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Dec2011 Social Media[1]

Dec2011 Social Media[1]

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Published by Leslie Miller
What Is Proper to Disclose and Not Disclose if a member of a 12 Step Fellowship.
What Is Proper to Disclose and Not Disclose if a member of a 12 Step Fellowship.

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Published by: Leslie Miller on Aug 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Social MediaandOur GuidingPrinciples
Social Media and Our Guiding Principles
 The rise o social media and social networking in recentyears has had signiicant and widespread eects on howmembers o our ellowship interact with one another. NAmembers have posed many questions about how our prin-ciples can be applied to these social networking tools, andthis topic generated an extended discussion at the 2010World Service Conerence. This service pamphlet providesa synthesis o some o the points that arose rom thatdiscussion, along with members’ input and best practicesrelated to social networking. Our goal is not to endorse orencourage the use o social media or any particular socialnetworking resource; we are simply responding to thereality that many members do utilize these resources andalso to the many requests or guidance and insight on howto use social media responsibly in light o our tradition o anonymity.While our Eleventh Traditionspeciically addresses our pres-ence “at the level o press, radio,and ilms,” the principles o thistradition can be applied to manyother levels o engagement withthe public. For a coworker or am-ily member who knows nothingabout NA, our behavior in onlineorums may be the only exampleo NA they encounter. Our ownpersonal activity on social networking sites, especially ourinteractions with other members on these sites, can say agreat deal about who we are as a ellowship. This servicepamphlet is meant to oer some clariication on applyingour guiding principles and help members make inormeddecisions when using social media and social networkingsites. This pamphlet is not meant to cover all orms o elec-tronic communication, such as email, online meetings ordiscussion boards, personal websites or blogs. For urther
 Anonymity isessential in preserving thestability of our fellowship,making personal recovery possible.
It Works: How and Why,
 Tradition Twelve

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