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Published by huriyyahsmum
Short reading passage about the Taj Mahal. Great for lower-level/ESL students. Reading comprehension questions are included!
Short reading passage about the Taj Mahal. Great for lower-level/ESL students. Reading comprehension questions are included!

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Published by: huriyyahsmum on Aug 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Taj Mahal -- A Love Story
By Sharon Fabian
The Taj Mahal in India is a magical place. It isalso the setting of a sad love story.To enter, you walk through a gate. Inside thegate you get your first look at the Taj Mahal. Itlooks like a palace. There are gardens around theTaj Mahal and a reflecting pool in front. Thegardens are laid out in a neat pattern. You cansee the Taj Mahal reflected in the pool.The Taj Mahal is built of white marble. It sitsup high on a platform. The only thing you cansee behind it is the sky. It has a largeonion-shaped dome. Four tall, thin towers called minarets surroundthe dome.The white marble sparkles and shines. It reflects the colors around it.In the morning, it looks pink like the sky. In the afternoon, it is shinywhite. When the moon is out, it has a golden glow.Inside, the Taj Mahal looks like it was made in a jewelry store. Thereare designs everywhere. There are geometric designs and designs of plants and flowers. Some of the designs are carved into the walls.Some of them are made of precious gem stones. There are flowersmade of jewels like agate, jasper, and jade. Just one leaf may be madeof fifty precious stones!Why was this gorgeous palace built?This is where we come to the sad part of the story, because the TajMahal isn't really a palace at all. It is the burial place of a queen.It all started when Shah Jahan, the emperor's son, fell in love. He wasfifteen years old, and he met a beautiful girl in the bazaar. They fell inlove, and after waiting five years, they were married. Shah Jahanbecame emperor, and the beautiful girl became his queen. He calledher Mumtaz Mahal, which means Chosen One of the Palace.Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal were always together. She even wentwith him when he led his troops to war. They raised a large familytogether. While Muntaz Mahal was expecting their fourteenth child,they were traveling to another battle. The baby was born, but MumtazMahal died.Shah Jahan was so sad that he couldn't even think about battles orruling his country any more. He could only think about MumtazMahal. He thought about the last thing she had asked him to do. Shehad asked him to build her a beautiful burial place, a beautiful placewhere Shah Jahan and their children could visit her grave.Shah Jahan focused all of his thoughts on building her the mostbeautiful burial place ever. It took his mind away from sad thoughts.He called in builders, stone carvers, and artisans from all over hiskingdom. He told them to build the most magnificent building ever.He told them that it should be very beautiful, like the beautiful wife hemissed so much.That is why they built the Taj Mahal.Taj Mahal -- A Love Story
1.The Taj Mahal is a beautiful______.A.buildingB.flowerC.queen2.There are ______ around the Taj Mahal.A.trees and mountainsB.gardens and a reflecting poolC.battlefields3.The Taj Mahal is made from ______.A.woodB.marbleC.bricks
4.The dome of the Taj Mahal is shaped like a/an ______.A.onionB.pearC.apple5.In the morning, the Taj Mahal looks ______.A.pink B.goldC.white6.Which word best describes the inside of the Taj Mahal?A.elegantB.plainC.rustic7.Shah Jahan was ______.A.in love with Mumtaz MahalB.bothC.ruler of India8.Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal because ______.A.it was his job to build large buildingsB.he wanted to honor his wife who had diedC.he wanted to rule his kingdom from a grand palace
Explain why it was so important to Shah Jahan to make the TajMahal a beautiful place. Describe some of the details that he includedin the building.

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