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The Ghost of Sonia Manhas

The Ghost of Sonia Manhas

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Published by mary eng
GBV Multnomah
GBV Multnomah

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Published by: mary eng on Aug 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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the ghost of Sonia Manhas
the ghost of Sonia Manhasthe obliteration of the femininethe burning of the witchthe ritual satithe honor killingthe honor violenceand the men remainthe anti-semitesin a hovelfiredfor 100k and all the kingdom of indirachandran crieshindu we becamewith tulsitikkun olamwhen they killed jaime larsonat the collectiveby portland state universitytoo early for a witch burningor a fluoride roastshould they do this to my fatheror he to yeethey took off their arm-bandsbut what do we seelove by eastlove by westlove in southand the northern loveby norden licht
curled mangled handsand a scarlet lettera lynch moband a public crucifixionthey are hungry for a witch burningafter so much sympathy and teaand the prince of ceylonand preet bhararacould not clean upthe mess made of her majesty's coloniesthe axis of betrayalhaunts calcuttaand the slow suicidesof the love that dare not be namedElsa cries for youSheila Dharod Yash Choukanyand my best Vikram Singhin the horrible north, with its horrible Nazisthe ghost of James Chasse hoversnear the Ghost of Elliott Smiththe ghost of Aaron Cambelland the Ghost of Faoud Kaadyand what treacherous things in the land of Nazi Krugersoft then, by Multnomah, make forward awayfor the lightto shineon Karl Klundt, on Jerry CioettaJackson, John Birkenbine, and all the other beaters of my lovebadge or nonethe Cover-up CommitteeSGT Stensgaard of Portland
Greenlee of PortlandSteve Marshall of Portlandand associated Sycophants of Portlandchasing Benjamen after the attack we see what horrors walk the streetsof portlandia hadeswhere women in chains inhabit the boulevardand the purveyors of governancepurvey oppressionmassacre upon massacreagainst womenand the true shalom bayitlike a vice squad in methlandand somalia cries in a cell for twenty-fiveand what other honor killingsscreech silently under our Neon Self-Delusionsas the Public delights in the Pornographyof hatredDarlene V. Bly, Jim M.W. Bute, Lorna Laceythe nightmares they faceuntil they come cleanon the beating of the miracle kideaster morning1994rachmaninoff's easter bellsand Jackson of Portland and Bryson of Portlandsay in their cab:"this kid says he's disabled. you better be praying if this is . . ."Benjamen Pickering explains: "i do say my prayers"as every witness was corneredto be gagged and sync the liesand the wrist bruises hidden by the officers leading him into detention

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