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Magnetic Energy - Free Energy

Magnetic Energy - Free Energy

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Published by folly13
a how to guide for building magnetic energy generators for multiple applications.
a how to guide for building magnetic energy generators for multiple applications.

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Published by: folly13 on Jun 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In January 1985, the Creator of the Universe, the Total Mind and Total Energy of All (this iswhat the source of our information identified itself as) initiated a process with our small group topass along a message to the residents of Earth. The Creator Force spoke to a woman and asked if Itcould use her mind. Most of the information was given directly to her in a clear and unmistakablevoice from within. It also communicated in other ways to other people and validated the accuracy of all of It's information with many small miracles. The message was to tell people how to constructmagnetically activated devices for our continuance, along with some details about how our universalsystems actually function. To that end, we carefully recorded how the devices were to be made, andwe are attempting to share them by sending drawings and explanations to people around the world.We were told that all of these units are already functioning at different places in the Universe.A summary of the basic message that was repeated to us over the years explains exactlyWHY we need to start using magnetic current for our survival. Here then is the heart of the messagewe were instructed to share. First, we must stop creating certain forms of pollution. Electrical,nuclear, and chemical pollution must stop. The worldwide overuse of electricity is thinning anddestroying the ionosphere which we depend on for our survival. The radioactive pollution we havecreated is slowly damaging our cellular structure. The chemicals we release into our environment willprevent the regeneration of life if we continue to poison ourselves.Second, in the near future the magnetic axis of the earth will shift. The message of thegreatest importance is that after the shift, ELECTRICITY WILL NOT WORK. The new Earthpolarity will not allow present generators to gather magnetic molecular structures from theionosphere and then form them into electrons.It is time for a new scientific paradigm to emerge on this planet. We must abandon alltheories and practices that do not ensure our long-term survival. This information for survival isdirected to the general population and is kept very basic. We must at least make some of thesemagnetic devices and then use them as SEEDS to spread magnetic energy after the pole shift. Wecan usher in our golden age of civilization where everyone can use free magnetic energy, or we cancontinue along our current path of destruction and our struggle to survive will take place in anunbelievably harsh environment.We are providing information to construct a number of magnetic devices that can supply allour energy needs. Please use the principles provided on this web site to complete your own projects,we may have the missing links you need. The circuitry, the magnet compositions, the hardwarecompositions, the revolutions per minute, the coil arrangements - please gather as much insight foryour own free energy projects as you can.This technology will work after a pole shift.In an enlightened world all people are provided with their basic necessities simply becausethey are human. With this technology, food, water, shelter, power, transportation and essentialmaterial goods can be given to all people without depleting the system. In order to be consistentwith this philosophy we cannot charge people for this service. We urge you to freely disseminate allthis information as much as possible in hopes that companies, organizations, governments, etc. canhelp people out of the oppression of lacking the basics for survival.The magnetic energy we are referring to could be called the Life Force Energy. It manifestsin an infinite variety of forms, sustaining all life. These devices harness this natural flow allowing usto use this limitless supply of energy. Our current methods of providing energy have negative, often
deadly effects on all life forms. These magnetic energy devices provide pollution free energy, andthey will not deplete our natural resources.The following devices all utilize different forms of magnetic flowing current. It is importantto note that we are redefining the term 'magnetism'. Magnetism is not simply a manifestation of North and South polarities, but has unending varieties and forms. The generating units on this website each produce a specific magnetic current that is only compatible with the device(s) designed toreceive that energy form. Also, each unit contributes important theoretical information explainingthe various properties of magnetic energy. Some important points are repeated on several units.We feel that because these devices are truly gifts from the Creator Force, we cannot take credit forthem, so names will not be mentioned.Please note that it is critical to follow the assembly instructions, even if they do not appear tomake sense; all the necessary understanding should become clearer as you begin to explore thesenew principles. We will answer any questions you have regarding theory and construction. Thedrawings are simple enough to be user friendly on the internet but complete enough to work with.We will provide larger drawings upon request. Thank you for assisting us in this dissemination of information; together we can begin to help people think "magnetically".

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