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FeedFront Magazine, Issue 6

FeedFront Magazine, Issue 6



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Published by Shawn Collins
Issue 6 of FeedFront Magazine, the official magazine of Affiliate Summit, covering affiliate marketing, social media, search engine marketing, internet marketing and more.
Issue 6 of FeedFront Magazine, the official magazine of Affiliate Summit, covering affiliate marketing, social media, search engine marketing, internet marketing and more.

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Published by: Shawn Collins on Jun 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Face oF aFFiliateMarketing
Sup a c B ivwP 17
3 S MdM tps F as
By B csusP 5
 th t gd rus o M
By Jy BwzP 23
5 Wys  kp WdPssru Smhy
By k J & D rP 28
th o Mz  a Summwww.summ.m
Issue 6 | June 2009
ths i Wsh i kw10 Ys a
Jim Kukral
guy kws ky SeSnY 2009
Shawn Collins
3 S Md Mtps  as
Brent Csutoras
o_chs_44254 s ch  yu Bd?
Brian Littleton
d:h S Fs2009 rp
Shawn Collins
15 ths  l  a Pms
Dan Leman
cy nd  edu
Geno Prussakov
Sh e Pssmz:D’ M g cy
Mark Schumann
Fu g ts tw M
Ian Fernando
Wh ows d csYu c?
Deborah Carne
Hw h Wb’s rhg rh
Michel Leconte
g Up Fa M Suss
Andrew Wee
i Wsh i Ws rh l Yu
Zac Johnson
Fv Muswh c B
Shawn Collins
tus s  tw Wy S
Ad Hustler
a M Ss
 Am Rodriguez & Shawn Collins
th t gd rus  o M
Ja Berkowitz
cmp  advs
Stace Sicard
a Summ es 2009Sp Pvw
Hw  Bud Yu Msswh tw
 Murra Newlands
th tdshw Ju
Chantelle White
5 Wys  kp WdPssru Smhy
Karen Jackie & Dana Rockel
 JUne 2009
| 1
tb  cs
Issue 6 | JUNE 2009
c-eds  ch 
Missy Ward, Shawn Collins
Missy Ward, Shawn Collins
cbu Ws
Contributing Writers: Jay Berkowitz, DeborahCarney, Shawn Collins, Brent Csutoras, IanFernando, Ad Hustler, Karen Jackie, Zac Johnson,Jim Kukral, Michel Leconte, Dan Leman, BrianLittleton, Murray Newlands, Geno Prussakov, DanaRockel, Amy Rodriguez, Mark Schumann, StaceySicard, Missy Ward, Andrew Wee, Chantelle White
gph Ds
Lynn Lee Design
Amy RodriguezAliate Summit** Please Note - New Address**1253 Springeld Avenue, Suite 327New Providence, NJ 07974-1935tel (908) 364-2767ax (908) 364-4627Articles in FeedFront Magazine are the opinionso the author and may not necessarily reect theviews o the magazine, or its owners. FeedFrontMagazine always welcomes opinions o anopposite nature.For more inormation, visit:www.FeedFront.comInterested in advertising? Please visithttp://eedront.com/advertising/or email us at: contact@eedront.com©2009 Aliate Summit, Inc. and IndividualAuthors.
 This issue marks FeedFront Magazine’s oneyear anniversary. While that may not seemnoteworthy by many standards, in thesetimes with nearly 50% o small businessesailing within the rst year, we are humbledand encouraged by the cooperative eorto everyone involved in this magazine’ssuccess.You see, or many years aliate marketershave been stereotyped as “lone wolves”.We’ve had a reputation or industriouslyworking rom our homes, with little tono social interaction, coveting our mostsecretive ways o making money online.Seldom could we be bothered with outsideinuences that would muddy-up our day.But, with the convergence o social mediaand aliate marketing, and aced withindustry-related challenges such as theAdvertising Tax and unethical practices;aliate marketers have embarked on a newage o collaboration – one that is lled withpositive steps towards growing and urtherlegitimizing our industry. Through the elbow grease o aliatemarketers around the country, the threat o harmul legislature that would negativelyaect aliates and merchants located inVirginia, Maryland and Caliornia, has beenquashed. And, while the war is ar romover, great inroads have been laid to ensureour voices are heard by the legislatorsresponsible or these bills.Formalized associations, Aliate Voice andPerormance Marketing Association haveorganized, comprised o aliate marketers,ocusing on taking control over aliatemarketing’s destiny rather than lettingdestiny continue to control us.Combined eorts o aliate marketers havecreated new and protable companies,raised substantial unds or charitableorganizations and increased awareness o our growing industry through their bloggingand speaking eorts.Lastly, were it not or dozens o marketingexperts who so graciously provide thevaluable content or FeedFront, themagazine would not exist.By engaging in collaboration, aliatemarketers have identied strategies ordealing with the problems we ace, andhave taken charge o shaping o our ownproessional utures – which look brighterthan ever. Tired o ying solo, yet?
“Alone we can do so little; together we can doso much.” 
– Helen Keller”
Missy Ward & Shawn CollinsFeedFront Co-Editors-in-Chie 
FdF ed’s n – 6h issu
th nw a  cb
I wish someone would have told me all thisstu when I rst started in the Web businessworld over 10-years ago. Knowing theseinsights would have saved me thousandsand thousands o dollars and years o wasted work, tears and stress. These ve tips are or you; the Web businessbuilder just starting out who wants to makea ew (or more) bucks; or the experiencedWeb guru who has built a strong reputationonline yet doesn’t know how to makemoney with it.
1 – ls h e
Is your ego getting in the way o youmaking money online? It probably is. Ask yoursel these questions.1. Is the thought o producing a one-page sales letter enough to make youthrow up?2. Do you believe that in order to berespected you cannot sell?You may imagine yoursel as someone who’s“above”being a marketer. The truth is thatwhile you may think being sel-promotionalis spammy and annoying, many peoplewho trust you already are VERY interestedin what you have to say and what kind o things you have to oer.
2 – D’ Smp  h Bss
When you’re starting out, it’s easy to gocheap on the basics. But i you’re seriousabout wanting to make money online, thesooner you invest a little bit o money intoyour eorts, the better.I’m talking about things like Web hosting,Web design, domain names and third-party solutions like Aweber or email orMembergate or membership sites. Theseare the types o mission-critical items thatevery Web business person must have asolid solution or.
3 – D’ W  ty & g ou  hcub
My avorite quote rom a amous personis this one rom Wayne Gretzky.
“You miss100% o the shots you don’t take.” 
Here’s what I know now. O the shots I didtake, not all o them panned out. In act,more have ailed than not, but the rest o them scored small to BIG or me, allowingme to be in a position today o owning myown Web business and working or mysel. Take your shot, or stay in the cubicle.
 4 – th tm  W Hd s nw…  h rs  Yu l
 There are riches to be made being asuccessul Web entrepreneur. But you haveto want it and you have to give up someo the luxuries in your lie or the moment.Sure, it’s a hard act to ace, but the realityis that every single successul person youknow got where they are rom sacrices andhard work, not rom video games and lotso TV.
5 – Sv Pp’s Pbms = MMy
I you solve people’s problems, you canmake money. Look around at the successulbusinesses around you. Each one solves aspecic problem or a targeted niche. I youcan ocus only on that, you will win.
You can nd out more about Jim Kukral by visiting TheWebCoach.biz.
 JUne 2009
| 3
tHingS i WiSH i kneW
10 YearS ago
By Jim Kukral
Jim Kukral at Aliate Summit West 2009Shawn Collins and Missy Ward

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