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LB385 Rokni Syllabus Fall 2013

LB385 Rokni Syllabus Fall 2013

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Published by Chris Bochen

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Published by: Chris Bochen on Aug 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LB385.OL-Social Theory (Online)
Arcadia UniversityLiberal Arts(7 week format)
Dr. Mitra Rokni
 Office: Virtual OfficeE-mail: roknim@arcadia.edu 
I prefer to communicate via email.
I will return emails within 24 hours and grade your assignments within a week from their due dates.This course is being delivered in an accelerated format. The reading in this course is very heavy.Since it is 7 weeks be sure to remain on top of the reading and the assignments. If at any timeyou feel you are falling behind please contact me immediately.
Welcome to your Arcadia University course, LB 385 Social Theory. This course undertakes a broad review of major sociological theories, their main advocates, and their historicaldevelopment to the present time.Social Theory is a particularly challenging topic. It forms the foundations for key discussions inmany areas of studies in social sciences and liberal arts. While it is often taught in sociologydepartments, many of its topics are central to other fields of inquiry such as economics, politicalscience, history, religion, anthropology, and philosophy.
Required Materials
Required Text: Sociological Theory, George Ritzer (8
NOTE: Additional readings (as links) have been and/or will be provided in weekly units asneeded.Minimum Technical Skills Expected
1. The ability to use a modern web browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox, to navigatewebsites.2. The ability to use your Arcadia e-mail address to send and receive e-mails.
3. The ability to learn My Arcadia features found in the Tutorials section of the course, asneeded.4. The ability to use word processing software to read, author, edit and save documents.5. The ability to use a search engine, like Google, to find information on the web.
Technical Support
 If you experience any difficulties with accessing the course or email please contact the IThelpdesk 215.572.2898. If you encounter a problem with an assignment or content in the course please contact me.
Resources available
In compliance with the Arcadia University policy and equal access laws, appropriate academicaccommodations can be made for students eligible for such support. Students are encouraged toregister with the Disability Services Office (215-968-8463) to verify their eligibility for appropriate accommodations. Please speak to me about any requests for academicaccommodations or other concerns as early in the semester as possible.
Terminal Course Objectives
To provide the student with an in-depth understanding of prominent social theorist and their interpretations of their respective social milieus, and the world beyond!
To introduce the student to classical, modern, and postmodern social theories and their relevance to contemporary society.
To encourage the integration of analytical and evaluative thought process in the explanation of social phenomena.
A 90% to 100%B 80% to 89%C 70% to 79%D 60% to 69%F Failure to complete required work 
 Term Paper IClassical Theories (due by the end of week 3)15%Term Paper IIModern Theories (due by the end of week 6)15%Term Paper IIIPostmodern Theories (due by the end of week 7)15%Weekly Threaded Discussions 55%Total 100%
This course is being presented in an online environment. It is important that you login on aregular basis (if possible) and work on a consistent basis to complete your requirements. It isadvisable that you login early in the week and effectively participate in the ongoing discussions, by presenting several relevant and in-depth comments, and by participating in the ongoing classdiscussions. Much, if not most, of our learning comes through high-level analytical classdiscussions.The course is quite heavy on reading. The subject-matter is also quite demanding. Therefore youwill need to be self-motivated and try to stay as organized as possible. Try to read the assignedchapter (s) in its entirety before responding to my question. I also suggest that you login in the beginning of the week and copy all assignments into a Word document. This will allow you toconstruct a quality answer, spell check, grammar check, and copy and paste into the forum. TheTerm Papers must be submitted in word documents.
Requirements for Discussion Board Sessions
1. All written works in this class, including those in the Discussion Board forums, must followthe basic APA guidelines-specifically in the areas of 
. You maynot copy and paste from external course without properly following the APA guide lines for suck citations. Using long quotes from external sources may negatively affect the quality of the post.In your discussions, you need to be as organized as possible, while incorporating theoreticalconcepts in your comments.

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