must alone be ascribed to the marwhose name is *^ The Branch." Indeed no othe^could bear the glory but himself; it would be :weight too heavy for them, and a burden intolera-ble to sustain ; but ^^ the government shall be upc>rhis shoulders : " since ^^ of him, and through hie:,and to him, are all things; to him be glory ft*ever and ever."Permit me, then, to call your attention to tbtdifferent ways in which Jesus is glorified, on ac-count of his mediatorial work ; and to view him a:receiving abundant honour from both the other167divine persons in the Trinity ;— from the plaudits of the angelic world ; — ^from the ministry of the gos-pel ;— from the conduct of all his saints ;— from the
dispensations of his own providence; — and fromthe acclamations of the glorified spirits in heaven.Our text is true, which declares that Jesus shallbear the glory, because he has borne it, and still isabundantly honoured and glorified, — I, By both the other divine persons in the Tri-nity.That there are three that bear record in heaven,the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost ; andthat these three are one, is explicitly taught in thepages of inspiration, which are true and faithfiil :being one in essence and dignity, they also unitein glorifying each other, and by the difierent officeswhich they have been pleased graciously to dis-charge in the economy of our redemption, theyshow us that the Lord our God is one Lord. TheSaviour of sinners, the second person in the Tri-nity, always delighted when on earth in glorifyingthe Father, by discharging his will, fiilfilling hislaw, and refiecting his honour in all his perfec-tions ; as well did he make honourable mention of the Holy Spirit, in his diversified operations uponthe human mind, and intimate that his own work would be incomplete, without the work of the HolySpirit. And shall not both the Father and theSpirit unite in causing him to bear the glory, whohad so wonderfully glorified them on earth ? God168the Father has " glorified his Son; with the glorywhich, he had with him before the world began:"and he has done this by acknowledging^ accepting^and exalting him.

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